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  1. 解説の字幕をつけました。

  2. so beautiful akihito sensei.
    Thankyou, your video is always inspiration and always awakens my passion for drawing. I really like your drawing.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful video I’ve learned something just from watching you draw your manga

  4. I don't know if you can read this, But Im still going to say it. You're fcking fast, I admire youre line accuracy and hand stability. Im still a beginner in using pen nibs specially g-pen and its no joke that its very hard to use!😂 Also you can finish multiple pages from scratch to inking in one day! I can't even finish one page in one day without inking😂 Anyways You're very good, Soon I'll become like you and become one of the greatest mangaka, I hope😂

  5. What brand of paper and binders do you use?

    Edit: I really appreciate your sponsorships! I'll be sure to purchase your books soon!

  6. Llegue temprano sensei
    Estoy viendo el videoo y escribiendo al mismo tiempo
    Es hermoso…las paginas bien entintadas…los bocetos bien hechos..y la calidad es inigualable…sin duda alguna mi fuente de inspiración mas grande

    Saludos desde México AKIHITO SENSEI

  7. its a bit frustrating..i find it hard to imagine to ever be at a master level of drawing, without having as much time to draw on a daily basis as a professional has. i would argue that i am good at drawing…but theres a difference between good and very good…and very good and master…and reaching these last steps seems more and more unrealistic, as everyday responsibilitys become more and more.

  8. what do you actually do with all the original drawings of your Mangas? wouldnt you guys be able to sell that stuff for alot of money?
    i once googled that about Akira Toriyamas Dragon Ball series but found absolutly nothing about where the originally drawn pages are..i mean honestly…these kind of drawings, like yours in this video, fascinate me more than most stuff that is shown in museums.

  9. do you make digital drawings? if so, could you make a video about? hugs from Brazil ❤️❤️

    I really appreciate your work and you are an inspiration to me, thank you :))

  10. I am a junior high school student in Japan
    There are many foreigners in the
    comments, so I use translation software to convert them to Japanese.
    I am very happy to see the comments from foreigners.

  11. Thats all i need. Thank you so much. I am doing my first manga chapter. Problably it will take much more than 30 days. But i will keep it up until i finish it. Your videos teach me to keep in my mind that take time to finish my art. I'll do it in my pace, without force myself, just keep drawing until i finish it.

    A big hug from Brazil

  12. Obrigado por compartilhar o seu método de trabalho. Vejo que é necessário um bom planejamento para cumprir o prazo estipulado.

  13. Wow! Can you upload the real-time version of each page? I’d love to see it all the process! Please! Thanks so much for your vids!

  14. I would probably snap if I had to draw this amount of high quality pages in such time, I really admire the fact that Akihito-sensei as well as other mangaka are able to do this all the time!

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