2009-2018 Ram 1500 Black Horse 5″ Extreme Black Side Step Bars Quad & Crew Cab Review & Install
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2009-2018 Ram 1500 Black Horse 5″ Extreme Black Side Step Bars Quad & Crew Cab Review & Install

August 11, 2019

So if you own a 09 to 18 Ram and you’re looking
for one of the most affordable five-inch wide step bars with a black powder coat finish,
you should be checking out the off-road extreme side step bars from Black Horse. This is gonna be one of the most affordable
five-inch bars currently available. And one of the reasons why I really like this
bar in particular is the fact that it installs using a double bracket system. You actually have a main support bracket that
attaches to the rocker panel and you have a second support bracket that attaches to
the pinch seam. That makes for a really rock solid connection
on the truck. It’ll definitely have a higher weight rating
than other bars and it’ll definitely stand up to any abuse you might put your truck through,
especially if you’re going off-road. Besides that, I really like this system because
even though it is a double bracket system, it installs very easily. You can install this in the driveway with
basic hand tools in about an hour or two I would say. You don’t actually have to cut or drill to
get these installed. So if you like the way these things look and
you like how sturdy they are, which I’m a huge fan, go ahead and stick around. I’m gonna show you the install step by step. It’s an easy one out of three wrenches on
my patented to difficulty meter. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and
get started. To install your new side steps, you will need
the following tools, a drive ratchet, a 10-millimeter wrench, a 13-millimeter wrench, a 10-millimeter
deep socket, and a 13-millimeter deep socket. Optional but helpful tools include a swivel
and a cordless impact. So the first step of our install is getting
these bolt & nut plates inside the rocker panel. To do that, you’re gonna grab one of those
plates. You’re also gonna grab another one of the
hex bolts and thread it into the nut side of the plate. We’re gonna use that as leverage as you place
this inside the oval hole inside the rocker panel. Once you got the stud in place popping out
of the smaller hole inside the rocker panel, we’re going to place one of these plastic
retainers on it. It’s gonna keep it in place so it doesn’t
fall inside. Once you’ve done that, you’re gonna unfriend
this bolt and we’re gonna continue on down the line. All right. Now that those bolt & nut plates are in place,
we can start installing our mounting brackets. They are marked appropriately, driver’s side
rear in this case as well as driver’s side center and driver’s side front, same thing
for the passenger side. To get the bracket on the bolt and nut plate,
you’re gonna need to grab one of the hex head bolts with a crush washer and a flat washer. You’re also gonna need to grab one of the
nylon locking nuts with again a crush washer and flat washer. To tighten all this stuff down, you will need
a 13-millimeter socket. All right. Now that that bracket is in place, we’re gonna
install our support bracket. To install the support bracket, you’re gonna
grab another one of those larger hex bolts 13-millimeter head. You’re also gonna grab two of these smaller
hex bolts in the kit. Those are 10-millimeter head. So you’re gonna grab a 10-millimeter socket
and a 13-millimeter socket with the appropriate flat washers, crush washers, and nylon nuts
to get this in place. All right. Now with the support bracket in place, you
can tighten everything down. I recommend tightening the primary bracket
first and then tightening the support bracket. Now that our rearmost brackets are in place
and tightened down, they are ready for our step. Before we install the step, obviously, we
have to do all the other brackets. So it’s gonna be the same exact process for
the middle and the front. Be sure to grab the correctly labeled brackets
for each side when you’re installing these. All right. Now that our mounting brackets are in place
and tightened down, we can install our new steps. To do that, you’re gonna grab six of the hex
bolts provided in the kit, the black ones that is. You need a 13-millimeter socket that we used
earlier to tighten those down. So as you can see, even though these steps
use a double bracket system, they do install very easily. Like I mentioned, it makes for a really rock
solid connection. Other than that, that also wraps up my review
of Black Horse’s five-inch extreme off-road side step bars fitting your 09 to 18. I’m Travis. Thanks for watching. And for all things Ram, keep it right here
at americantrucks.com.

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