10 Awesome Yet Hidden Facts You Didn’t Know About Animals
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10 Awesome Yet Hidden Facts You Didn’t Know About Animals

October 24, 2019

Our world is full of different species of
animals. There are many things we already know about
most animals. Yet there are some awesome facts that we really
need to know. Are you ready to dive in and learn something
new about the fauna around you? So, here’s presenting before you, 10 amazing
facts that you didn’t know about animals. Number 10. Happy Dogs Wag Their Tail To The Right
We’re used to a dog’s furiously fast wagging tail. It looks kinda cute, no? But there’s a deeper meaning to it. Don’t believe us? Not a problem. Scientists say that the way a dog wags its
tail, displays some emotional indicators, which are pretty subtle. The direction of the wag speaks volumes about
your dog’s mood. Dogs swing their tails to the right when they
are happy or excited. A shift to the left indicates that all is
not well. Number 9. Rabbits Have 360° Panoramic Vision
Yes, these critters can seriously see a lot. Their eyes are positioned in such a manner
that they are placed high and to the sides of the skull. This permits the rabbit to see nearly 360
degrees, as well as far above its head. Thanks to the big field of view, they are
easily able to locate predators coming down on them from the rear or sideways, without
even turning their heads. Also, rabbits tend to be farsighted, which
explains why they may be frightened by an airplane flying overhead even if humans can
barely see it. Number 8. Pig Hearts Have Been Used In Human Transplant
A pig’s organs are uncannily similar to human organs. Therefore, pig hearts are used for this purpose. That’s because they are similar enough to
human hearts in anatomical parameters. Doctors have already employed heart valves
taken from pigs and cows in human surgeries. Whoa! The shortage of organs for transplants is
one of the biggest challenges to modern medicine. The current supply of tissue meets only a
tiny amount of the total demand. Scientists have cleared a major barrier to
transplanting organs from pigs into humans after removing threatening viruses from the
animals’ DNA. Number 7. Cows Have Best Friends
Yes, cows indeed have best friends. In fact, it was concluded after a scientific
research that pairing them with their best friends leads to a reduction in stress. However, if their best friend is separated
from them, then they could easily become restless. As a result, the milk production drops. Well, that surely shows the emotional side
of cattle. That also means that they do have a personality
and can form emotional connections with humans. After all, each and every living creature
needs love. And who can love more than a close friend? Number 6. Sheep Are Better Than Vets. They Can Cure Themselves On Their Own
Yes, you heard that right. Sheep have an extraordinary ability to cure
themselves by self medication. Whenever they feel ill, they will eat certain
plants which have the required medicinal qualities. To be precise about self-healing, scientists
have found out for certain that ailing sheep can accurately self-medicate for stomach problems. When sheep were given food that created digestive
uneasiness, they were able to select and eat the right cures for constipation and heartburn. Number 5. Pandas Don’t Need A Cozy Place To Sleep
Pandas can drop off to sleep…anywhere. That makes it one of the laziest creatures
in the animal kingdom. However, they are not very picky when it comes
to napping. They don’t choose some specific resting
spots. Some will snooze in a group while others could
simply hang upside down while sleeping. And they look extremely cute while they drop
off to a deep slumber! Number 4. Hens Can Spontaneously Become Roosters
Spontaneous sex changes are rare in the animal world, but they do happen. They have a specific use in some biological
process. However, a hen’s sex change is not beneficial
to it. But that does not mean this transition has
no relevance. When a cyst or tumor that damages the hen’s
ovary, a gonad develops into a testicle and will start secretion of androgens, a male
sex hormone. Due to this change, a hen will start strutting
and crowing, gain weight and grow the quintessential rooster wattles, dark feathers and cockscomb
atop its head. The evolution results in a sterile rooster. However, this change only happens to females,
and not in males. Number 3. The Powerful Legs Of Tigers Can Hold Them
Even After They Are Dead Yes, the tiger’s paws are extremely powerful. And we don’t need an experiment to prove
that. A swish of the claw can peel off the scalp
of your head. But how powerful are the legs of a tiger? They are so strong, that even after they pass
away, they can remain standing. There have been many observations of tigers
being shot and they bleed out and die standing. While we move to the next animal fact, you
can take a seat! Number 2. House Cats Are Faster Than Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt, the fastest human to ever exist on this planet, created world record back
in 2009. It happened during the World Championships
in Berlin. His record high speed was 27.8 mph while his
average speed during the race was 23.35 miles per hour. However, the fastest house cats can run up
to 30 miles per hour. That clearly indicates that your pet cat can
outrun the Olympic medalist. Hey, that doesn’t mean you start planning
to prepare your pet kitty for the next Olympics. Number 1. Crows Play Pranks On Each Other
Everybody knows that crows are the smartest among avian species. But that’s not all, they tease animals,
bully stronger predators with their cawing and they even play pranks on each other. What! Yes, that’s right! They do indulge in these frivolities once
in a while, just to amuse themselves. Of course their pranks are different than
human pranks! This behavior is often tactical or intentional. Crows can easily deceive and lie sociably,
just like humans and other primates do. After all, that’s what the smart ones do
most of the time! So, are there any other astounding animal
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