1st Annual Bombshell Betty’s Car Show
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1st Annual Bombshell Betty’s Car Show

March 4, 2020

I’m Michael with the P.A.W.S. Forward Foundation and we are at the 1st Annual Bombshell Betty’s Car Show We’re super excited to
be here We’ve got some members of the Betty’s here to talk about the car show. If you could please introduce yourselves I’m Bonnie Navarro, I’m the project director I’m Cheyenne Andersen and I’m the Public Relations manager And I am Katherine; I do everything else 🙂 What inspired you to have the car show this year? Pinups and car shows kind of go together, and I’m kind of a big gearhead and anything that involves cars. I’ve always wanted to do one and my experience is in planning events. After our 1st year last year, we wanted to get a little bit bigger and the car show fit perfectly. I heard that the car show and the calendar that you do both benefit non-profits and that includes the one that you’re doing this year. What’s the non-profit you chose and how do you come about that choice? This year we chose the non-profit Vets 4 Veterans of the Antelope Valley and we came to that choice because last year we were doing a project for another organization and Vets 4 Veterans really stepped up and helped us out with our first year of working toward non-profit status. So to return that favor to them, we wanted to spend this year raising funds for them. Do you know anything about Vets 4 Veterans that you can share? The way I like to word it is Vets for
Veterans is a group of veterans who are doing ok and they help veterans who are not doing ok. So veterans returning from war or who have returned from war and who are struggling, Vets 4 Veterans helps get them back into the community to live better, healthier, safer, happier lives. And they say they are a hand UP, not a hand OUT. Perfect! There’s a lot of cars here for
the first year, it’s absolutely amazing! Do you have any idea how many cars are here? Well, we really only had room for and were only going to take 60 cars We currently have 73 cars out on the lot Plus there are multiple cars parked along the street that we had to turn away because we didn’t have room to park them. That is really amazing!! I think I know the answer, but were your expectations met for your 1st car show? yes actually they have been exceeded We have incredible vedors here Incredible support here And just the amount of people that are here cruising and hanging out I got last year’s calendar…. Can you give us any hints what we can insight into next year’s calendar This year’s calendar is going to be even more incredible than last years. This year’s calendar we focused on more composition shots, everything is going to be more high-end, high-scale, more glamorous , more beautiful… Everybody is going to love this year’s calendar as much or even more than last years That is so awesome!! Thank you so much for being here Congratulations on the amazing car show Vets 4 Veterans, they told us when they accepted your donation earlier that their first car show only had 35 cars and I know that you’ve had over 70! So Congratulations, you guys did incredible

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