2 Best Horses in Red Dead Redemption 2
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2 Best Horses in Red Dead Redemption 2

August 15, 2019

today I’m gonna do a comparison between
this white and a black Arabian horse right, this white horse was caught in the
wild in just 90 seconds, if you wanna see how I did it, I’ll put a link in the
description below and you can go and watch it to see how you can get one for
yourself. The stats: the speed acceleration and handling is exactly the
same as the black one, which you can buy for nine hundred and forty five dollars
when you are in Chapter four. In this video I’m gonna put them head-to-head in a
race and see which horse performs better before we do that, do stay to the end.
There will be bonus content for you. Okay so we are at exactly the same spot, with
the same start. I made sure that I fed the horse, gave them tonic so that they
have the same health the same stamina. I ran the same race in a few different
locations but I decided to go with this one because there are a couple of
landmarks that can help us gauge when they reach a certain point. Well overall
I tried to keep the race conditions as close as possible. Unfortunately there
was something which was out of my control and that was the NPC’s that were
coming in my way but otherwise I thought this was a pretty fair race. What do you
think? okay so we are at the end of the race
the white horse won by just little small margin. So what do you think? Is it
worth going out of the way to capture this white beauty? Or is better to just
go to the stable and pay money for this black similar one. Okay now for the bonus
content that I mentioned earlier. Well this footage was from one of the
test runs that I did earlier. I was at the start line and these two men was
just trying to antagonize me so I thought why not… oh let’s go! okay they’re hot on my tail well I only see one red dot there on
the map. Did I lose the other enemy that quick? Well I feel that a good horse is
very important in this game because it will either help you catch up with your
targets fast or it will help you with that escape. Okay so I totally outran the
two enemies back there That’s the end of this video do leave a like, it means so
much to me and don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell notification

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