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October 26, 2019

On September 20, the assault on Zone 51 took place. Well as the storm… Several thousand people in funny costumes hung out at the base fence, and only three of them tried to break through, but were detained by security. But Naruto believed until the end of! But I’m sure it wasn’t a joke for everyone. Many of them really thought that there they would see aliens. But what if ?!! Green men with big heads. All people got to imagine them like this the last 50 years. It all started after World war II. At this time, ultra-fast jet aircrafts were invented. Well, when a man flew into space, and even landed on the moon, people finally “blew their mind.” If we can fly to the moon, it means that somebody may come to us from this moon Right? So people have seen UFO before. Just called them in another way: angels, devils, jinns, succubuses. They all flew, glowed, liked to contact people and even wanted to take them with them. But they all looked too much like people. So tell me why did people decide that evolution on other planets would go the same way, like here on the Earth? And , is another alternative LIFE possible? Now you will find out: From what constructor is life on Earth assembled? Who can dwell under the ice of Enceladus? What is carbon chauvinism and how is silicon and ammonia opposed to it? And also, is it possible to find an alternative life to ours, without leaving the planet? HURRAY!!! From time immemorial, people did not understand how to fill their gray lives. They filled it with cashback, free coffee, accidental partners, cars without silencers and bad photos. Such life has no differences from the lives of those, who had already DIED. And only privileged few can understand HOW GET EVERYTHING FROM LIFE? RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS * Whoa!* The game is for those who is ready to become a Lizardman and kill the undead. *AT-AT* And then dance on the corpse of a Troll and not spend a penny. * Yeah! I’m telling you!* This is my Persian. Look at the detail. * SUPER!* “Naked horse 18 27” (because other nicknames simply not remained.) 10 million are already playing, and 300 thousand of them have dispersed the rating to 4.5 stars on Google Play! * Wow!* For the next six months already planned new updates! * Wooow!* New factions and boss, * Oh*Oh!* which you will humiliate! HA HA HA Lizardmen u-u-U-U Lizardmen u-u Follow the link below and you’ll get 50,000 coins and an epic champion! And 10 more of you I will call by video! Only for those who downloaded the game from my link. Rule is under the video. What for? I just enjoyed last time chatting with you on skype and I’m looking for an excuse. And as grandfather Freud said: “Tits in condition the link in the description” Yop, Jan! What if I said you could buy an alien… the pharmacy? It’s Glycine. An amino acid essential for the origin of life. and it is part of almost all proteins. Yeah. And it’s edible. In 2015, The Rosetta spacecraft detected it in a cloud of gas around comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko, and before that, in 2009, it was found in the tail of comet 81 R / Wilda. This is another point in favor of the followers of PANSPERMIA – theories that life was brought to the Earth by a passing comet. The courier comet. Comet daddy. Comet mummy. They even look something like sperm. Are you agree?!! Fun is fun, of course, but the possibility of life on other planets studies serious science – ASTROBIOLOGY. Astrobiologists, before looking through a telescope, look at their feet, studying extremophiles. These things can survive in the hardest conditions. Slow walkers can live in temperatures from minus 200 to 100 degrees; the bacterium Helicobacter pylori can withstand the hydrochloric acid in our stomachs; and cyanobacteria of Gleocapsa generally tolerate open space. Bacterias are astronauts. These small creatures define the boundaries of life. Its not we are that barely could flew to the moon. And they, perhaps, we certainly do not know, but astrobiologists suggest, what a cozy place for them is Jupiter’s moon called Europa. Under a thick layer of ice on it hides an ocean of salt water. Ice protects it from meteorites and radiation, and Jupiter compresses and stretches the satellite with its gravity, warming it from the inside. This means there could be life similar to that found near geothermal vents on the Earth. These bacteria live by chemical reaction and are able to do without the sun The other candidate is Enceladus (Saturn’s moon). In its bowels contains “hydrocarbon soup” , nitrogen in the form of ammonia and liquid water. It means, all the key ingredients for the emergence of primitive life forms. However, the water there is so alkaline, like bleach. But on Earth in the conditions of” bleach ” live some algae, fungi and bacteria. But what about the rest of the Universe? There are 50 BILLION planets in the milky Way alone. Of these, 50 MILLION planets are habitable. And they are in the so-called “Goldilocks Zone.” It is an area of space where it is neither too hot nor too cold, and the pressure allows you to keep the water in a liquid state. More recently, astronomers have found the TRAPPIST-1 system, in which three exoplanets are in the habitat. But what makes us think that life will be built there on the same molecules as ours? That they would have the same body shape or the same metabolism. I will explain. All life on the Earth from bacteria to humans is built on carbon. He’s like a designer, from which you can collect anything: long chains, branched structures and even rings. When they combine into amino acids and proteins, they become tree bark, brain neurons, or just bacteria. This is how our CARBON life works. Simply put, you’re a condom or not a condom-you’re still carbon! Plants get energy from sunlight, release oxygen during photosynthesis, make sugars from carbon dioxide and water. They are that things that herbivores eat, transmitting energy up the food chain to predators. All of these living things: bacteria, plants, herbivorous animals, predators, me, a cat and even wax Lenin-all this consists of carbon. That’s why people think that aliens are carbon, too. It’s called “carbon chauvinism.” That’s it, someday there may be an intergalactic war between the creatures of carbon and the creatures of the silicon, and