11 Things to do in Saratoga Springs | Horses, History, and More
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11 Things to do in Saratoga Springs | Horses, History, and More

August 12, 2019

Welcome to Saratoga! I am Sarah and I’m
going to be your guide today. Today we’re going to be exploring my hometown, a
place near and dear to my heart. I’m going to be showing you all of the
things to do here so join me as I highlight eleven amazing experiences
here in this town. Saratoga’s long-standing slogan is
health, history, and horses. So let’s dive into why that is right now. Health. In the
19th century Saratoga was known as the queen of spas and that title has not
changed that much today. Today there are over 15 spas within a two mile radius
back in the day President Roosevelt was even a fan of taking cure to the
legendary bubbling baths here at the Roosevelt spa. I used to come here all
the time. My mom would always give it to me as a birthday gift and I highly
recommend doing a massage or a bath. Many of the spots here use our famous
Saratoga mineral water that you can get here. It was once known to have
healing powers and today there’s even a Disney World Resort named after us with
the theme health through water. History. If you know that in 1777
Saratoga marked the turning point of the American Revolutionary War?
Well today you can visit the battlefield take a walk through victory woods, see
the Saratoga Monument, or even experience a reenactment. If you’re a history buff
you should check out the History Museum located in the historic Canfield Casino
right here. Saratoga is most famous for its horse racing track, which is the
oldest still running sports venue in the world. In fact when President Lincoln was
in office that is when the first race was run. More recently, it has been named
one of the greatest sporting venues in the world by Sports Illustrated and has
even been featured in major films such as Seabiscuit starring Tobey Maguire.
Every year the racetrack and Saratoga polo bring in over 1 million guests. It’s
one of the most exciting times of year for residents. However, horses are a major
part of life year long. At the Saratoga casino there’s harness racing 11 months
a year, artistically decorated horses are found throughout town, and there are
opportunities for visitors to ride horses at local farms. For locals, horses
are a way of life and we would never change that. Yaddo, Congress Park, and Saratoga Spa State Park are perfect for picturesque landscapes, taking a beautiful walk,
reading a book, or just having a picnic. Whether you’re snowshoeing and the
Saratoga State Park in the winter, enjoying the Rose Gardens at Yaddo in the
spring, or riding the seventy-year-old carousel in Congress Park in the summer,
our parks are lovely to enjoy year-round. From five star restaurants, to craft breweries, to farm-to-table dining and even Food Network appearances, Saratoga’s dining scene is known to be fantastic.
We even have two restaurant weeks and lovely patio dining during the summer.
And one of our most popular restaurants is here it’s called Hattie’s and they’ve
won prestigious awards like the Bobby Flay Throwdown for the best fried chicken. Definitely get that when you come here.
It’s amazing, it’s so, so good! Caroline Street has many of the bars in Saratoga, and it get’s pretty rowdy, especially on the weekends. Before you
come home, I always go to Esperanto. They have this thing called a Doughboy, and
it’s freaking amazing. Make sure to get one before you head home. From trolley and walking tours of the town to ghost tours, Saratoga has it all. If you’re into
history, consider taking the “History, legends, lore, and more” a walking tour
through historic Congress Park with the Saratoga Springs Heritage Area visitor
center in the summer. There are also lovely food and drink tours that any
foodie will enjoy if you like being scared then you’ll have fun at
Saratoga’s many infamous ghosts and haunted locations, like this one the
Canfield Casino. The story goes professional boxer and one of the
founders of the racetrack, John Morrissey, started the Canfield Casino in the
1800s with three rules. No ladies allowed, cash only, and no locals. Today there have
been several ghost sightings and mysterious paranormal activity. But to
learn the full stories you’re going to have to take that tour because I’m
terrified of ghosts and I’m not going to tell them here. One thing I love about my hometown is
the wide variety of outdoor activities there are here. Some of my favorites
include kayaking on the Kayaderosseras Creek, swimming in Saratoga lake, golfing, and
hiking in the Adirondacks. But there is so much more to do here. Other great
experiences include hot air balloon rides, scuba diving, fishing, rafting,
skiing, boating, and sailing. If it’s a rainy day you can go to a museum. If you love art you can go to the Tang Museum. If you’re a fan of the Performing Arts
check out the National Museum of Dance. Racing fans should explore the racing museum and the National Hall of Fame. Automobile admirers can visit the Saratoga Automobile
Museum. History buffs should check out the US Grant cottage, the Hyde collection,
the New York State military museum, or the Saratoga History Museum. If you’re
visiting with kids, stop by the Children’s Museum of Saratoga. Another great option for rainy day is to visit our casino. The Saratoga casino hotel has thousands
of slots and electronic table games, plus live harness racing 11 months
a year, delicious dining, and live entertainment at Vapor Night Club. If you’re looking to enjoy live music or theater, we have you covered there too.
Saratoga is home to one of the most unique venues in the country here at the
Saratoga Performing Arts Center, you can enjoy live music ballet or Orchestra in an
outdoor forested amphitheater. Other great places for live music are here at Putnam Place, Skidmore College, Universal Preservation Hall, and the Jazz bar at
SPAC. If you’re a theatre lover, check out the shows running here at Spa Little Theatre yearlong. Like this one. This one’s for kids but it’s Aladdin and the reason I’m pointing
this out is because I was in Aladdin in this theater probably 10 years ago so it
seems like they’re doing Aladdin again. Obviously we all know that my Aladdin
version was the best Aladdin version. Duh! The great thing about Saratoga’s shopping scene is it’s variety tied in with its
walkability. Here you’ll find everything from boutique shops, to artisanal grocery stores, to music stores, and so much more. When shopping, one of my favorite things to do
here in Saratoga is to spot as many artfully decorated horses and ballet
slippers statues there are. Like this one here. There are more than a dozen hidden
throughout town. And that’s a wrap those are 11 incredible things to do here in
Saratoga Springs. If you want even more cool things to do, head over to DiscoverSaratoga.org they have tons of stuff on their site. Thanks for watching this
video, subscribe, and I will see you next time. Cheers!

