✔ Minecraft: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Horse
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✔ Minecraft: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Horse

August 22, 2019

(Music and Minecraft Sounds) (Beep) (Music and Minecraft Sounds) (Beep) (Music and Minecraft Sounds) (Beep) (Music and MInecraft Sounds) (Beep) (Romantic Music and MInecraft Sounds) (Beep) (Typing, Clicking and Scrolling) (Music) (Music and Minecraft Ender Sounds*)

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  1. The horse and the donkey literally just touched their noses for what seemed like a second and bOOM, baby mule exists.

    I also planted a sweet berry bush once, and a horse got stuck in it and eventually died when the bush fully grew.

  2. "Putting a horse on a lead will make it follow you, even in fast moving boats." Hmm well insnt that the whole point in a lead!

  3. I have another fact about skeleton horses. There is a rare chance that they can spawn naturally. But if you go near it there will be lightning and more skeleton horses will spawn with skeletons on them. They will have helmets on so they wont burn and they go very fast. It is very hard to kill them. ITS FRIGGIN ANNOYING ;-;

  4. As soon as you gave the golden carrot to the kebab, it ran for the horse straight away, forget baby mules, let's make hobbits!
    Like if agree(I'm bored)

  5. Another Fact

    If you put the captions,It will say (Music and Minecraft sounds)

    Another Fact

    Putting a food name on an animal will be seen suspicious.

  6. Dear Magma,
    Since I started watching your videos I started paying loads of attention to the mobs in Minecraft, and I noticed that all horses have a different speed, and it doesn’t depend on the color or the breed of the horse, it’s like the personality is different in each horse.

  7. I remember back in the day you could instantly tame a horses by feeding them sugar cubes or apples, I guess that's not the case anymore on the current Minecraft. I wonder if you can make the different variant of horses on here without the Mo' Creatures mod?

  8. As someone who rides horses and named one of my horses dinnerbone…

    I can confirm I have around 45 bruises on my stomach from his hooves


  10. Isin't skeleton horse spawnd when a lightning strike hits a horse, cuz on phone it worked, but on computer I never realy tried.

  11. He made a literal frick room from pewdiepie’s minecraft series
    With some fancy deco and smexy music 6:30

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