10 Most Expensive Children’s Toys
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10 Most Expensive Children’s Toys

August 12, 2019

[Upbeat Background Music Starts] From diamond encrusted pacifiers to million
dollar dolls, we count down the 10 most expensive children’s toys. #10 The Original Monopoly – You’ll be throwing
back some cash for this throwback. Today there are seemingly endless editions of Monopoly,
with every city, film and franchise cashing in on the game that lasts only ten minutes
until someone screams or ends in merciless torture for everyone but one person. However,
if you are a true Monopoly fan, you may wants your kids to play this version—the 1933
hand-drawn and hand crafted Monopoly set, made by creator Charles Darrow. The only thing
that will set you back harder than a hotel on boardwalk, is the price of the game, at
a whopping $146,500. #9 Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’s
best friend – The priciest Barbie in the world adds whole new meaning to the term, ‘material
girl’. It seems that in our world, you can either buy a real diamond necklace for your
daughter or loved one, or if you’re in to just setting money on fire, you can buy an
eleven inch plastic mold blond hair that wears a diamond necklace worth more than your house.
The saving grace here is that this Barbie, auctioned off in 2010 for over $300,000, had
all the proceeds go to breast cancer research. #8 Gold Boy – For the underachiever who played
games all day in your basement and never wanted to go to college anyway, you could throw away
a year’s worth of tuition on the ‘Gold Boy’, an 18-carat gold Nintendo Game Boy,
and it won’t even put you in student loan debt! Looks like Mario and Luigi were saving
all those coins for something after all. The ‘Gold Boy’ has a diamond lined screen
and a gem power button. They only thing you have to promise to do as it’s owner is never
get angry and throw the Gold Boy when you die against the final boss in the original
Mega Man—because you’ll literally be throwing 30,000 dollars worth of rage across the room. #7 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is – Because
your baby knows the difference—and some parents simply have to have the best for their
children, someone out there is making a killing off of 14-carat white gold and diamond encrusted
pacifiers. Dubai daycare centers will never be the same. The best part is there has to
have been a baby out there somewhere who spit this seventeen thousand dollar doodad out
on a stroller ride and their selfie-taking parent didn’t notice. #6 Let ‘Build-A-Bear’ Weep – In the year
2000, the Teddy Bear turned 125. To mark such a momentous occasion, Steiff, a German animal-stuffing
specialty company decided to make 41 limited edition Teddy Bears. While Build-A-Bear allows
you to pick a colored heart to have sewn inside, these bears had golden mouths and sapphire
eyes, presumably because when robots eventually enslave the human race, these bears will be
the reigning oligarchs. These bears were ridiculously expensive, with one even fetching almost 200,000
dollars. #5 A Dollhouse as Expensive as Your House
– While some people enjoy buying a home, why even bother with that when you could spend
the same amount of money, if not more, on a Dollhouse. With a listing price of 256,500
dollars, Barbie wouldn’t have the furniture to outfit Titiana’s Palace. A project by
British painter Sir Nevile Wilkinson, the dollhouse took fifteen years to complete,
and has 18 rooms and over 3,000 pieces—all either miniature works of art or furniture
items. Now, if only you could live inside, cook yourself breakfast, and have a hot shower—then
maybe it would be worth sharing your personal space with dolls. #4 Light Cycle – If a model Lamborghini is
too rich for your blood, and you’re okay with putting your children at what could be
considered extreme risk, here’s a toy for them. This 50,000 dollar bike, inspired by
Tron, is designed for slow speeds. Although, it should be noted that the bike is street
legal, so we’re recommending that if you let your child on it, you keep an eye on them.
You probably don’t want them drifting off onto the road and getting pulled over by a
police officer. The secret here is that, while your child is asleep, you can sneak the Light
Cycle out onto the road and live a pretty awesome fantasy. Just don’t cut anyone off. #3 Human Bowling – Here’s a fun entry. While
not as expensive as other items on this list—coming in at about 5,000 dollars—we’re simply
compelled to ask, ‘Why?’ Suit up in a human bowling ball suit and charge your way
down an inflated lane at ten pins. While this may be fun the first time, what about the
tenth time? Or the hundredth time? Do you take turns getting in the ball and keep score?
The pins are made of foam, so they’ll fall over easily. We’re compelled to want a version
that has some sort of gutter system—a version where one child runs at their group of friends
dressed in inflatable pin suits. #2 Ginza Tenaka Rocking Horse – Some little
girls want a pony. Well, what if your child wants a gold pony? You’re in luck. The Ginza
Tenaka Rocking Horse is a little horse for small children that’s made completely of
gold. And this horse is no skimp, either—it was carved out of a solid 30KG block of 24-carat
gold, so you know it’s worth the 1,470,000 dollar price tag. The only problem is that
it may be hard to get one. Originally made for a prince, it took Jay-Z and Beyonce’s
Blue Ivy Carter to warrant another one. So, either start saving all your single dollars,
or find your way into royalty—and then you’ll be rocking in style. #1 A Lambo that’s not actually a Lambo – When
it comes to toys—for those kids who dream of owning a Lamborghini, and for those parents
who probably dream of owning a Lamborghini, you have two options. You could go out and
spend about 400,000 dollars on a Lamborghini Aventador and have any kid wait until he or
she is 16 to drive it, or, you could really go all out and buy a 4.8 million dollar Lamborghini
Aventador—that’s 1/8 the size and an actual ‘toy’. With diamonds all over, gold and
platinum rims, and enough of a price tag to make even a Billionaire CEO look like he went
too far for his son’s half-birthday—we’re not quite sure who’s buying these, but they
exist…which means somebody is. Hey guys fresh here and thanks for watching
my video on the 10 most expensive children’s toys. For those of you on my channel that
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