the textbooks will call it ” Hydrocarbon-silicon intergalactic war” But why did I suddenly think of silicon? Yeah? Maybe because we named silicon valley after him? No. Maybe because we make all the processors on Earth out of silicon? No. Silicon is the main competitor of carbon life in the Universe. That is, our processors from which we create (fucking) artificial intelligence – the main competitor of life! How it all fits together, Yes! I see, Yes. It will appeal only to science fiction fans now. Because all of them are like: “That’s why artificial intelligence came to life! Because it was a silicon!” And that’s the way silicon lives: it creates itself, it takes carbon beings, which create it themselves and makes them processors robots… And then he’s like: “A-AH! After all, I won!” Don’t believe it’s carbon’s main competitor? Chemists won’t let you lie. In the periodic table, it stands directly under the carbon, and therefore has similar properties. In diatoms, the carapace is built of silicon dioxide, and in radiolarians, the skeleton consists of it. That’s just really silicon life must be very strange. Such creatures would inhale oxygen and exhale crystals of silica. So. Like this. Not very comfortable, Yeah. However all this will work even at 1000 degrees. The alien, by the way, combined both silicon and carbon. Instead of blood, he had acid in his veins. – Perfect organism. And here’s a crust of Camembert cheese. White. Smells like a rural toilet. No, honestly! Straight go in Ruzaevka (small russian village) in any public toilet, it smells the same. Or any other city. But… it tastes good. It smells like ammonia. It and other compounds of nitrogen with hydrogen can be the basis for life. Nitrogen compounds (under high pressure) form in many different forms, from which you can build a constructor. And ammonia can replace water. Just imagine: whole oceans of ammonia, teeming with life and everything stinks of rural toilet! But this is still garbage compared to what the fantasists imagine. In Solaris, the alien was an entire planet, and in the “Space Odyssey” – a mysterious and incomprehensible rectangle. What if, you know, in the Universe, carbon life is exotic? It is quite logical! For… …rectangle, we’ll be aliens. Completely incomprehensible. But we live in the 21st century, and today, to find a life alternative to ours, it is enough to go to the laboratory of xenobiologists. Xenobiology is a science that doesn’t just juggle different hypotheses about possible life in the Universe. She’s right here right now trying to CREATE artificial life. Its Craig Venter — the man who first deciphered the genome, and own uploaded in open access. It’s brave, because now everyone knows that he has a predisposition to Alzheimer’s and antisocial behavior. But something else is important. In 2010, Craig created “Cynthia”. — the first cell with an artificial code and Easter egg inside. Right into its DNA is a quote from Richard Feynman: “What I can’t create, I don’t understand.” Okay ladies this isn’t a sideshow. Rather, create a flash drive that breeds. We also have unnecessary genes. If your father can roll his tongue into a tube, then you can roll your tongue into a tube. I can. It’s passed down through the genes from generation to generation. So with the ears, Yes. If any of your relatives can move their ears like I can, so can you. But at the same time, we can not create, that is, synthesize, vitamins A, B, C, E within ourselves. Yes, we can synthesize all the others, but we can’t synthesize these. Perhaps it’s time for our DNA to be edited? Before, only God could do that. And here we come to the main question: Then what is life? There are 100 different definitions that contradict each other. But confidently we can say only one thing: Life is… …definitely not-death. A cell is the minimum unit of life. It eats some things and consumes energy to produce others. It divides, evolves, and responds to changing environments. But there is nothing alive inside the cage. Just substances and chemical reactions. Okay. All living things have DNA. Maybe then DNA is life? Viruses are made of DNA alone, but they can’t do anything without carriers. And only once in the cage, they can reproduce. And so it’s just aggressive pieces of Biocode. They’re not alive. Then maybe life is the information itself, which is reproduced in trillions of copies? Then do we consider artificial intelligence alive? He already knows how to evolve and reproduce himself. All these cars and running men evolve with each generation, to survive in his virtual, but invented by man world. Or maybe life is a complexity? The composition of distant stars and nebulae, we know. There are only atoms and molecules. They are arranged quite simply. But in the whole Universe we have found nothing more complex than living cells, which were born in the primary broth, evolved so… That ask now these questions. Here are the cages. Somehow, our brain, our carbon brain, cannot imagine another form of life. But can we see it? For example, it is also not clear. It could be the size of a galaxy. And we are with their “bukashkin” size just won’t be able to see. And talk… In the meantime, astronomers are preparing probes to Enceladus and Europe, scientists try in laboratories to create artificial DNA, and people are storming area 51, looking for an alternative life, we can see this alternative life right under our noses! In the absolute South of the planet, under 4 km of ice is a liquid lake “East”. It has been isolated from the outside world for millions of years, and if there is life in it, it is absolutely unlike the one we know today. Every bubble of such air is a preserved artifact, like a fly in amber. In 2012, for the first time it was possible to drill through the ice and pull out a frozen column of water. HOORAY! DNA of unknown bacteria was found in it, similar to those living near geothermal vents, black smokers. In fact, scientists have found life that evolved millions of years apart from ours. This proves that life can be under the surfaces of planets where there is no sun. Right now, the final penetration into lake Vostok is being prepared. And this time they want to get to the bottom. What would they find there? Interesting! And as usual: pump your brains. Bye! Thank you for creating subtitles Korobov Ivan ([email protected]) And also watch our other videos!

