2013 Midland Game Fair Outdoors Accessories Preview
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2013 Midland Game Fair Outdoors Accessories Preview

October 28, 2019

Welcome to Team Wild’s Gear Show. Now this week, we’ll
being having a look at some of the cool gear that will be on sale at the upcoming Midlands
Game Fair run by Countryman Fairs. We’ll be there with a Team Wild stand. Now here’s a
quick preview of some of the things to expect. First up, we have the Hunters Specialities
Bazaar Chair which comes in Realtree APG camo. It’s got a supportive back, arms with a handy
drinks holder and it’s made from sturdy steel tubes that fold out in seconds. Never before
has sitting and waiting for your quarry been so comfortable. It also comes with a premium
carry case with a strap for transportation. Next up we have the Markor Wapiti Evo II Backpack.
It’s available in both green and Realtree AP camo. It’s waterproof and durable, the
perfect bag for day hunts and small game. It’s got a massive twenty-eight litres as
a capacity, a high density foam backing, 3D mesh wrapped honeycomb to help you deal with
perspiration and match the shape of your back. It’s crafted from the finest materials to
bring you maximum comfort and stability. We’ve also got the Markor Monteria Evo II
Backpack. This is a fantastic bit of kit designed by hunters, for hunters. It’s got one main
compartment and two side compartments with twenty-eight litres as a capacity. It’s more
than enough for all your camping accessories. If you haven’t already seen our Gear Review
on it click here. Now we’ll have a look at the Vanguard Quest
M62 Monopod. It’s brilliantly designed to help you handle the elements. With a soft
foam handgrip and anti-slip rubber feet. One of its many great design features is removable
u-shaped gate with rubber fins which swivels 360 degrees meaning you can shoot every angle
without having to reposition the stick. The quick-fit locks make height adjustment quick
and easy. If you haven’t already seen our Gear Review on it click here. We’ve also got the SSI Micro Hearing Enhancement
Buds. They’re lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear. A new ear canal design makes them
easy to apply and remove. The SSI Hearing Enhancers provide automatic noise cut-off
above 85 decibels to help protect your hearing. It also includes extra ear-bud pieces, cleaning
tools and batteries. It’s an essential bit of kit for shooting. Next we have the Otterbox iPhone Defender
Series Case. In Realtree Xtra Green, it’s designed for those with an active lifestyle.
The excellent triple layered defender series case was built to endure demanding conditions,
heavy usage and random accidents, which means it comes in handy at Team Wild. The build
in screen protector guards against scratches and the port cover keeps out dust and debris.
It’s very handy and highly recommended for all. We’ve also got Garlands Neoprene Bullet Pouch
in Realtree APG, storing up to fourteen bullets at a time. The waterproof pouch is made from
neoprene with heavy duty nylon trim. It opens up like a wallet to reveal two rows of elasticated
loops that hold your cartridges and fit any barrel up to two and a half inches wide. It’s
hugely practical and very simple to use. Here we have the Garlands Anti-Shock Neoprene
Recoil Pad in Realtree APG. It reduces the pain of gun recoil by up to half making it
absolutely essential. It comes in three different types of thickness with special anti-shock
foam. It’s very well designed, easy equip to fit and no need for any specialist tools
and knowledge. It should fit the stock of most shotguns and rifles. Next up, we’ve got the Garlands Neoprene Single
Barrel Cover in Realtree APG. Designed to protect and disguise your gun while out in
the field it’s made from tough, lightweight three millimeter neoprene of the highest quality
and it’s easy to take on and off. Our final product from Garlands is this Black
Deluxe Rifle Sling. It boasts an extra wide shoulder strap making it very comfortable
to wear and the universal design conveniently fits all swivels. Next up we have the Real Avid Gun Boss Universal
Cleaning Kit. It’s premium components can nearly organize into a weatherproof eva-moulded
case. The slotted connecters and brushes are made from machined aluminium and come with
