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  1. The blue lobster is found by a YouTuber, his channel is called brave wilderness. He found it in one of his videos.

  2. venus the cat was not originally 2 cats that got fused together… it's just one cat with accidental cool pigmentation

  3. The zebra coat colours are actually how it is when a zebra is a baby or a yearling, it’s stripes are brown, but when it gets bigger and in adulthood there stripes are black

  4. the "golden" horse is just a palomino/chocolate palomino and the second picture is of a grey both of which are extremely common horse colors

  5. That is either a cheetah with rare markings or half cheetah and half leopard ( which is probably impossible)

  6. Hahhaa he doesn’t know anything that’s a King Cheetah not a Leopard from India plus he didn’t show that parakeet ? it’s sad that they do these videos without the right research

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