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  1. Your Aladdin version was definitely the best! Really interesting so much to do in Saratoga I didn't know, thank you for sharing!

  2. For even more information on visiting Saratoga, check out my Saratoga Springs playlist and remember to subscribe! http://bit.ly/SaratogaPlaylist

  3. Hi Sarah!

    Terrific video.

    I worked as a guard at the racetrack one summer while in college (yes, a while back but not as far as Lincoln… 🙂

    RichE (via Connie in San Diego… 🙂

  4. Very informative and very well done! We visit for the weekend a few times a year but I learned a ton. Although not the best to include in a video on things to do, the northshire bookstore is excellent. The upstairs in the casino is definitely haunted by the way.

  5. Love this! Saratoga is my hometown too and I have been meaning to get back to visit. I haven't even done half these things! 🙂

  6. isn't there also a secretariat memorial there?
    He's my faviurite racehorse, and i would love to see a statue of him..
    SARAHtoga looks like a very pleasant place!

  7. HI me and my hubby are confused. Its so mad far from the city we have only been there once years ago during racing season. We are not fans of horse racing in general but LOVED the track and I read Seabuiscuit one of the best books I ever read! Anyway we are planning on staying there on the way to Niagara Falls. But it will be in summer but slightly before the track opens. Can we go there for a tour. I cant find any direct info on seeing the horses before opening day. Any help would be appreciated!

  8. I absolutely love Saratoga. Been to countless SPAC shows. Short drive to the magnificent ADK park too! Amazing little gem of a place for sure.

  9. also https://www.caffelena.org/, Caffè Lena presents extraordinary music in an intimate setting steeped in history. It is widely recognized as the longest continuously operating folk music venue in the United States. so much to do from Albany to Lake Placid. I love living here!

  10. I've been to Saratoga Springs in 1998. I loved it. Went to the downtown area. I had lunch. Then, I visited the horse track. I highly recommend it. I'm from Dallas.

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