2018 Sundowner Horizon 8010 RS – 3 horse slant with 10′ short wall trailer @ Houston Trailers
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2018 Sundowner Horizon 8010 RS – 3 horse slant with 10′ short wall trailer @ Houston Trailers

August 18, 2019

Good morning Darrel Uselton here from Houston trailers wanted to make a little short video on our Sundowner horizon 8010 living quarter three horse trailer sundowner makes one of the finest aluminum horse trailers on the planet Bar none they’re one of the top in the country There’s a couple other great competitors. I’m talking about about anybody the sundowner just makes a fabulous trailer They do their own interiors right in Coleman, Oklahoma They Take a lot of pride in their craftsmanship and they and they make it beautiful trailer this particular trailer We’ve had it for a little while now. It’s a 10 foot short wall living quarter with 3/4 slant extra wide The normal price on this trailer MSRP is six to seven thousand the normal price is fifty-six thousand we have introduced all the way to 4995 Just try to clear. It’s a 2017 model And so we’ve we’ve marked it down to virtually no profit here. Just trying to find the trailer a good home. It’s brand-new trailer Houston trailers into the living quarter arena we saw lots and lots and lots of black iron trailers and cargo trailers of all kinds Living quarters a little bit new for us So we’re not experts We don’t have to be because sundowner is so this is the horizon eighty ten It has that canopy as you can see that we have open Take you inside. Give it a little tour some really nice features on This trailer it’s very very nice Here’s the sleeping area up over the gooseneck television Speakers inside and out this is for the extension of the canopy Stereo system Very nice upgrades on everything gear wood leather Laughs storage couch folds out Of course the tanks great water tanks flat water tanks all that or black up underneath there as well refrigerator freezer Air conditioner Microwave Stovetop Sink Here’s the bath Shower More storage Here’s to the horse area This trailer is extra Wyden has feed maintenance in it Extra storage any of the feed majors Drop-down windows Rear tack pulled outside Iraq lots of bridle racks in there Added everything doors back wall floors Super nice straighter Like I said, this is price to move normally 56,000 we find them at other dealers you’re gonna find them at 54 to 56 thousand. We’re priced at 49 And see all the details at WWE used on trailers calm or come on down to Beasley, Texas Highway 59 northbound frontage road We have other living quarter trailers in stock a little bit smaller a little less expensive If this one’s a little over your budget we also have financing available Through trailer solutions in Ocala, Florida, you can get that payment down to a real reasonable level for you so come on down Let’s check it out get you in a new home

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