🗣 Red Dead Redemption 2: How to sell a horse | Location | Female Voice Talk Through
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🗣 Red Dead Redemption 2: How to sell a horse | Location | Female Voice Talk Through

August 14, 2019

Hi everyone this is Vicky from tales from
the Trails In this short video I’m going to show you can sell horses This horse I recently caught from the wild Hence not having a saddle and And being a bit random All you need to do is take your horse to a stable Stables are marked on the map With a… Whoops… Horse Shoe (icon) And they are found in major towns One in Valentine as well Over there (look at location on map) And one in Strawberry
Down here If you cant see the horseshoe on your map Then you’ve not got further enough through the game yet And it will Unlock Really quite early on into the game actually So you don’t have anything to worry about All you need to do walk the horse that you want to sell into the stable Into the Stable He’s very kind isn’t he All you need to to is … *interrupted by stable manager* Thank… thank you All you need to do is hold the square button On the bottom left it’ll tell you how much you’ll get for it I mean this horse is really rough As in freshly caught doesn’t know much Doesn’t particularly like me either And you can only get two dollars for it But… As your horses learn to trust you more They become more bonded And the higher,
*interupted by stableman* Shush The higher your horse bonding level The more money you can get for them Its like some can get about thirty dollars for Some a bit more I’m sure Anyway, all you need to do is hold the Square (PS4) And your horse is sold Its really that simple. Thats all it is it’d be nice if you don’t get
interrupted every two seconds by the stable owner as well Anyway that’s all you need to do, just take it to a stable and hold the square and sell it that’s
all it is if you liked the video or Found it useful in any way shape or form Please like it and if you enjoy Listening to me rambling on randomly
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  1. Is this for online too. Because when I took my broken on wild horse to the stables it said I couldn't sell it. I have only been playing for about 2 hours so I don't know much about this game.

  2. Okay so I’ve caught a wild horse and then I go to the stables and attempt to sell it, but every time I do so it just tells,me that the horse cant be brought into the stables? What do I need to do? I’m stuck lol

  3. Hi! I have a problem selling my horses since like 2 missions before arthur dies. Now im with John, finished the missions and the problem persist, whem i go to the stable the sell button is grayed out and says something like “Stables are not buying horses for a while”, i’ve been hunting for days and days and the message is still there, is this a bug? For the other hand, i can sell them to clay but its so hecking far from every town of my interest

  4. 2 dollars for a houses and 200$ for a change of clothes why rock story is really greedy. Fair amount 30$ starting off. Going up too 100$ with a level 3 bond

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