Торт “Зебра” Старинный Бабушкин Рецепт | Zebra Cake Recipe, English Subtitles

February 29, 2020

Hello everyone, it’s an “Easy to cook” channel. Today we’ll make a Zebra cake.I’ll tell you all the special secrets. The recipe is below the video. Take 5 eggs. Beat them into the bowl while using the mixer. Add very soft butter. Beat together. The mass become to thicken. Add a glass of sour-cream. During this process don’t switch off the mixer. Add spoon by spoon the sugar. Then – a half of flour. The batter became smooth. Mix a tbsp of vinegar with a tsp of soda (or use a tsp of baking powder). Add to the batter. Mix. Add the rest of the flour. Sieve 3 tbsp.of cocoa as it’s heavy. Add a half of the dough, mix gently, and now with a mixer. Butter the bottom and the sides of the form. With a ladle pour the batter into the middle (or 3-4 tbsp each time). Then all the layers are visible. The main thing is to put all the time into the middle. The dough is dense, does not flow, keeps its shape. If you bake in the oven, preheat to 200C. Put there the cake. After 15 minutes, reduce temperature to 150 C. Bake for 20-30 min more. In total, it takes 45-50 min, depending on the oven.
N.B. first 15 minutes the temperature should be high. The remaining time – up to 150C.
If you bake in slow-cooker, set the “Baking” mode. It takes 50 – 65 min – depending on the power of the slow-cooker. On the top our cake will have a diffused pattern. The beauty of this cake is inside. While the cake is baked, take cocoa, prepare a water bath. Pour some water on the bottom.It shouldn’t touch the bottom of the upper glass dish. Add sugar, stir. Add milk (but not a lot). We must make the icing. I add 3 tbsp of milk. The mass should be thick. When cocoa is ready, after 5-8 min. of boiling, add here a piece of butter, dissolve in cocoa. Take away from the water bath. Our cake is ready. The top is blurred. When it cools down, cover with chocolate. You can make black and white one. Then you’ll have a real “Zebra”. But I’ve got cocoa, so it’ll be chocolate. Cover with the chocolate and cut, look at the inside! It’s nice and spongy. The recipe is from my grandma. So it’ll definitely be delicious!
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