10 Things About The UK That Puzzle Foreigners
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10 Things About The UK That Puzzle Foreigners

October 27, 2019

Tea the queen and the world’s largest
ferris wheel these are all things that come to mind when you think of the
United Kingdom but there are many questions people have about the UK for
example is there a way to get a message from the Queen well yes there is also
why eggs from the United States banned in the UK and what’s the difference
between Great Britain and the United Kingdom is it the same thing or not well
today you’re gonna get all of those answers from a real-life Brit I’m
Charlie and today we’re going to look at 10 things about the UK that puzzle
foreigners but before we board our big red bus why not subscribe and press the
notification bell – coming in at number 10 we have get a message from the Queen
Queen Elizabeth the second may be the most famous woman in the world you may
know Queen Elizabeth or Liz as the Queen of England but did you know she’s
actually the queen of sixteen different countries
most of these are former colonies of the British Empire go back in history and
most countries on earth were part of the British Empire but these days these
countries are known as the Commonwealth these countries include Australia Canada
New Zealand Jamaica Papua New Guinea and many more but how do you get a message
from the Queen herself it’s pretty easy but takes a long time 100 years to be
exact if you make it to age 100 in the UK then you can get a telegram from the
Queen you also get another one if you make it to 105 and even more each year
after that next up is no jaywalking did you know that Brits have one surefire
way to spot a tourist in their country that is that they’ll wait for
streetlights to turn red before crossing the road in many countries around the
world including the USA in many European countries there are laws known as
jaywalking laws this means that it’s illegal to cross the road if the lights
are not read but in the UK this does not exist pedestrians can cross
the road at anytime and if they happen to be hit by a car then that’s their
fault so you actually don’t need to wait for the light to turn red before
crossing the street in the UK you can go at any time just to make sure you know
which side of the road cars are driving on in the UK the UK is one of the few
countries where you drive on the left not the right
so beware next up is Big Ben even if you’ve never been to the capital city of
the UK London I’m sure you know the Big Ben many think that the Big Ben is this
tower but it isn’t the tower is actually called the Elizabeth tower it’s located
in the heart of London and it’s right next to the House of Commons which is
the UK’s Parliament but if the towers call the Elizabeth tower then what
exactly is Big Ben well Big Ben is not the clock nor the tower instead it’s the
bell inside the tower inside the clock tower is a gigantic loud Bell known as
the great Bell that’s right even the bells name isn’t actually Big Ben it’s
just a nickname for the great Bell so next time somebody points out Big Ben as
the tower you can say no that’s the Elizabeth tower next up is no us eggs if
you’re American and get a hankering for some American eggs in Britain then
you’ll be out of luck that is because eggs from the USA are banned in the UK
it’s often laughed about that kinder eggs are banned in the USA but why is it
that eggs coming from the United States are not allowed in the UK now it’s
nothing to do with the eggs themselves they still are white and have yolks but
instead it’s about how they’re processed in the USA it’s a federal law in America
that all eggs must be washed before they reached the shelves but in the UK it’s
illegal for eggs to be washed or cleaned in any way before they meet the consumer
Britain does this to make sure farmers produce the cleanest eggs possible that
is because if they produce dirty eggs no one is going to buy them they can’t be
artificially washed and they have to be cleaned at the farm
coming up next we have no trespassing this may be an odd one if you’re coming
from the USA in the United States you can be arrested for going on someone
else’s land and in some rural areas in the US you may see signs saying
trespassers will be shot but that is not what you’ll see in the UK that is
because in the United Kingdom trespassing is not against the law in
fact in the UK Ramblers rights mean you can go anywhere you want legally if
someone goes from your property then you can ask them to leave if they don’t
leave then it can be a civil matter but not a legal one also in Britain you can
go absolutely anywhere and the police can not remove you just because you
don’t own the land so if you’re out on a hike in the UK and you get lost don’t
worry you’re allowed to go and private land it’s not a legal matter
next up is Sunday cinemas so this one only applies to one part of the UK which
is Northern Ireland one crazy law from Northern Ireland says it’s illegal to go
to the cinema on a Sunday that’s because Sunday is regarded as a
holy day in fact the fine for breaking this law is 65 pounds next up we have UK
vs. Great Britain you’ve likely heard many different names for the country the
United Kingdom some call it the UK the United Kingdom or Great Britain but what
exactly is this country or group of countries well allow me to explain the
UK or United Kingdom is a sovereign state this includes the countries
England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland on the other hand Great Britain
is only England Wales and Scotland and the British Isles include England Wales
Scotland Northern Ireland and Ireland and also the islands of currency Jersey
and the Isle of Man it can get very complicated but there you go that’s how
the UK versus Great Britain actually works if you’re still confused though
don’t feel bad most people in these countries don’t even know the difference
next up is royal guards one major attraction in London is seeing
the Queen’s guards these are the guys with gigantic rifles red coats
and large black hats they are known for marching around pushing tourists out of
the way and also not reacting no matter what people – believe it or not these
rifles are not just for show they’re actually loaded they operate in various
areas around London including Buckingham Palace st. James’s Palace the Tower of
London and Windsor Castle it can get very very hot under those hats and in
2016 at the Queen’s 90th birthday one royal guard actually fainted however no
one’s standing with him even helped proving these guys are really cold and
scary they’re not allowed to move or react to anything which is why they did
not help their fallen soldier but believe it or not the Royal Guards are
even taught how to feint in case they do pass out due to the sweltering heat and
finally on the list we have tea tea is very popular in China and India but it’s
kind of a stereotype that every Brit drinks a lot of tea and that stereotype
is true well despite the country being pretty small Brits drink more tea than
any other country Britain drinks 20 times more teeth and the USA despite
being way smaller but now it’s time to make your voice heard which of these
crazy things about the UK did you find most baffling vote in the poll in the
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  3. I live in San Diego CA we used button that turn white for people to cross the road and if not and the light is green the driver have to wait till a person cross you can't hit them with a car because it's green

