Лошадка из шарика / One balloon horse (Subtitles)
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Лошадка из шарика / One balloon horse (Subtitles)

August 13, 2019

Hello everybody 🙂 today we are going to make such a little horse of only one 260 balloon we can put it on the base of apple shape but it will fall to make it steady it can be put in the ring the base can be flower shape or such a lawn so, let’s begin 🙂 stretch the balloon inflate on 55 cm or 8 fingers leaving tie close to the ringlet move the air and make tiny bubble one and half fingers twist it into a pinch make the same bubble and also twist it make the head of about 2 and half fingers or more exactly – 4.5 cm not greater, or the balloon will not be enough make tiny bubble twist it into a pinch it is an ear the same pinch it is the second ear squeeze and at this level make the neck see, it is a bit greater then the head squeeze and at the center of ear level make twisting it will be a leg see, it is a bit greater then the neck make the same bubble and twist them together they are forelegs now, make 3 small bubbles of two fingers (3 cm) and move them over ears make another 3 the same bubbles and wrap them around the neck make the body of a neck size smaller then the legs squeeze and make two hind legs so that there was a remainder for the tail to prevent the legs unwinding push the remainder through them and make a small pinch to make the tail look down correct the ears so that they were more pointed and the mane was behind them to raise the head spread these bottom bubbles and put the neck between them so, the head lifted and left to draw the eyes that’s it we can let it graze on the lawn so, that’s the horse we’ve got 🙂 Thank You for attention 🙂 and bye-bye 🙂

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  1. Спасибо за урок Сергей. Теперь всех зверюшек сделаю

  2. hola soy carla! de argentina buenos aires te felicito por todos tus trabajos estoy trAtando de copiarte jajaja sigue asi un beso gigante

  3. Сергей !Здравствуйте…Лошадка получилась супер. Нижняя губа пухлая как у модели!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sergei, your balloons are the BEST! It's such a joy to look at all your designs on your channel – they are so beautiful ?

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