15 Craziest Horse Breeds Ever
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15 Craziest Horse Breeds Ever

August 10, 2019

• What breed is considered the “bodybuilder
of horses?” What horse breed adapted to survive temperatures
of negative 70 degrees Fahrenheit? From new cross-breeds to pure-breds spanning
thousands of years, these are 15 of the coolest horse breeds in the world. 15 – Exmoor Pony
• The Exmoor Pony is one of the last surviving creatures from Ice Age. • That’s right, the Exmoor Pony was around
during the days of the Wooly Mammoth and sabretoothed tiger. • They survived the Ice Age, but they may
not survive humans. After World War 2, there were only about 50
left alive. During the war they were used as target practice
and for meat. 14 – Gypsy Vanner
• What’s strange about the Gypsy Vanner isn’t anything about how it looks. • It’s that these colorful horses have existed
on the British Isles for centuries, but were only just “discovered” as a unique breed
in 1995. • And by Americans, no less. 13 – Chocolate Silver Dapple Pinto
• “Chocolate Silver Dapple Pinto” is a lot of words to describe one horse. But it all actually means something. • “Pinto” is the actual breed of horse. • “Chocolate” refers to the coat color,
and “Silver Dapple” refers to that crazy spotted pattern that makes it looks like starlight. 12 – Yakutian
• The Yakutian, or Yakut horse, is a cold weather horse that adapted to live in the
brutal cold of Siberia. • They evolved very quickly to grow shaggy
manes that help them withstand temperatures of up to negative 70 degrees Fahrenheit. • And that evolution happened over the course
of about 800 years – a blip on the evolutionary timeline. 11 – Black Forest
• The Black Forest horse is basically a supermodel. Just look at this thing. • The dark chestnut coat with the flowing
blond locks is the signature look of the Black Forest horse. • While it doesn’t have any special features
in terms of its build, it should be enough knowing you’re riding the Fabio of horses. 10 – Camargue
• These are the types of horses you might see a knight in shining armor ride up on. • Or you would, except that Camargue horses
are a rarity in that many of them are still wild, running free across Europe. • And also, knights don’t really ride horses
any more. 9 – Bashkir Curly Horse
• The Bashkir Curly Horse is a genetic mystery. Its distinct curly coat makes it look almost
like an alpaca or sheep. • But it’s clearly a horse. And every single theory trying to trace its
lineage has turned out to be wrong. • Nobody can figure out what these horses
descended from, or why their coat has its distinct curly appearance. 8 – Friesian/Appaloosa Cross
• This is what you get when you crossbreed a Friesian horse with an Appaloosa. • Apparently, you get the horse equivalent
of a dalmatian. Apparently this color can be replicated with
this crossbreed, so these dalmatian horses can make other little dalmatian horses. 7 – Konik
• The Konik is a short, stocky horse that fell out of favor quickly once larger, faster
breeds became more common. • But the government of Poland has worked
to maintain the bloodline of this ancient breed, as it is native to the country. • It has an unusually rectangular build,
and is short enough to make it a good starter horse for children. 6 – Over Muscled Halter Horse
• Halter horses have become the bodybuilders of the horse world. They are a variant of the common Quarter Horse…
except that they’ve bulked up to absurd degrees. • What is now considered the “ideal”
version of a halter horse is an ugly, bulked-up mess that looks like it enjoys a diet of protein
powder and anabolic steroids in between synthnol injections.. 5 – Icelandic Horses
• Like the Yakut horse, Icelandic horses adapted quickly to live in a cold climate
with a thick coat of fur. • Vikings brought them to the island around
the 9th century , and they remain the only breed of horse in Iceland, making them one
of the purest horse breeds in the world. 4 – Norwegian Fjord
• Considered one of the oldest pure horse breeds in the world, the Norwegian Fjord has
been domesticated for over 4 thousand years. • It’s thought that selective breeding of
the Norwegian Fjord began around 1200 BC, with the Vikings who used them as war mounts. • The breed is still around today, even
after millennia of cross-breeding. 3 – Akhal-Teke
• The Akhal Teke is also one of the oldest domesticated horse breeds in the world. And it is also one of the rarest. • Its distinct golden color makes it stand
out from other horse breeds, and it exhibits an almost dog-like loyalty to humans. • Unlike many horses, the Akhal Teke tends
to prefer bonding with one family, or even just one person. • They were considered since an integral
part of the family in Russia, an old saying was “if the family horse didn’t like the
groom, the wedding was off.” 2 – Falabella
• The Falabella has been selectively bred for generations to become one of the smallest
horse breeds in the world. • Despite their small size, they are reasonable
well-built and strong. They are today considered an officially recognized
original miniature horse breed. • All horses must have a direct bloodline
to a single horse – the original Falabella of Argentinian origin – to be considered
a “pure-bred” Falabella 1 – Marwari
• The Marwari is an Indian horse that has a distinct feature – a set of upturned ears. • These are Arabian horses bred with native
Indian pony breeds, and they are unique to the Marwari region of India. • They are commonly seen in wedding ceremonies
and other major occasions as a ceremonial animal. • And due to strict exporting regulations,
there are almost none of these horses outside of India.