  4. What I found baffling was the animated old queen was actually far more attractive than the real queen no offense to her tho from other things I saw about her she's a bad ass

  5. I thought the egg thing was funny.
    I admire the Queen's Guards, and really well trained. This one guy a tourist was being extremely rude & nasty to one of the Queen's Guards and was ignored till the tourist got too close.
    After one warning which the tourist ignored "POW !" With one quick punch the larger male tourist was KNOCKED OUT COLD !!! Then the Queen's Guard just stood his post as if nothing had happened, the larger knocked out male was at the Guards right side and no one DARED to go near that Guard.😁
    That man had it coming, he was mean & rude. Queen's Guards are not tourist attractions they are highly trained soldiers and should be shown plenty of respect.
    Enjoy your stay in London. Take your pictures of the Queen's Guards respectively and have a great time. I've been to England and luved it.

  6. Nothing was baffling rather it made more sense sometimes (the guard thing is scary I hope they eventually get help?) I was confused with the whole Great Britain/uk thing though.

  7. I find it disturbing and immoral that if a guard passes out or collapses that the guard will not receive immediate help. Does Queen Elizabeth think she's more superior to God? It appears she does.

  8. So England doesn't like our (U.S.) eggs because they'er cleaned. Ahhhh…OK🙂
    But it's OK when an English farmer 'cleans' the eggs…huh🤔
    I dip my U.S. eggs in oil then put back in the box or bowl helps to make them last longer😉

  9. U can get a letter from the queen if u send her a letter my little sis got one with the royal stamp and everything and she didn't even put a postcode or stamp on it

  10. I find that there isn’t a No Trespassing law strange. I understand that people get lost on hikes and may accidentally wonder over your property line, but on a small lot that is disturbing.

  11. Does anyone find the whole egg washing thing kind of dumb. As far as I know an egg is and egg inside the shell so why not wash the outside?

  12. I'm from Northern Ireland and the no cinema is a first to me as cinemas are open on Sundays and always one of the busy days for them

  13. Tresspassing is legal illegal in the UK..
    On National rail stations they have signs saying 'No tresspassing on the railway, you'll be fined *10,000*'

  14. I actually hate in the UK that jay walking walking is allowed its such a fucked up rule that the driver will always be blacked, but also hate that someone can trespass onto your private property and you can’t physically move them off you can only ask otherwise you get arrested for assault.

  15. Im from the USA, though i dont find any of those puzzling. There are far more things about the UK that has made me confused/puzzled.

    My husband is from the UK and tries to answer my questions best he can and so does my mother-in-law, as best she can (I love them both).

  16. How dare you ban our American eggs you monsters ;p
    Also if you are from the UK and come to the USA be careful if you go for a walk in the country because if you cross onto some farmer's private property, there is a chance that they'll shoot you without warning if they're an asshole lol. Never had it happen to me but someone did pull a shotgun and chase me and my friends when I was a teen and we were on someone's property.

  17. In america, if you're in a crosswalk, you have the right of way, period. If a car hits you in a crosswalk, they will get sued.
    But anywhere else and it's your own fault, depending if the driver was doing anything illegal.
    And kinder eggs arent banned here anymore and haven't for some time.

  18. I always thought the united kingdom was England, Scotland, Wales, and North Ireland.
    And Great Britain meant the entire commonwealth.
    I'm American.

  19. Kind of lame except that part about the inhumanity suffered by the idiots in the hats. In today's world isn't making these men suffer inhuman? U can't tell me there's no way to get airflow into those huge stupid hats. And watching a HUMAN faint and not helping someone possibly dying of heat stroke….. Hmmm good show! Yeah that's why USA exists. Re-re lol

  20. I want to hit jaywalkers! Pretty please! I live in Seattle and we have homeless people who jaywalk all the time, it's against the law in Seattle to jaywalk but it's never enforced but if you hit someone guess who's getting in trouble?

  21. Sweltering heat for England is 17 degrees Celsius in Australia where I am from we would faint at 56 degrees Celsius

  22. Not everyone gulps down tea I know because I live in kent (garden and countie of south east of England and entire England)

  23. Haha very funny I live outside Belfast in northern Ireland I have gone to the cinema many times on a Sunday and no one cares and the trespassing laws you have mentioned are codswallop (ludicrous) we do have trespassing laws

  24. You need to do one on different words British and Americans use for the same thing! I Always found this hilarious since we originally where English.

  25. British eggs are smaller and taste of fish bc the chickens are fed fishmeal. Dont know if this has anything to do with it and how size might affect pricing? I got in shit for Jay walking in downtown Manhattan! I jaywalk a lot and am good at it. It's a spatial orientation thing like parallel parking and I do it for fun. Cops saw my passport and let me off since I was only in New York for the day before going back to toronto.

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