2019 SMC 4 Horse Trailer Tour
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2019 SMC 4 Horse Trailer Tour

August 15, 2019

You know you never really want to use an escape door, but when you do, you’re really going to want one that’s well designed, well put together, and that’s gonna come in handy if you
ever need to get in and out of the trailer. Jhett here at Kiperts Trailer Sales. Today I’m going to show you one of my favorite trailers here on the lot. t’s gonna be the SMC four horse. It’s gonna have a huge hayrack, there’s gonna be no pop outs in this trailer, it’s gonna be sleek, and it’s gonna get down the road and keep your horses
safe the whole way through. SMC trailers aren’t only great and safe for your horses
to travel in, they’re also great for you to travel in. Right here you can see that our ladder to get up here is gonna fold out so that it’s a little bit safer and easier for you guys to get up into your hayrack. This hayrack is not only gonna be able to carry your hay
and whatever else you need to put up top, it’s also gonna have your onboard generator. This generator is already plugged in, ready to go, so with the touch of a button you can power up your trailer. The great part about this SMC 4 horse is that it’s gonna
have a spacious tack room. We’re gonna have our four saddle racks right here that are
gonna be able to adjust up, down, or you’re even gonna be able to take ’em out if you don’t need ’em. On this side of the collapsible rear tack we’re gonna
have two sets of bridle racks. This is gonna be really handy in case you’re not even
needing that many bridle rack hooks, you’re just wanting to hang some more stuff up. On this side we’re gonna have our four saddle pad racks. These saddle pad racks are gonna swing out really easy in case
you don’t wanna have to fight getting your saddle pad on. Down below we’re gonna have our brush box to put our brushes in. We’re also going to have a lot of room on this wall in case
you want to do anything else to it. Right here we’re going to have all of our LED lighting, and then we’re gonna have lights for our tack room,
and that illuminate the outside of the trailer. Back here in the horse compartment where your horses
are gonna be hauled we’re gonna have spring loaded dividers that are gonna
automatically come back so they’re out of your way when you’re unloading horses. On this side we’re gonna have our jail bars so nothing
can come in and nothing can go out on this side. These windows are gonna slide open with ease, so there’s a lot more venting and air going through the trailer for your horses. We’ve got vents up top. All these dividers can come out of the trailer if needed,
if you’re hauling a mare and a foal or whatnot. Up here we’re gonna have our stud stall. We got our hay mangers, we’ve got all of our vents, and then, even better, we have our pass thru door to the living quarters. You know what one of the greatest parts about the SMC trailers in the living quarters part is that there’s stairs that go all the way up to the bed. That means that if somebody’s sleeping on the hideaway
bed that’s in the dinette and sofa, you’re never going to have to crawl over them again trying to get out of bed. Not only is this trailer spacious enough for your horses to travel
in, it’s spacious enough for you to travel in with a traveling partner, significant other, or anybody else
that’s gonna come with you. We right here got our dinette and sofa. This is gonna be great when you’re sitting down to have some dinner, playing cards,
or whatever you do. You can watch TV from right here, you can harass the person cooking. This is gonna fold in to a big old bed for you. It’s a hide away bed. It’s great because you can sleep more
than just the people who can fit on the top, and you’re gonna be comfortable the whole night through. All of our SMC trailers have lots of storage on the inside, all the
way from the top of the bed to right next to the microwave. We’re gonna have our conventional microwave oven right here; it’s gonna be able to cook food fast and effectively for you when
you’re going down the road. We all get tired of fast food. We’ve got a two burner stove top right here. Easy to light, easy to use, and when you’re done with it, hides away, table’s still flat. Traveling down the road and using a cooler to keep your
food in is not an effective way to keep your food good, because when the ice melts, water’s ruining everything. In our trailers, we’ve got these fridges and freezers
that are gonna keep your food cold throughout the whole time you’re traveling. They run off of propane. You just keep the propane full, and everything’s gonna stay nice and cold. These SMC trailers are just awesome. They’ve got tons of storage, they’ve got a sink here in the bathroom, big old shower, big
old open area in here for you to hang your clothes up, dry cleaning, show clothes, or regardless of whatever you need to put in there. I can tell you day in and day out how great these trailers
are, but you need to come in and experience and walk through these trailers with me so I can
show you just how great these trailers really are. Now that I’ve shown you this great SMC trailer, you should come in and come see me and we’ll go through all the trailers here and we’ll find the right, perfect trailer for you, your family,
and your horses to be going down the road in.

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