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  1. Wolves are fine if you assert yourself as Alpha and all of these are fine if you make sure not to be stupid with them. In fact if you get an exotic animal license it would be great to raise some of these due to their endangered status such as certain species of wolves and big cats. And venom is injected, poison is ingested. Animals are venomous as a rule unless you eat them and die from their toxins, THEN they're poisonous.

  2. Wait we used to own a boa constrictor and even though I didn't understand snakes and were scared of them at the time, he was never dangerous.
    I mean sure, if someone's inexperienced it could become dangerous, but most owners have done research/have enough experience to handle them correctly

  3. OK EVERYONE!! He gets it! He said they are poisonous but they’re venomous! Everyone makes mistakes! Also I really wanna have a pet snake when I’m older

  4. I don't like creatures that are able to eat me, poison me and/or infest me with parasites. Maybe I should get a pet rock?

  5. If you have a larger constrictor be sure to keep vodka by their enclosure, and have another person with you is you're taking them out. If they bite then pour or spray the vodka in their face and they will let go immediately (be sure to rinse their face afterwards). I've owned pythons, boas, and scorpions as personal pets. I also used to run a small exotics rescue. With proper research, husbandry, and handling habits they can be very enjoyable pets. Also my brother had a wolf dog hybrid ^.^ they found him abandoned in Nevada and he is a sweet gentle giant (not saying all will be, just this one)

    P.S. never own big cats, monkeys, bears, or chimps. Just don't. Someone will eventually be hurt.

  6. Pythons and boas aren’t dangerous if you’re not a complete idiot neither are monitors bites happen chill buddy

  7. I guess I join the band of idiots 😂 I got a ball python and a bearded dragon that’s pretty large for its species. Plus 2 dogs

  8. A lot of the animals on this list are not good as pets, however snakes and scorpions are fine if you know how to take care of them. Most snakes people own are ball pythons, cornsnakes etc. and are completely harmless, ball pythons get easily scared and curl up into a ball, hence the name ball python. Hope you learned something:)

  9. Is anyone distracted by this guy’s insane head nods and overly dramatic expressive eyebrows and mouth enunciating words like he’s on meth??

    What the hell? I can’t focus on the actual pictures or what he says.

    DRINK DECAF COFFEE or lay off the energy drinks!! It’s annoying as hell, I never disliked a host, until now.

  10. My vet is a specialist exotic animal vet who is called on to treat native Aussie animals (I have guinea pigs that he treats). He keeps snakes as pets and gets more injuries from cats at work than his snakes at home. Last year he went on a working holiday to vaccinate a venomous snake population lol.

  11. Piranhas are actually scavengers. They eat scraps from larger predators. My dad had some and (he was crazy lol) when he needed to adjust something in the tank, he was able to just reach his bare hand into the tank with them

  12. in my science class, my teacher has a pet parana. Everyday I hope because the boys in my class antagonise it , that it bits one of there fingers off.

  13. One guy wanted to prove piranhas don't attack people so he filled a pool with them and threw a piece of meat in. The piranhas devoured the meat quickly. Then he got in the pool with the piranhas and they didn't attack him, at all.

  14. I'm bored…… I'm going to buy an exotic pet!

    There has been this chimpanzee that killed a guy's girlfriend by ripping her face off

  15. Common pet snakes are less dangerous than dogs. Venomous snakes can only be owned by trained professionals.

  16. My pet snake is named Candace and she is the sweetest little noodle. I’ve had her for years. I love her dearly.

  17. Piranhas are not that dangerous. They are scavengers, which mean they only eat dead food. In fact, they are also vegan.

  18. I’m going to Russia and let’s hope I won’t be scarred for life because I am terrified of bears

  19. Lol watching this in my animal room. Got 3 ball pythons, a savannah monitor, a rabbit, a red tail boa constrictor, a water dragon, a burmese python, and some marine fish (cortez stingray/snowflake eel/starfish/lionfish/etc.). Though mine are used in educational programs not just to have. You've got snakes all wrong btw. Even large snakes can be great so long as you have common sense. They arent mean and aggressive. They bite for food and defense. As long as know how to work with them they can be the greatest pets.

