✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Chicken Coop
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✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Chicken Coop

October 25, 2019

HOW TO MAKE A CHICKEN COOP Today, I’ll make an automatic chicken farm that looks like a super comfy chicken coop! As always, sit back, relax and enjoy! I’ll first set up the house-like part with the automatic egg collecting system :] All the hoppers should lead to the chest. Let’s test it to make sure it works as intended. Now all 9 stairs should go to the chest. Perfect! I hope you can follow along if you’re building yourself! Oops, I think I made a mistake.. :I There we go! Hoppers can pick up items through carpet. Now the chickens will have an even floor and it also looks much better than the hoppers! Let’s take a moment to get an overview of the building for everyone following along! Next up: A beautiful roof! I like adding a line of material that differs from what I built the rest of the house of.. In this case I’m using spruce wood. To finish it off, I add fences at either end. The lamp is here to add some light when you visit the chickens or if the chickens are afraid of the dark.. The house itself is done now, let’s get some chickens inside. If you’re like me, you also want to decorate it a bit more and I’ll get to that later, don’t worry! It’s pretty easy to control them with seeds. There we go! 😀 Let’s get the rest! Oh well, I’ll take care of it later.. Once the chickens have laid some eggs, you can use those to get even more chickens! … Now for a little outside area for the chickens! You can choose to let this be a decorative thing only or let the chickens walk freely in and out.. However, letting the chickens go out will of course make the farm less effective. This top part will make the fence look nicer, but also makes it spider proof! I’m sure chickens love hay, so why not add some of that? This ladder should not go all the way down to the ground, as chickens can climb them Let’s let the chicken out! It looks like the chickens are loving their new home.. Now I’ll have plenty of eggs for cake and pumpkin pie! :] Thanks for watching!

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  1. Chickens don’t eat hay😂 they don’t love it. They use it for nest/ eggs to produce. We have chickens/cows/horses/pigs I know what they eat and stuff😂

  2. Очень классно,выпускай больше видео 😻 и удачи тебе в будущем!❤️

  3. Your instructions are really good and I love your commentary. Thank you for making this video, I’m gonna try this out for my survival world! 💗

  4. The undertale music (specifically the snowdin theme) heavily reminds me of when I used to rp on roblox in undertale servers with an image ID of some other person’s OC and just be on there for hours. To be completely honest, everything about this video gives me “Undertale RP Roblox [New Update!]” kind of vibes-

  5. You can also make it fully automatic with the hoppers connected to a dispenser activate by a clock than sends the eggs automatically in the coop

  6. Thx so much! This farm makes me having a more greater idea! :
    So the idea is that we can see the chicken in the ground by using glasses. If you can make one of this idea video, i would like to see it, because i need creativity to build cool things like you!

  7. Make is ez now you did no abaut
    IAM PRO 😎 ☹️ by I have no Minecraft pocket edition but my friend DX gamer happy to go which new phone YO to just YouTuber YAaaaaa YOU are no
    DX gamer is a chindren !!

  8. Everything what you do is just perfect Everything works always. And your building skills you go In the TOP of the Master builders!

  9. У меня на уведомлениях стоит мелодия из Андертеил. Минуту не могла понять что происходит, а потом стало всё понятно!! 😀

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