मूर्ख गधा l Murkh Gadha l Foolish Donkey l Moral stories for kids in hindi 3D l पंचतंत्र की कहानिया
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मूर्ख गधा l Murkh Gadha l Foolish Donkey l Moral stories for kids in hindi 3D l पंचतंत्र की कहानिया

January 9, 2020

Foolish Donkey. Hello Kids! Today I Will Tell You The Story Of A Foolish Donkey. Once There Was A Hungry Lion. He Was Trying To Hunt By Running Here And There But Was Unable To Find A Prey. Suddenly He Sees An Elephant. So He Thinks That He Should Give It A Try. He Runs And Attacks Ferociously. The Elephant And Lion Fight For A While. In The End The Lion Gets Wounded. The Wounded Lion Could Not Hunt But He Was Feeling Very Hungry. So He Calls His Minister, The Fox And Tells Her- “Fox, I Am Wounded, I Wont Be Able To Hunt.” “You Are So Clever! Go And Trap Some Foolish Animal And Bring Him To Me.” So That I Can Kill Him To Fulfill My Hunger. The Fox Said, “Okay Lord! I Will Try.” The Fox Now Goes To Find Its Prey. Far Away In The Forest, She Finds A Strong Donkey. She Thinks, “Lets Give It A Shot.” She Tells Him, “Hey Donkey! My Lord Was Right. You Are The Most Intelligent Animal In The Forest.” The Donkey Didn’t Understand Anything And Looked Confused. The Fox Tells Him, “My Lord Wants To Welcome You By Making You His Friend .” The Donkey Happily Starts Going Back With The Fox. From Far Away, The Lion Sees The Strong Donkey. His Mouth Starts Watering And He Is Unable To Control Himself. Before The Donkey Could Come Near Him, He Attacks Ferociously And Falls Down Failing In His Attempt. The Donkey Runs Away Anxiously. The Fox Gets Disappointed And Says, “Lord! You Should Have Controlled Yourself.” “The Prey Just Slipped Out Of Our Hands.” The Lion Says, “Yes Fox, You Are Right. I Should Have Controlled Myself A Bit.” “You Are Very Clever, Do Something And Bring Him Back Somehow.” “I Want To Satisfy My Hunger.” The Fox Says, “Okay! I Will Try Again.” The Fox Goes Again To Search The Donkey . On Reaching There, She Tells The Donkey, “Friend! Why Did You Run Away?” “What Do You Mean? He Would Have Eaten Me.” The Fox Then Said, “Oh Foolish Animal, He Was About To Welcome You, Not Eat You.” “If He Wanted To Eat You, Then He Would Have Chased You And Ate You.” The Donkey Agrees With The Fox. He Happily Goes Back With The Fox. Far Away, The Lion Again Sees The Strong Donkey. He Mentally Becomes Happy. This Time He Controls Himself. As Soon As The Donkey Reaches Near The Lion, He Attacks And Kills Him. As He Is About To Eat His Prey, The Fox Stops Him. “Stop Lord! You Have Not Hunted Or Bathed Since A Long Time, You Go And Have A Bath First.” “Then Eat This Prey Peacefully.” The Lion Agrees And Goes To Have A Bath. As Soon As The Lion Goes, The Fox Eats The Brain Of The Donkey. When The Lion Comes Back, He Searches For The Donkey’s Brain But Could Not Find It. He Looks At The Fox With Rage And Asks, “Have You Eaten His Brain?” The Fox Says, “Oh Lord! Why Will I Do That?” “You Already Know That A Donkey Does Not Have A Brain.” “If He Had A Brain, He Would Not Come With Me The Second Time.” The Lion Agrees And Then Eats His Prey Peacefully. So Kids! What Is The Moral Of The Story? The Moral Of Story Is That We Should Never Trust Our Enemies.

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