20 Bizarre Hybrid Animal That Actually Exist
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20 Bizarre Hybrid Animal That Actually Exist

August 31, 2019

facts verse presents 20 strangest hybrid animal breeds number one the growler bear few things are more frightening than a huge bear what about two huge bears this creature is a mix between a polar bear and a grizzly caused by migration and interbreeding which is a byproduct of climate change this natural hybrid is definitely not the cute and cuddly type number two the cama this animal is pretty much just a male camel and a female llama but it’s kind of adorable when you take a closer look although the camel and the llama are two different in size to naturally create an offspring modern science has found a way with basic artificial insemination number three the zonking since the zebra is just a breed of horse it makes sense that it would eventually be mated with a common donkey it could have happened naturally since the two are closely related but apparently donkeys just don’t do it for most zebras without a little human intervention number four the zonie used mostly for riding and show purposes the Zoni is nothing more than a mix of a zebra and a cute little pony it may very well be every little girl’s dream however after it is bred these creatures are completely infertile still they are so cute and cuddly that many people don’t really mind number five the source there’s even more zebra hybridization going on here the source is just a typical zebra that is interbred with a typical horse it looks exactly like a horse – except that it features the tell-tale black and white stripes of a zebra usually only on its head though number six the lap on leopards and lions are already amazing creatures but you should see what happens when you interbreed them this majestic animal was a powerful mix between a male leopard and a female lion could this creature eventually become the new king of the jungle number seven the Jagr lion it looks as though more than one person has had the idea of interbreeding a lion with another big cat this fascinating creature is a hybrid of a male Jaguar and a female lion while that may seem pretty unremarkable it is definitely going to give the lip on a run for its money in the jungle number eight the tie on the tiger lion definitely an ultimate beast as with other interbred big cats the tie on typically has serious and incurable respiratory problems regardless of that fact however it is still quite a magnificent creature as long as you don’t get too close number nine the GEEP the name says it all with this little guy the GEEP is nothing more than the genetic mixture of a little goat and a furry sheep it’s dorky name is quite befitting of what it actually looks like to nobody quite knows the reason behind this hybridization other than to just see if it could be done it definitely can number 10 the Mullard you’ve heard about the Peking duck and the Muscovy but now you get to see them both together in one body the Mullard duck interestingly it was originally created as an alternative food source number 11 the so prized in many Eastern countries for its hardiness this animal is a hybrid of a certain type of cow and a yet it actually produces far more meat and milk for farmers making it one of the most artificially produced animals in the world number 12 Zubrin this massive creature is a mix between a cow and a European bison it was named by popular vote and continues to be used as domesticated livestock due to its impeccable disease resistance number 13 the coy dog man’s best friend just got a bit Wilder with this hybrid the coy dog is a mixture of a common dog and a wild coyote it’s used a lot for hunting but can also be found as a house pet as well number 14 the Beefalo the American Buffalo and the typical cow got together one day and voila now we have the Beefalo it’s meat is less fatty and it can survive the harsh weather conditions that other breeds cannot number 15 the black tip shark some might say that the world does not need more sharks but nature obviously disagrees this animal is a hybridization of an australian black tip shark and a common black tip shark just like the growler bear it was created naturally by climate change number 16 the mule now it’s not what you think the mule is actually the name for a hybrid bird this rare breed is a mix of a canary and a Finch two songbirds that are often kept in cages as pets it’s very beautiful to look at and has a really pretty singing voice too number 17 the Wolfen what do you get when you interbreed a male false killer whale and a female bottlenose dolphin while you get the Waffen of course only one is known to be in existence right now making this little creature an extremely rare animal indeed number 18 the Savannah cat house pet lovers adore this hybrid of a wild African servile and any domestic cat it makes a great companion looks really unique and eats like normal the only thing with this animal is that it can sometimes be a little hard to house-train number 19 the kangaroo hybrid there isn’t a silly name for this hybrid animal but it’s still really cool it’s a mixture of a great gray kangaroo which is usually pretty big and a smaller red kangaroo unfortunately its life expectancy is somewhat short and so it’s quality of life isn’t the best number 20 the blood parrot cichlid prized by avid fish collectors this rare hybrid is now being sold in many pet stores around the world it’s an inner bred – cichlid and a redhead cichlid but it can be very difficult to maintain for someone unfamiliar with the breed in fact many collectors have started a petition to boycott the hybridization of these fish due to the decreased quality of their life after creation subscribe for more [Music] you

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  1. This is disgusting!!! I hope they're not allowed to sale the meat from this Animal. Leave the animals alone





  3. It's not called a TION it's called a ligar that's what the lion and tiger hybrid is called and it's been scientifically proven because the very first one was made in 2017 and they never have manes on their neck the DNA wouldnt match up

  4. Stupid childish scientists interfering. What's the point? Obviously as said here. Normally different breeds have no interest in each other.

  5. The real question is what happens if you breed a male lager with a female or the opposite….😰

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