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  1. Проведя несколько конкурсов, я убедился, что общение со мной по видеосвязи доставляло вам не меньше, чем сам приз. Наверное потому, что я и сам получал от этого удовольствие, общаясь с вами на простые темы вашего быта и ваших проблем. Я созвонился бы с каждым из вас, но нужно работать над новым видео, поэтому я с удовольствием успею пообщаться с 10-ю из вас, с теми кто скачает игру по моей ссылке и поставит лайк этому видео у меня на личной страничке ВК. Связь!
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  2. сууууууукааа !!!! ты сломал мои мозги! ты просто БОГ Я в ноу хау!! респектую!

  3. Человечество постоянно ищет как бы себя изжить, нахрена бурить то, что блять было запечатано тыщу лет?! Идиоты, а потом ОЙ чума 13 век, ой гепатит, ой туберкулез, ой эбола и т.д. мде!

  4. Почему жизнь на других планетах должна быть как у нас с кислородом. Возможно в других планетах кислород для организмов будет токсичным газом, а другие газы пригодным

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    Так странно слышать название знакомых тебе непопулярных населенных пунктов

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    если нет, то я первый до3бался

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    чего там доказывать? Биомасса бактерий живущих в толще земли значительно больше чем биомасса всех организмов над ней, включая растения.

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  18. Ян, заметочка по поводу Силиконовой долины. Есть 2 "долины" – Кремнивая и Силиконовая. Кремниевая – это район в Калифорнии, где дофига высокоточных производств. Как раз ты и упомянул про процессоры из кремния, который к этому относятся. Из силиконы процессоры не делают, поэтому эту местность Силиконовой называть нельзя. Это косяк наших переводчиков, классический "ложный друг", вроде финского "Pivo", которое означает не пивасик, а "ладонь". Запутаться было немудрено ибо Кремний и Силикон в английском отличаются на одну букву – Silcon и Silicone соответственно. Уже после того, как появился термин Кремниевой долины, Силиконовой долиной стали называть район, где живет много звезд порно и эротической продукции, как раз из-за силикона, вернее имплантов из него. Между Кремнивой и Силиконовой 400 км, так-то)

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  24. Отличный канал и чувствуется вдохновление от Майкла с V.Научпоп в массы!Благодарю за ваш труд!

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    Тоесть если взять из другой игры почти все и добавить графику то это получится лучшей моб.игрой?

    Summoners war игра 2014г придумали корейцы кто не верит чекните видосы или сами поиграйте почти всё взято оттуда

  29. соляную кислоту в наших желудках? ты даун? она растворяет блять все. там желудочная кислота а не соляная.

  30. А если мы и есть эти химические реакции в малекулах тоесть космос это вся малекула а планеты и все это мельчайшие частицы а мы ДНК и.т.п.(знаю,теория сумасшедшего)

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    Спасибо Ян за лайфхак

  33. Представляю начало урока биологии или химии и учитель говорит фразу:"Урод ты или не урод, всё равно ты углерод)"

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    Так вот эта планета,а точнее жители на ней, думают что в их галактике есть жизнь, те же самые "инопланетяне"(т.е. мы)
    Но прикол в том,что мы думаем точно так же и о них.🤔

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