2019 Belmont Stakes Predictions and Odds (Saturday, June 8)
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2019 Belmont Stakes Predictions and Odds (Saturday, June 8)

August 14, 2019

Kelly Stewart: 00:09 Welcome to WagerTalk
TV. I am Kelly Stewart, @KellyinVegas on Twitter,
joined by SIG, @SIGlasvegas, and Marco D’Angelo, @MarcoInVegas. Kelly Stewart: 00:18 All right guys, 150st
Belmont Stakes, let’s hit the ground running. This is the third leg of the Triple Crown,
but there’s not going to be a Triple Crown winner. Lot’s that can go into that. War of Will here is one of the favorites. Maybe he should be in the race for the Triple
Crown, all the derby drama. That being said, SIG, do you think that War
of Will wins the Belmont? SIG: 00:39 I do not. I think it’s a great horse. He had a fantastic Preakness. We’ll never know what would have happened
in the derby if he’d got to make his actual move. But I don’t think he has the stamina, number
one, to go the mile and a half. And number two, this is going to be his third
race in five weeks. These horses are used to racing once a month,
every four or five weeks. When it comes to Triple Crown season, he was
in the mix, put himself down. He raced all three races. I don’t think he’s going to have enough left
in the tank at the end of this race to finish. Kelly Stewart: 01:09 Marco, your thoughts? Marco: 01:10 I agree a 100%. I’m a “no” on War of Will, and not only the
part of the three races in five weeks, but he’s the only horse in the field that has
raced all three Triple Crown races. So he’s definitely at a disadvantage there. I think that he’ll be in the mix, but I think
there’s going to be a horse running him down in the stretch. Kelly Stewart: 01:31 Well, who’s that horse
going to be running him down in the stretch? We’ll get to that later. But this morning’s line, the favorite actually
was Tacitus. Do you agree with him being the favorite? Marco: 01:39 I do agree with him being the
favorite. This is a horse that finished a good fourth
in the Kentucky Derby. He is bred for this distance. Tacitus is a horse that comes out of the sire
Tapit, which has had great success in the Belmont with siring offspring. I like him here. This is a horse that’ll be sitting a little
bit off the pace, but he’ll have War of Will right on his sights, and he will follow this
horse around the track. I think he goes by him in the stretch. Kelly Stewart: 02:07 All right. SIG, your thoughts on Tacitus? SIG: 02:09 Actually, since the Derby, I’ve
been telling people Tacitus was my Belmont horse. He had a great run in the Derby. Looked like wanted more at the end of the
race. He was the only one that basically maintained
his position the entire race, in my opinion. SIG: 02:22 I think that he has, number one,
the stamina to make it. As Marco mentioned, he’s a Tapit, which means
he should have the distance in his breeding. I think he’s going to just basically sit off
the pace until it’s time to make a move. As the other horses are turning down the stretch,
Tacitus goes right by. Kelly Stewart: 02:36 All right, Marco. You keep throwing out these little teasers. Who do you like in the Belmont? Marco: 02:40 Well, I like Tacitus to win the
race. Also going to look at a long shot. You know, War of Will’s going to be in there. Don’t throw him off your ticket, he’s a- Kelly Stewart: 02:47 So even though you don’t
think that he deserves to be one of the two favorites, you do think he could be in the
mix? Marco: 02:52 He deserves to be one of the
two favorites, but I don’t see him winning this race. Another horse … And we all look about for
prices, and I know Kelly, you love underdogs. The long shot here that I’m looking at is
Sir Winston. This is a horse that just had a great last
race, made a big move in that race. I look for him with the addition of Joel Rosario,
really stepped this horse up in his last win. He is the only horse in this field that has
a triple digit buyer figure. He earned out in his last race, a 100 buyer
figure. The big thing for him, Sir Winston, why I
like him as the long shot, is he is a horse that already raced on this track. Marco: 03:29 This is a tricky track to race
at, the Belmont, with its mile and a half configuration of the track. He ran perfectly in that, a perfectly timed
drive. And Rosario’s a guy that’s very familiar with
Belmont and when to make those moves. I like him here in this one. Big advantage already racing over the track
in his last start to Peter Pan. Kelly Stewart: 03:50 I know you like a couple
of contenders. Can you give me one more that you like? Marco: 03:53 Yeah, I also like with him, Master
Fencer, number 3, is a horse that I like in this race as well. After that, we will be looking for couple
other long shots on the end of the ticket. But my top three horses that I’m going to
hit are Tacitus, War of Will, Sir Winston. Kelly Stewart: 04:12 All right, SIG. Your turn. Let’s talk about who else you like outside
of the two favorites in the Belmont. SIG: 04:17 Okay, Intrepid Heart, a lightly
raced colt from the Todd Pletcher barn. He’s coming into this, this will only be his
fourth career start. His last start was in the Peter Pan … I’m
sorry. Marco: 04:32 Yeah, it was the Peter pan. SIG: 04:35 He finished third in that race,
but it’s the first time he’s faced [inaudible 00:04:37] competition. Todd Pletcher has the ability to get these
horses ready for the Belmont, as his past success has shown. I think this is a horse to watch out for. Kelly Stewart: 04:45 All right, any other
contenders you’re looking at for this race? SIG: 04:48 The other one is probably Tax. It’s a New York bred. It’s raced six career races. Finished in the [Moneith 00:04:56] in the
five, in the top of the five those times. He had a very poor Kentucky Derby, but I think
that was a result of the sloppy track. Kelly Stewart: 05:01 All right, Marco gave
me his top five: 10, 7, 5, and 3. I need your top four horses in this race. SIG: 05:08 I have Tacitus on top, with War
of Will, Intrepid Heart and Tax under. But beware of Master Fencer as [Kurincofski
00:05:15] got me last year in the Belmont. Kelly Stewart: 05:16 Ooh, two guys both like
Master Fencer. All right, great stuff from both guys. Make sure you follow WagerTalk on Twitter,
@WagerTalk. Let us know some more topics you want to hear
on future videos, and make sure you comment below.

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  1. Agree with #10 TACITUS the grey colt is back in NY and bred for the 12 furlongs.
    Shame the 2 Derby Winners and 3 Baffert 3YOs are not in the Race. Gotta play the
    hand you're dealt. (+200) but last years chalk $1 SuperFecta paid $1051 for $1 GL

  2. Pick a shot in this race and not a favorite. None have gone the distance or worth a short price in this spot

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