11 Dangerous Railway Bridges In The World
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11 Dangerous Railway Bridges In The World

October 24, 2019

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  1. I agree with a comment about the 'Bridge on The River Kwai' and about the 12,000 that died without further comment from the "narrator". They didn't die by falling off the bridge and drowning as was suggested in the comment (at least 10 pages down) but died of tropical diseases, starvation, beatings and murder by the Japanese. They were, in fact, British/Australian/New Zealand soldiers defending Commonwealth interests (e.g. Hong Kong, Malaya, Burma, Borneo). A novel, made into a film by the same name does exist. Look it up.
    But I do agree. Darren M. is as "corny" as they can get. He/She should perhaps and do him/herself a personal favour: Take this off the air; get his/her (sorry her/his) facts quite correct and narrate it again without being such a drama queen.

  2. I have to say that the last picture in this video of the tilted bridge, that picture is the worst attempt at Photo shopping an image that I have ever seen.

  3. I've never heard commentary with so many errors before. I've been on the White pass & Yukon several times & it is quite safe & well maintained. There are numerous errors on other clips in this item. Too many to list. Get your facts right.

  4. None of these are actually dangerous. Spectacular does not mean scary and scary does not mean dangerous. Trains are an incredibly safe way to travel and all of these so-called "dangerous" lines were built by very competent engineers who knew exactly what they were doing and made it safe. 90% of this video is horse shit.

  5. All these bridges seem okay to me, maybe some maintenance needed and painting but structurely the seem sound. I would like to ride on ALL these bridge lines! One even has electrification (I think in China). I do not know just what 'Facts Verse' criteria is for 'dangerous' an attempt to rid the world of these unusual and beautiful scenic railway journeys? That would really be a shame. Only Thing I want to see is to rid the diesel and get these lines electrified (except the steam one)!

  6. The title says "bridges" but you put more emphasis on the railroad line itself, you don't even mention the bridge in half of them…

  7. Narrator is over-dramatic. Uses words like "scary, dangerous," too much. Annoying. Just show us the bridges without your opinion.

  8. the narrator is obviously reading from a floored script and doesn't see the faults. As mentioned elsewhere, the height above sea-level is not to be included when measuring the height of a bridge otherwise you end up with ridiculous phrases like "13 miles high" etc, and, he mentions the track gauge as being 3' 6" long… (had to crack a smile). His overuse of the word 'route' which he mispronounces for a world audience is grating in-extremis.

  9. there's salvation in the name of Jesus Christ, if you believe in him, you will be saved, the whole world sinned, but he paid the price for those who believe in him

  10. you know what railroad is dangerous?

    railroads with no tracks and with a 30000 feet cliff on your left and the railroad is made of oreos

  11. Tren A Las Nubes is 13,850 feet above sea level and the narrator concludes, "You would have to be very brave to take a ride on this train." I live in Atlanta, Georgia where the elevation is 997 feet above sea level. If I fall from a bar stool, have I fallen from a height of 1000 feet? You would need to be very brave to sit on a bar stool in Atlanta, Georgia.

  12. the narration on this video is an absolute JOKE … SO MUCH MISLEADING INFORMATION IN THIS VIDEO … the scenery and trains in the video are fantastic …

  13. There are no "subtropical" places in Java, or anywhere in Indonesia. It's ALL tropics, though up a mountain in can be cold…

  14. The stoney creek bridge isn't dangerous on the kuranda scenic rail the land slides are the real danger
    Good vid though

  15. Kuranda Railway is 23 miles long bridge. What a load of BS. mate Seriously, check your facts before publishing rubbish like this. Your information is grossly incorrect. How about contacting a local and getting the facts. Better still, get on Google and visit their official webpage for the facts.

  16. There's nothing "dangerous" about almost all of these bridges at all. Spectacular, high, long, yes – but not dangerous. Irresponsible and misinformed commentary; sheer nonsense.

    Fascinating to see them though.


  18. The "A" Train running express between 125th and 59th street . . . The motor man used to go faster than they let the trains run these cautious days . . . It was a rockin' ride.

  19. I dare myself once to ride Argo Gede (now Argo Parahyangan) and it passed at least 10-12 bridges, 1 tunnel and under a highway.

  20. americans are so ignorant of the world, they realy have no idea. Notice he didn't say that those that died on the burma railway were all prisoners of the 2nd world war, even the native workers were shackled

  21. ….another dumb "In The World" compilation. I've been on the Kuranda railway many times and it doesn't have a bridge a million miles long – just a nice bridge over the Barron River and falls. The rest is through tunnels and rainforest!

  22. Most of these don't seem the least bit dangerous. It could have been called a few scenic railway bridges.

  23. 11 I'm sorry 10 most dangerous oh so you can have railways on the sun or what? You mean on earth geese

  24. தமிழனின் பெருமையை உலகிற்கு சொன்னதற்கு நன்றிகள்

  25. Damn MAN. Thirteen mile high bridge is indeed a tall bridge…don't know what in hell you smoking, but it must be some really damn good stuff.

  26. Some video footage of all these railways/trains might have been added …
    Also, couldn't find the railway which is seen in the title screen of this video !!

  27. A bridge that is 13 miles high? 68,640 feet? Higher than Mount Everest? From the base of Mauna Kea in the Pacific Ocean to the top of Mount Everest is only about 12 miles.

  28. The way you can tell a train bridge is the world's most dangerous is that if there are train cars on the ground below or not.

  29. i would love to travel over all these railways none are scary or dangerous but care should be taken in the season of travel.

  30. I've been on the Cairns – Kuranda train a couple of times. I didn't find it at all scary and I have a pretty bad case of acrophobia. What's much scarier is coming back down on the Skyrail Cableway.

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