10 Giant Pets – World’s Largest & Biggest Animals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist
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10 Giant Pets – World’s Largest & Biggest Animals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

October 24, 2019

some are cuddly some are cute and some are downright scary these are the top ten giant pets you won’t believe actually exist number ten giant George was once recognized as the world’s tallest living dog as well as the tallest dog ever by Guinness Book of World Records this gorgeous blue great dane stood in 43 inches tall and weighed over 245 pounds for in 2005 owner David Nasser took the future world record pup in at seven weeks old and like the royalty he was giant George slept in a queen-size bed the Great Dane was so big on his trip to the oprah winfrey show the airline gave him three seats all to himself sadly George died in 2013 he was just seven years old number 9 and 15 years old Big Jake a Belgian gelding is officially the world’s tallest horse measuring just under 6 feet 11 inches tall and weighing almost 2,600 pounds the gentle giant is now in retirement he spends his days at smokey hollow farm and point at Wisconsin where doering fans come to see him eating a healthy diet of one-and-a-half bails of hay and 40 quarts of oats per day well most horse stalls are just 12 by 12 feet big Jake’s is almost twice that at 20 by 20 feet number 8 this is Goldie who had almost 16 inches long five inches tall and weighing a whopping two pounds might be Britain’s biggest goldfish the 15 year old goldfish may not even be the largest ever on record though there was a goldfish in Holland that measured 18 point seven inches in 2003 number seven if you think your grocery bill is high then meet wow the world’s largest bunny rabbit Wow a continental giant from the UK top the scales are just a bit under 55 pounds and eats about ninety dollars in brown bread apples and assorted vegetables each week Ralph isn’t the first in his family to hold such a record his mother Amy and father Roberto both held records when they were alive according to his owner Cindy Winston Ralph has an amazing life and being a huge star and accepted anywhere and everywhere he goes number six oreck is Britain’s fattest cat running in at a whopping 30 pounds forward to put in perspective the average weight of a three-year-old child his vet says the norwegian forest cat is morbidly obese and his needed diet and exercise his owner Jan Mitchell says the cat is late and does nothing but laze around all day and of course eat in 2014 his owner enlisted the aid of a puppy to keep him active and playing and the three months lost a total of two pounds but Ulrich isn’t fattest cat around in 2014 a 36-pound cat named meatball was left at a shelter in maricopa county arizona number five now right we’re halfway there and at number five we have bandit who had 50 4.4 pounds was named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s fattest raccoon but it was an all bandaged fault not only was he abandoned as a baby and raised by a dog along with her puppies now that alone would cost him emotional eating but banette also had a thyroid problem bandit was taken in by Deborah clinch who took care of the morbidly obese critter who apparently had a taste for the finer things in life like cheese curls fruit loops and french fries bandit died at the very young age of 10 in 2004 topping out at a whopping 75 pounds number four they say everything is big in Texas and I guess that includes rodents a couple in Buda Texas share their home with 112 pounds capybara they named Gary capybaras are considered the largest rodents in the world and are native to South America but not Gary Gary is all Texan now and considered family the couple even let scary sleep in bed with them claiming that it’s no different than having a dog capybaras of semi-aquatic creatures we spend most of the time in the water so the couple actually install a giant pool in the garden just for Gary number three like Jack George Zeus is another great dane and before he died in 2014 Zeus took over the title of world’s tallest dog and tallest dog ever by one inch giant George measured in at 43 inches and Zeus came in at an incredible 44 inches to put that in perspective view as as big as the average donkey weighing over 155 pounds zoos would eat the equivalent of about 15 pounds of food a week because of his size his owner Denise had to get a ban just to be able to get him around town number two former San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick has had Sammy since he was 10 years old when Sammy could still fit in the palm of his hand now almost 20 years later Kaepernick still has his little buddy who has grown to a whopping 115 pounds Sammy is an African spurred tortoise from northern Africa there are the third largest species of tortoise in the world and can weigh up to 230 pounds and live any from 50 to 200 years a lot longer than Collins football career number one at more than 300 pounds and over 25 feet long Medusa is the world’s largest snake this colossal python eats a 40 pound animal like a hog or deer once a week but at this size she could easily consume a critter waiting a hundred pounds or more it takes 15 people to hold on to the regal reptiles and her trainer Larry elder is well aware of the dangers claiming once an 18-foot reticulated python had rendered him unconscious if you ever want to visit this massive monster you’ll find her during Halloween on display at the edge of hell haunted house in Kansas City Missouri now it’s time for you to click that like button check out a few more of our videos and if you haven’t already subscribe for more serious delivery

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