1500+hp Diesel Truck – 9 Second 1/4 Mile!
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1500+hp Diesel Truck – 9 Second 1/4 Mile!

August 30, 2019

Who’s truck is this? Ray in the red shirt. Hey, I need to talk to you! Jesus! What the hell, you ran 9.96 @ 107mph? On the brakes. What’s the setup on the truck? Fully built everything, biggest and the best you can put into it, bunch of time and effort. 1 turbo or compound turbos? Compounds. What size? 72mm over a 91mm. How much boost you running? I haven’t logged that part of it yet but over 90lb on that. Jesus! Well hopefully they let you run some more tonight! I’m going to go back up there when they call for my class. Yeah. It’s either a yay or a nay. Yeah, well good luck man, thanks for bringing the truck out, this things fucking awesome! Appreciate it! Alright, so you sandbagged pretty hard on that last one! Looked like you were giving just enough throttle to beat the Escalade, was that it? You get kicked out if you run less than a 10.0 and I don’t have my license yet. This is the finals right? Yeah, this is the last one then I’m going home. Put the “all of it” tune on whatever that means! Good luck man! Thank you! Holy shit! A 9.40 @ 145mph, my god! That thing moves! Damn! Damn! That’s a fast ass truck! Dude, this thing is a bad bitch! 9.40 @ 145mph, this thing moves! My hands are shaking! That a boy! Adrenaline still going! 9.406 @ 145mph, Jesus this thing moves man!

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  1. Just did the math. This truck has 21.9 times more Torque than a Prius. And according to my calculations it also drops 3760% more panties, which converted to plain English translates to American badass which is also synonymous headaches for Al Gore. And when you factor in the cost of the build and the thousands of American jobs he supported by purchasing parts and services proved by honest hard working American people, this effectively confirms my theoretical equation (LargeHP/TQ=Freedom). Feel free to check my math.

  2. the great thing about diesels is its so easy to just add power to em. and you can throw as much as you want at em as long as your turbo and transmission can keep up.

  3. You got a badass truck! Wish you luck with all your races eventhough you probably won't need it because you are driving the most bandanas kinda diesel there is! I love cummins this is a dream truck! Hope someday I can have something as badass as this!

  4. duh idk somebody built dis fo me. wish i could do a video of me drooling while i said that. im sure his daddy farms 16009 acres. he has no idea about his truck

  5. 9 second runs are ridiculously fast, this is hypercar quick. By normal sportscar and even Uber-Saloon standards this is another world of performance, so to do this in a pick-up truck (street legal? Dunno) running a diesel engine… that's insane!!! Yes, I know this truck will never corner quickly but in a straight line this thing is a rocket.

  6. that poor guy on the right seemed like he let off the gas in aww that a bigger truck pulled away so fast xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD

  7. they told me "you have a diesel and don't haul anything"
    looked right at that guy and said "bull shit I haul ass everyday "

  8. definitely the best kept secret in drag racing diesellll!!! quite smokey when excessive fuel isn't burnt off. all my friends diesels were the fastest over gas cars when i went to wyotech in wyoming keep those rpms going higher!!! diesel pride!!!

  9. So Obama told the CEO of Chrysler to resign and the other day China I hear is rumored to buy them…worst president ever!!!!!!!

  10. my dad used to have a dodge ram but since he couldnt afford payments on it anymore he had to get a mercury mountaineer off ebay that's already payed off

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