مزرعة خيول داخل فوّهة بركان Trip to a Horse Ranch in Volcanic Crater [CC]
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مزرعة خيول داخل فوّهة بركان Trip to a Horse Ranch in Volcanic Crater [CC]

August 23, 2019

Trip to a Horse Ranch in a Volcanic Crater with: Mohsen Abbasi within
“National Park Pululahua” We thank the farm owners for their hospitality This is about 10 hectar big property very fertile very nice mild climate never hot as in Quito never cold as in Quito at night green all year round we have permanent water from our own water spring we have our own electricity transformer and we have the last property inside the crater we will see when we go to the end, there is a canyon that is all around so nobody can build there or there or there so it’s like half an island actually so Wiltshires, and .. “This is a bird of prey” .. there is one kind of eagle and the other called Buzzard “Of course, birds of prey here are common due to weather” It’s a Silver Chest
“as you see here” He is waiting for mohsen to fall off the horse “The birds of prey are waiting for us” “So, after a bit we’re going to ride horses” “Of course we’re now on the farm, and this is a horse behind me” “but as I heard, he’s tired from yesterday” “so we’ll take other horses” So our horses don’t live in stables there is the same temperature all year round and it’s very nice and pleasant there is never snow or storms so they live as they do in nature, they live in a herd which maintains them very healthy and mentaly balanced very friendly relaxed horses And that of course is Soleil The ranch is unthinkable without our dog She loves to go on the rides “This is my horse” So you go on with your left foot in the stirrup and smoothly get your point of gravity over the saddle With this hand here, with this hand back swing your leg over And I lead you way a little bit “We are starting now. Of course I am the last one” “This experience of course, as we are now riding horses inside a Volcanic Crater” “is one of the must-do experiences for every tourist before leaving this great country” “So this farm with it´s area of 10 Hectar” “is for sell now, including horses and edifications” “And of course we can connect you with the owner and go with you there when visit us” “Imagine, also if it’s true that the farm has 10 Hectars” “but in the areas around it” “they all ask the farm owner to let their horses to graze there” “for cutting the grass and for the feces which is an excellent fertilizer” “And all these ways can be used, as you see” “So actually, the available area for the 24 horses” “is more than 10 Hectares” “At least two or three times more” “I don’t remember the number but it is high” “And the tourists come here” “and can be met before this road because it is rugged” “(not if the tourists or tourism company have 4x4s cars ..” “.. or just high cars, no need for 4x4s, just elevated)” “then they go and pick up them out of the city, directy from the capital city Quito” How was it? “Great” “He is resting” Gimbly could you give an interview? “What do you want to say to us today?” “How was the trip?” How is a horse life here at the green horse ranch? Very nice, no? very free “very relaxed and ..” not like in other places The clouds from the pacific and this is what maintains it so green over there already And then when you go to la Mitad del Mundo and it’s dry and sandy “This cloud enter now the crater region” “And you see how it comes closer” “It comes from the coast side” “This is a beautiful view” “It happens everyday at this time”

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  1. بكم هكتار الارض الزراعيه وما هي افضل الزرعات السهله والمربحه عندكم

  2. لسلام عليكم اخي كيف حالك انا مواطن باكستاني كيف اقدر اتواصل معك للسفر للاكوادور او الارجنتين او رقمك ومشكور

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