fading | | єpísσdє 1 | | ”whєn í’m gσnє” | | Original Model Horse Series
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fading | | єpísσdє 1 | | ”whєn í’m gσnє” | | Original Model Horse Series

August 14, 2019

This song is to let everybody know, I’m totally
out of control, and I try to pick up more black fans, by twerking
and shaking my ass. Tweeting skanky pics everyday. Check out my Vajay-jay! *snorts* huh? What
tha?? SIS! AHH! Where have you been?? I uh, where did you get that halter? uh.. And, what’s
that on your leg? I may have visited the stable again..
What? You know father told you not to go near that stable again!! Look, I’ll do anything
you want, but please don’t tell father I went….AGAIN! Alright, but you might want to take off that
halter, and whatever that is off your leg. Or
he’ll definitly know where you’ve been.

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  1. DAMN!! Did't get first comment!!! XO Awesome as usual katy!!! Hey, Katy should be your name! I mean….ya know, like foxx,keltic…………Katy! Its so divine! XP Lov ya girly!
    Love this better than Revenge!! You know I love revenge! Btw, the editing in this is amazing! lol! Oh, and wat's up with the dead snail……..?
    LOL! "J-j-jumping course??!" LOL lov the way u said that! Lov u katy! btw, episode 3 is out for vengeance rain!!! XD Don't read comments first!! (SPOILERS!)

  2. Amazing start! you have escalated vapidly in quality 😀 your ideas have always been spectacular but now its really well planned out, with great voice acting (I'm truly terrible at male impressions). please, for entertainments sake, NEVER stop making videos!

  3. i think Petshopgirl1111 will be the stanley kubrick of LPS, what about you, know any dark sadistic breyer users?

  4. cool 😀
    i predict them becoming the producers of "The shining: breyer edition" XDXDXD
    who gets my reference??

  5. i know this seems a bit weird but is there going to be another episode for revenge? btw love your filming great job love your episodes and blood red!!!  sorry if i'm being a pain .-. 

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