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1000 Subscribers!! // Versatile Horsemanship

December 3, 2019

hey everybody just wanted to say hello
real quick and thank you so much we have exciting news I just rolled over a
thousand subscribers on my youtube channel and Danny the horse girl just
rolled over a thousand followers on Instagram and she is also super close to
the 50,000 subscribers mark on her channel so anybody that isn’t subscribed
to Danny the horse girl please be sure to go and check her out I’m sure you’ll
love her and she’s got merch I’m sure you’ll love her channel but the
cool thing is is we just finished up an epic adventure we drove all the way to
Ontario Canada to meet up with day by day they are another YouTube family so
we went and met up with them and we also got to meet painted dreams while we were
there so we had an amazing time lots and lots of videos to come of all the really
cool stuff we did so thank you all so much for your kindness and your support
we surely appreciate it thanks for watching

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  1. Was anyone else like "…How did Dani get in your car?" ?❤️? anyway, Congratulations everyone on your goals!!! ??

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