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  1. Those “Dalmatian horses” are appaloosas, they do not need to be crossed with a fresian to have that colour. Most fresians are black and #11 is a Rocky Mountain horse

  2. One fact that you forgot about the konik is that the original Konik is now Exstink! Tracing back the bloodlines,the konik B is now thriving well today. Also,you threw in some images of the kabupsburge under the Friesian-appoloosea cross.

  3. That thumbnail had me DED 😂 and none of these are surprising to me, because I’m used to them all. My friend owns a Friesian named Elvis, a horse named Lady at my barn is an Icelandic horse, I used to ride a Norwegian Fjord, my aunt owns an Ahkel Tiki that’s bay in color, I own a Morgan horse, my neighbor owns an Arabian.

    Wow. That’s a lot…

  4. number 6 is just so sad that someone who double muscle a horse…bad enough they have done it to cattle

  5. Honestly, there's thousands of flaws on this video and about what he says. But the reason I disliked the video is because the descriptions on each breed were only like 2 seconds long, it annoyed me because I wanted to learn more and then the clip just ends.

  6. That dappled ’friesian/appaloosa cross’ is a knabstrupper, a danish horse breed. Tho appaloosas on their own can be fully dappled, friesian/appaloosa is not a common cross nor is it it’s own breed

  7. Exmoor pony is not an Ice Age horse. Gypsy vanner was created when Clydesdales we're crossed with Irish pony. The Marwari is the ancestor of the Arabian.

  8. Those Dalmatian horses are called leopard Appaloosas, they are natural to fine in the Appaloosa breed. The more commonly seen Appaloosa is known as a blanket Appaloosa.

  9. Bashkirs look NOTHING like an Alpaca or a sheep!!! But they are an awesome all around horse with one of the softest coats it it will ever be your pleasure of sinking your hands into too!!

  10. Cringe worthy planet dolen I'm not going into everything you had wrong as everyone's already pointed out and then some but I'd suggest that if your going to be doing videos. Make sure exactly what your saying is facts. Sprouting untruth isn't going to help you get subscribers and supporters.

  11. I love this channel but many of the facts in this episode are wildly incorrect. I had to stop watching due to how bad it was…..sorry Dolan….

  12. Omggg pinto is not a breed it is a coat colour get ur facts right u can get lots of breeds of horses with the pinto pattern . I think if u wanna mention a pinto horse just say American paint horse, they have pinto patterns but pinto is not a breed on its own. Research properly don’t read an article that a 3 year old made on Wikipedia

  13. #9 Most likely a cross breed of a sheep and a horse. The horse cold have been pregnant with a sheep embryo. Should call it Shorse for the cross breed if I am correct. But, I doubt I am correct. This is only a thought of the possibility.

  14. This bugs me…Literally so much. Coat colors are not breeds people. Lol,It’s like saying Orange is a new type of dog.

  15. my brother is a night riding on a horse every night trying to fight can you see who can be the better King

  16. There are SO MANY ISSUES, SOME INCREDIBLY PAINFUL;THAT COME ALONG WITH UNIQUE COLORS! Please don't try to breed for them! Leave that to people who already have the experience and expertise to avoid inflicting unnecessary pain or problems on innocent babies who don't ask to be born at all let alone in misery.

  17. Guys i want to get a horse which i will choose if someone knows pls say me.i want it to be friendlly

  18. Pinto is not a breed of horse. You call them that if they're not registered with a breed association. For example, I own a horse that is not registered as any breed , however he does have a pinto coat pattern, so he is classified as a pinto.

  19. That "over muscled halter horse" is just a halter quarter horse. When you show stock horses you want them to have more muscle, and more definition. That doesn't mean they're over muscled.

  20. I Love Horse I wish I have Lots money for me to buy Allots Domestic Animals Horse expecialy , Horse is one my favoritys

  21. if one Day I win Loterry , I wil have Two Deferent Live. one Normal Live, and one Live with Domestic nimals I Love Horses

  22. pinto is a colouring, not a breed. gypsy vanners and icelandic’s are very known. appaloosas aren’t normally crossed with friesians and every appaloosa has their own pattern and the ones you showed are leopard appaloosas that probably have a 90% chance that they weren’t crossed with friesians.
    those “halter horses” are just quarter horses that are halter bred. they aren’t “like” quarter horses, they ARE quarter horses

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