  20. The Boomslang Snake is a deadly snake that when bitten, it can make you bleed out of every orifice of your body causing you to bleed to death.. decided to let y'all know that… sorry. But how screwed up is that? Hopping on the nope train!

  21. Pirhanas rarely attack unless a bleeding, thrashing thing hits the water. A tv host even sat in a pool full of them and was totally fine. He was shocked to realize how chill they are most fathers time.

  22. I had a nearly 6-foot ball python, I called him Eddie Money. He was so sweet even though previous owners had abused him, loved to hang off my feet. ~ Snakes (the non-venomous kind, of course) are friends. <3 Always handle with care though, obviously. The worst thing for me was watching him eat 'cause he preferred live food.

  23. I feel like Matt didn’t do any research at all for this other than a list of “eXotiC dAngEroUs PeTs”. Why did I like watching this guy, ugh.

  24. the 'crocodile monitor' is also found in Australia, its actually called a Lace Monitor ( because of the markings on their backs) and are a kind of goanna and a close cousin to the Kimodo Dragon and one tried to eat my fingers once, famously dangerous here

  25. Lions and tigers and bears, oh no! Seriously sis, get that thing outta the house, I’ll stick with zip enclosures.

  26. I own a snake 😺 she is called cornflakes and she has no tongue although she never was a dangerous snake🙂

  27. Bruh snakes are great pets, sure venomous snakes are obviously dangerous. But ball pythons are docile and friendly, rarely hurt people and are one of the best pets as their calm and don’t need the most attention

  28. Snakes aren't that bad. You just have to have experience. Plus small non venomous snakes are not that bad to have. Black emperor scorpions are the only scorpions you should get.

  29. My moms friend had a pet wolf, its mom was hit by a car when it was a little puppy, (like just learning how to hunt) and she is a animal rescuer . It was tameish but it was really skittish around any body but her and her husband. She doesnt have kids

  30. I think us the humen race shud make snakes become extinked. They r evil. Can u tell im frightend of snakes.? Ive also got aracnophobia.

  31. Most snakes (non-venomous) are not big enough to even consider killing a human, they only kill for food. Worst most snakes can do is bite.

    Venomous snakes are a different matter though and should only be handled with experienced snake owners

  32. actually I have a friend of my family who said that Snakes never constrict to kill something that is larger than what they normally eat and so boa' s and pythons are generally of no danger to humans because first off they can not break or eat us be cause of our clavicle or collar bone.

  33. wolves actually aren't that bad actually if u have them trained at young age and have been with them since they were pups they become territorial of you and think you and ur family are their pack and will protect you. they if are trained correctly are great with kids plusss theyyyy are so soft.i have grown up having 2 wolves so i honestly dont see them as something bad to own.u just have to care for them properly and love them

  34. I recommend these pets:
    A dog, cat, parrot, lizard, turtle, bunny, goldfish, mouse, hamster, or mouse.
    Personally, I prefer a dog.

  35. I don't understand snakes for PETS😱. I'm really afraid of snakes🥶. All these animals are in this video i don't get how anyone want any of these as pets😬. These people (pardon) are insane who wants these animals as pets..

  36. We have a 2 dogs (pit bull and chihuahua), 2 hamsters (hairless and fur), 4 tarantulas (3 rose hair and 1 Mexican red knee. RIP green bottle tarantula), 5 snakes (1 ball python, 1 eastern king snake, 1 California King snake, and 2 Kenyan sand boas).

  37. I know it's gonna be a fantabulous day when u post a new video…I laugh my ass off when I hear u, just fantastic!! Thanks for the great show and please don't change a thing!!

  38. My brothers dad had a boa constrictor. It was huge, they kept it in a giant glass tank in the middle of their kitchen…. one night I was sleeping over at their house, I was maybe like 5 or 6 at the time. I saw they had a gigantic rabbit just chillin in the tank…. around 3am we all woke up to the most horrendous screaming I’ve ever heard in my life… we ran into the kitchen and of course the snake was strangling the rabbit and it was screaming and twitching. Needless to say, I was very traumatized and I’ve been afraid of rabbits ever since lmao RABBITS, not snakes, rabbits

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