2016 My Little Pony MLP McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys – Set Of 8 Toys for Kids – Pierce’sWorld
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2016 My Little Pony MLP McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys – Set Of 8 Toys for Kids – Pierce’sWorld

August 23, 2019

Hi Guys, it’s Pierce from Pierce’sWorld. And today we are going to open up My Little Pony. Super Hooray! Rainbow Dash – And I know it’s going to be so awesome! If you are new to this channel, please hit the subscribe button right there. Ding! Ding! Ding! So, you don’t miss any of my upcoming videos. Oh my gosh, I haven’t done it for maybe a few years I guess… Princess Twilight Sparkle – Wait! What? Correction I haven’t done it (McDonald’s toy review) for a few weeks. My little pony! Yay, it matches me. Pinkie Pie! All of these toys, come with a my little pony and a brush, Stickers to decorate your pony, And paper accessories – a hat and ponytail holders. OK, let’s start with number one, Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie! Nice! She has little balloons on her bottom. We also have balloons on her comb. She has a tail, and it’s so beautiful. It even matches this. Pinkie Pie comes with the little disc. And you can download McPlay on McDonald’s app. When you get under the sun with the UV rays, They change tail colors. I’m going to put on the fashion stickers. Sunglasses And now if you want to make the hat, I can show you guys. We can make Pinkie Pie’s hat. She looks pretty fashionable. Let’s move onto number two. Let’s see what’s inside the box-ie. Rainbow Dash! Her little card And she also comes with plastic.
Seriously, all of them come with plastic. So, you have to take them off. Oh, weird. How she has green (tail)… She’s supposed to have rainbow. They all come with a paper hat. Right here…. Like Rainbow Dash… They all come with stickers. And they also come with little things for their tails. I am Mr. Oogway from Kung Fu Panda 3. I’m flying. She can fly up… Go down… Fly up… Go down… That’s what happens when you’re a pony that flies so fast. Let’s go to number three.
Number three is Fluttershy. She’s yellow and pink… Like…
She has pink hair like Pinkie Pie. I just stick all the stickers already. Fashion Moving onto number four. Number four is Buttonbelle. Maybe she is lavender… Lavender Moving on to number five. Princess Twilight Sparkle Baby dragon Check out her high heel shoes. Her name is Miss Pommel. She is also called Coco Pommel. She is number six. Fancy hat that has a feather. So, let’s put it on like that. And moving on to number seven. This one is my favorite. Her name is Rarity, number seven. This one is a unicorn. Wow, she has a lot of gems. Look how many gems she has. Gem-ies (New word from Pierce) Look at this cranky cat. Number eight is Starlight Glimmer. And there you go. Welcome everyone to My Little Pony Fashion Week! We are going to show everybody the new fashion. She’s looking good. Next one coming up, Rarity. Good! Good! Look at that! Look at that! Good posing! Work that camera! That’s so nice. This is the entire My Little Pony McDonald’s toys. And there’s eight of them. And I hope you liked this My Little Pony video! If you like it, please give me a big, big, big thumbs up. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, Pierce’sWorld. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram. And check out my Pinterest Page. I’ll see you guys next time. Bye!

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