2018 Autumn Family & Horse Photoshoot
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2018 Autumn Family & Horse Photoshoot

October 26, 2019

Good morning y’all. I’m walking towards Azlinn who is laying down and I finally have the memory card this time. She lifted her head, I think she heard me. but she shouldn’t get up, so let’s see. And in the comments right now, let me know how y’all are doing. It’s been a while. As y’all know, this is Azlinn. This is Chloe. This has been her best friend this entire time she’s been at this new pasture. Chloe is a well-behaved horse, sweetest thing ever. Everyone always wants to buy her from the current owner. And he says he will never sell her, so she will never be mine. okay, well, that didn’t last very long, did it? Where are you going? Since I’m pretty sure she’s gonna follow me… I say that I probably just jinxed myself, she might not now. I kinda want you to lay back down, could you do that? Well I’m kinda surprised she didn’t want to follow me without the lead today but that’s fine. Today we are gonna carve pumpkins. Probably just carve 2018 on it. Last year I just did 2017. And then on the other side I did The Horse Dream Logo. And Hurricane Willa Just came through Texas, and is working it’s way to Tennessee. I think it’ll be like, I mean, it’s obviously downgraded to like a depression or whatever but because it brings in a lot of rain, this weekend is about to be ruined and I don’t know if we are going to take pictures this weekend. So it kinda sucks because I’m also taking pictures for somebody else. and we are all trying to just figure out the best day to do this. Where you going? I’m pretty confident y’all have seen the video of the horse that is out in the wild got its hoof caught in its mane I’m pretty sure this is how it happens. All of these stickers, she got all of these yesterday. and there It’s just insane. One day worth of stickers, I can’t imagine what wild horses have in their manes. So of course, when I finally get everything set up ready to carve it starts sprinkling and I looked at the weather and rain is coming right at us. So I don’t know how much footage I can get before my camera needs to be put away. But I’ll try to show you. I’ve pretty much made this a tradition haven’t I? How is the grass under this blanket that I just put down, more tasty than the grass around the blanket? Why can’t we just leave the blanket So what I think I’m going to do is, since it started to sprinkle is just put 2018 right here I could try to make it fancy but, with it raining I don’t know if I have the desire to do that and lunch is going to be soon so I’m going to want to get out of here. Well I can hear it raining more and I have a feeling it is not going to slow down now seems like this is the big wave So I might have to head into the barn as pretty as this was and fun as it was Hi. I love you too. They’re all looking at us. So I’ve got it traced out. I think it looks really good. The only concern I have is it might be too big. So hopefully you can even see 2018 in the photos. You might not be able to but will chip it on out and hope that I didn’t fail. Is this the year that you like pumpkin? Yea? This might be the year she likes pumpkin! She’s eating it! Never have I ever been able to get her to eat pumpkin. Nope. Maybe she doesn’t want pumpkin. I don’t know. She ate it. I don’t think in the previous years, I’ll have to look back in our videos, I don’t think she has ate pumpkin she’s spit it out every time. 2016 “Alright Azlinn, do you think you like pumpkin?” 2016 “I dropped it right where she is chewing so it is in her mouth.” 2016 “Okay, so pumpkin is a no.” 2016 “She was not having that.” 2017 “Nope she doesn’t like pumpkin.” So that’s quite interesting. Maybe or maybe not, she likes pumpkin. Alright, where’s my little one? If any of y’all know the reference to, “where is my pepper?” You get brownie points. I don’t know if any of you know what that reference is but that would be hilarious if you did. Shee she is watching them [Deer]. There’s the finished product. I think it looks pretty good.

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  1. Welcome back!! I missed your videos alot lol I always wondered where you went off to! I would love a life update video about everything that is going on~

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