『Horse Care: Grooming pt.1』☝︎(‘ω’)☝︎
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『Horse Care: Grooming pt.1』☝︎(‘ω’)☝︎

August 11, 2019

Hey I’m Lily and helping me film is
Giulia! In this video I’m going to be showing you how to groom. Start off with a curry. You
could either use a curry glove like this or a curry like this. They both
work the same way; with the glove the glove you go in circles like and with the brush you do the same. Next is a hard brush you can tell it’s a
hard brush because well mine it has thicker bristles and the bristles
are a lot firmer (and obviously it’s a bit hard). strokes clicking the ups with this so
this is a soft brush you can tell it’s a soft brush because the bristles will be
a bit thinner sometimes and obviously by feeling it it will like dead love more
easily obviously be solved and so long strokes and this is just to help get the
very fine slide your hand down and if you’re doing the back you may try to
kick you but just hold on you want to start doing a beef like me right here
this is the father you never going to pick the Frog because it’s very simple
you pick it out just like this and if there’s a lot of dusts or like whatever
just use the brush part of the hoof pick to just brush it out and that’s it for
the grooving

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