تعال شوف سرعة الحصان العربي – The speed of the Arabian horse
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تعال شوف سرعة الحصان العربي – The speed of the Arabian horse

October 25, 2019

Measuring the speed of the Arabian horse in its territory the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Salam alaikum Welcome and hello You know who is this? This is our beloved Majoor we will select a good location So that it is an appropriate distance and at the same time, the road that we chose is safe what we have is we will try to measure the speed of the Arabian horse Majoor is warmed up mashallah We will not ride it at maximum speed (Galab) unless it is warmed up Abu Omar(the guy in the car )will precede me seeing the right place, and at the same time while I’m going to him I will Trot ( riding with slow speed ) then running at maximum speed Mashallah How are you baby Majoor look! have fun Mashallah Mashallah Mashallah.. lets go my friend! come on let’s Trot baby, nice Majoor we consider this path from there next to the car, do you see it? now we will trot ( slow speed ) trot because we don’t want the horse to enter immediately in maximum speed phase If the horse does not strain much, it is by its nature can run from the track to its maximum speed But we try to be careful so that the horse is not exposed to any harm In the past, the knight with his horse could be faced either exposed to someone or wanted to hit something making the horse run at its maximum speed. we shouldn’t make these rules complex more than it requires, but we look after houses to avoid any injuries I’m seeing Abu Omar on the road In the name of Allah gradually we speed up Peace be upon prophet Muhammed Ready? I’m ready Abu Omar is excited We check the saddle after warming up Because the body of the horse becomes thinner after warming up Say in the name of Allah Ready? yup we both will start at the same time one minute! you know I can’t use my right hand One, focus with me Two focus with me so they don’t say we cheat, your car can go faster One.. Two.. Three.. Come on Majoor! The speed of the car is 75 to 76 Km/h Mashallah Mashallah We slow down gradually as well continue, we won’t stop We slow down gradually Excellent you are hero Majoor! Mashallah.. almost 2 km Excellent! We switch the front hand of Majoor Mashallah See where the vehicle is! You are hero, hero! Our great Majoor.. mashallah Now we will go back the same way but with stepping down approach We get his heart rate smooth before he rides the trolley back We hope you had fun.. Thank you Majoor Thank you Abu Omar Salamalaikum

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  1. والسرعة حسب جهاز الGoPro وصلت مابين ٥٩ الى ٦٠ كم بالساعة ،، ماشاءالله تبارك الله
    وكل عام وانتم بالف خير

  2. So nice to see! A very good horse as well as the horsemanship.
    He reminds us of our stallion, both in colour and power.

  3. بسم الله ماشاء الله تبارك الرحمن . كفوووو يا بطل سلامي من العراق لاخوانا و لاهلنة بلجزيرة العربية

  4. ماشاء الله والله تعاملك مع الحصان ولا احسن واهم شي انك عم تمشي بالاول تخلي يستعد منعا للاصابة اللهم صلي على النبي . اقسم بالله مرة شفت مقطع واحد قاعد يخبط بالحصان يعني شي مخزي

  5. يا عزيزي البس خوذة كون مثال طيب للخياله. افهم انك تحب الخيل لكن يجب الوقاية الله يحفظك.

  6. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    سلامات عليك يا قصوره.
    لا بأس طهور إن شاء الله تعالى

  7. I love the way he is cautious about straining his horses muscles. I feel that is something most equestrians fault upon.🐎

  8. ما شاء الله لحظة الانطلاق اقشعر بدني ..ربي يباركلك ويحفظك ونعم الفارس

  9. اللي عاملين عدم إعجاب ( dislike ) أنصحهم بأقرب نفساني على الفور. هذه حالة عاجلة وخطيرة.

  10. مشالله تبارك الرحمان عز الله خيال الله يحفضك من ١٠ سنوات ونا ما شايف خيل اطلب من ربي ان يجمعأ بخيلي

  11. سرعه الحصان اقل شوي من الي طلع بالعداد لنه السيارات دايم تقدم ارقام فالعداد عشان اكثر من سبب

  12. Well done. Well done, quite an equestrian. Concern for the horse in these conditions is important. But it looks like fast conditions

  13. Sir, you ride beautifully, you treat your horse with so much respect, and it's not something you see often, I wish you more wonderful rides and days with this beautiful soul, you only get this bond and love and understanding once in a lifetime, don't take a second of it for granted. There's a quote that goes something like 'through riding a horse, you experience freedom' and you are definitely giving this horse the same privilege 💕

  14. ما شاء الله عاشت ايدك يابطل و ما بيك غير العافيه أخوك من العراق ♥️

  15. I love that you dont use your hands to restrain him! Thats a big problem i see with people riding arabians. Excellent riding.

  16. السلام عليكم معاك مدحت عادل من قناة صوت العرب الفضائية عندي مطلب عندك و عساك ما تردني

  17. اكيد ما شفت سرعة الحصان البربري الامازيغي ملك لخيول بلا منازع

  18. طريقتكم في حساب السرعة بدائية…الطريقة الصحية اما جهاز GPS يحسب السرعة…او تنزل برنامج السرعة على الجوال راح يعطيك جميع البيانات وهي صحيحة 100% افضل من ان السيارة تلحقك فالجوال مثلا يكون بجيبك ويحسب…انا مره حسب اقصى سرعة لي كانت 60 كيلو وبهذه الطريقة الي ذكرتها لكم…لان السيارة وهي تلحقك ايضا فيها خطر ان الخيل يرتبك

  19. Beautiful horse, great riding posture and I'm glad you did everything so that Majoor didn't strain himself running top speed – it's clear you care a great deal about him.

  20. ليش كل واحد يغلط على الثاني؟.. والله مالو دعوه.. سعودي، فلصطيني، كويتي او غيره٠٠٠٠البرنامج عن الخيول وكلكم يا عرب زي بعض ولاحظو انو بتتفرجو على نفس الشئ …

  21. I absolutely LOVE this!! Makes me miss galloping at top speeds on my Arabian so so so so much. 😭😍😭😍😭😍😭😍 This pretty pretty boy is just absolutely perfect. So gorgeous, so sweet, this is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing!!!!! 💛

  22. He is a very good rider, careful to warm up his horse and to warm him down. A really caring good rider on a great horse.

  23. Very impressive horsemanship. Great team work! Love how you are all about the welfare of the horse. Thank you!! 🙂

  24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZhwIKvserw&list=UU1e7SUnE53avuHTcPYAUfVw&index=39

  25. فيه قطعه اسمها wind killer
    يا ليت تشتريها لان صوت الهواء غطا على صوتك 🌹

  26. What a great video. Your horsemanship skills are excellent and it’s very good to see how you warm Majoor up properly. What a beautiful horse.

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