a compactable, flexible rod and t-handle. It’s ideal for bench cleaning but compact
and rugged enough for field use as well. An invaluable bit of kit for anyone who wants
to keep their rifle in tip-top condition. If you haven’t seen our review of it, click
here. The Hunters Specialities Leafy Cut Gloves
in Realtree APG are designed to help you perfectly blend into your surroundings and keep you
concealed. The feature a thatch leaf pattern on the back of the glove with dot-grip on
the palms which gives you a handling and gripage on your gun. The Markhor Wash Bag in Realtree Camo is a
highly essential piece of kit for your outdoor adventures. Conveniently designed for carrying
and storing all of your essentials, it comes with hook-hanger, three compartments with
one mesh, and elasticated pockets for better maintenance of your possessions. The Grub’s Stalking Boots are for ultimate
grip over demanding hunting terrain. This extra long stalker boot uses a high traction
of vibram hiking sole with a phylon midsole. The all rubber construction means zero mildew
build up, while the stretch leg fit means no more fumbling with cold hands to untie
laces. If you’ve not seen our review of them, click here. Now we move on to the excellent clothing range
that you can expect to see at the Midlands Game Fair. First up, we’ve got the Outfox
Men’s Greenland Fleece Waistcoat. It comes with an adjustable hem, two front pockets
and a document pocket with a zip. It features thermal insulation to help regulate your temperature.
It’s lightweight, very comfortable and breathable. Next up we have the Sportchief Saddlecloth
Aquatex Jacket in Realtree APG. The highly innovative design of this jacket combines
super silent and durable saddlecloth outer layer, with an aquatex laminated, waterproof
membrane. It comes with an ingenious anti-microbe inner lining that helps control the bacteria
that causes human odours, helping you stay concealed. It also features adjustable cuffs
with velcro and a detachable hood. We’ve also got the Outfox Greenland Lady Schoffel
Fleece Jacket. It’s an extreme soft and quiet jacket, and features thermal insulation, reinforced
zip, two inner pockets and an adjustable hem. We have the Outfox Extreme Jacket. This comes
with an egrotarn scent reducing filter, keeping you concealed and hidden while stalking. This
sporting hunting jacket is made of light, hard-wearing three layer laminate and provides
truly reliable protection from even the worst weather. It’s also waterproof, windproof and
breathable. To go with that we’ve got the Outfox Extreme
Trousers with the zip-in egrotarn filter. They feature an elasticated waist, a pre-shaped
knee area with abrasion protection, water repellent zip pockets and detachable braces. Next up is the excellent Outfox Woodland Jacket
with an egrotarn filter in Realtree AP. This fantastic jacket boasts tremendously handy
features, like a pocket for a radio, two hand-warmer pockets, two large front pockets for all your
hunting accessories and it’s own integral bullet pouch. Everything you could possibly
need for your autumn stalking. If you’ve not seen our review of this jacket, click here. Staying with the Outfox theme, we have the
Devon Check Shirt. This fashionable, long-sleeved, high quality shirt features a breast pocket
and a button down collar. It’s also 100 percent cotton. Now we bring you the Rocky Mountain Jacket
in Realtree APG. It’s simply bursting with special features to ensure you stay warm and
dry on your hunting trips. It’s got a breathable membrane, zipped hand-warmer pockets, two
poppered cargo pockets and velcro adjustable, neoprene lined cuffs. Finally we bring you the Rocky Mountain Trousers.
These trousers protect you from the elements by being 100 percent waterproof and breathable.
The outer shell is made from extremely tough and remarkably innovative stretch, rip-strong
material and the inside is lined for warm but still remains relatively lightweight.
It can be worn on its own in warm weather as well as over bulkier cold weather clothes. So, that’s just a small sample of what will
be on at the Countryman Fair and Midland Show. If you’d like to know more about these products,
visit www.teamwildoutfitters.com. Subscribe to Team Wild TV for all the best
hunting shows on YouTube.

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