Обзор моих пазлов My little pony и My little pony the movie. Видео для детей
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Обзор моих пазлов My little pony и My little pony the movie. Видео для детей

November 4, 2019

Hello! You are on the channel Liza.exe. Today I’ll show you their puzzles about a pony, and tell pictures that turned out there and tell about the ponies that are depicted there Let’s start…
My first puzzle is a big box where there is a puzzle 24
pieces and this one is my puzzle from the new year And here’s the picture here is Sparkle Rainbow Dash Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy they in the house of rarity behold these are the puzzles here here are pictures, and here it is Here I have collected a puzzle, and here of course they are in the salon beauty as there to say, in the house of Rarity some say it’s a merry-go-round and and this puzzle from three years, that is children from three years old here even on a box painted 3+, that is, with three years of age for children can as we see, in the house of Rarity there is two mirrors the door is so and here it’s curtains like and here is the staircase and then there is already a floor behold it looks like a picture behold next I have a puzzle – this is already also to my little pony only winter and here is drawn Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash as I told you in the past, the video said that they are girlfriends and here on the box painted by Pinkie Pie and here one hundred four puzzles and let’s get them together assembled a puzzle where it is painted rainbow dash with a gift and pinkie pie in the winter and let me tell you what are they doing rainbow dash wants to give a gift or open and pinkie pie or gives her a gift or simply takes and this puzzle can be collected by children from five years because small it will be very difficult to collect the more details here are the small details The next puzzle is where the rainbow dash is drawn and the claudsdale and here it is impossible from 0-3 years can not be small children and here one hundred puzzles and on the back of the box is painted Spark in the library, pinkie pie in a sweet pie, well, sort of is called rarity on the street next to your house Well, a shop applejack next to apple trees and fluttershy in the ponyville you can assemble the entire collection of these puzzles and of course, on the packaging here below a spark is drawn rainbow dash and pinkie pie and let’s get it together and see what we get and here’s what I got, it’s drawn here rainbow dash claudsdale and here a little rainbow the next puzzle is with us where there is drawn a rainbow dash on a pink background this is from a new series with this puzzle, the magnet was half-way, half simple, Sparkling it is written here assemble friends together here one hundred and sixty puzzles and here is drawn rainbow dash, pinkie pie and sparkle Twilight Sparkle and here on top a lot of ponies there is not even a pony here and on the back there is nothing and this puzzle you can not collect from 0-3 years old to small children to collect let’s get it together and see what we get I collected a rainbow dash and that’s what I got it and I have one more puzzle but he is the last,
with him there was a repeat another Sparkle also half magnet, half toy here everything is also written and here it is drawn in the form of mermaids fluttershy, sparkle and rarity here is also drawn pinkie pie, rainbow dash and a spark here too many ponies. Here I have collected fluttershy, sparkle and rarity and that’s what I got in the form of mermaids make sure you like and subscribe to my channel and click on the bell to not miss the new videos! All for now!

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