24 Hours Trapped Overnight by RZ Twin! (New Clues Found at 3am)
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24 Hours Trapped Overnight by RZ Twin! (New Clues Found at 3am)

August 31, 2019

– Welcome back to the
Matt and Rebecca channel. Right now we are in a top secret location which we can’t tell you right now but we will reveal it later in the video. – Okay, we only have 24
hours to find the other half of a treasure map. Don’t know where it’s at right now, but we just found a clue. – We found the first half
of the map under our house. The Game Master had
hidden it at the beginning when all of this started last summer. So since we have less than 24 hours now, we are going to split up
and Matt’s gonna head over to the treehouse. I’m gonna stay here to make
sure everything is safe while Matt goes. Smash the thumb’s up button right now if you think we’re gonna
find the second half of the treasure map. Comment below where you
think we are right now, okay. – I gotta figure out what
these clues might come out here in the forest right now. I always get confused exactly
where the treehouse is. Let me know in the
comment section down below if you think the treehouse
is the right location. I hope this isn’t a trick
and that the Game Master actually put the pieces down there. Okay, I think honestly
we don’t really have that much of a choice. We need to go figure this out and get the other half of the map which I think is at the treehouse. Okay, comment down below if
you see any clues at all. – [Rebecca] Hey Matt. – Hey, how’s everything going back there? Are you okay in the hole? – [Rebecca] Yeah, no, I’m good. I’m just digging up, I’m
trying to look for some clues from the Quadrant like maybe
they left something here. I mean they dug really deep. Maybe there’s some type of clue. – Do you remember? I’m tryin’ to figure out
how to get to the treehouse. I can’t remember where it’s at. It’s somewhere in the
forest, but it’s so big. It’s so big out here. – [Rebecca] Maybe ask Daniel. He can help track you. – Oh, that’s a good point. I’m gonna try Facetiming Daniel right now. – [Rebecca] Okay, good luck. Call me if you find anything, okay? – Same. – [Rebecca] Yeah, for sure. – Okay, Rebecca can’t remember either. Let me try calling Daniel real quick. Hey, Daniel? – Yeah man, what’s up? – Yeah, I’m in the middle
of the woods right now. I’m tryin’ to find the
treehouse, I found a clue. – Oh, a clue, that’s awesome. So, what do you need? – I need to find the treehouse. I can’t find it. – All right, stay right there. I’m using the Game Master’s satellites to pinpoint your location in
relation to the treehouse. – Okay, great.
– Hang tight. Hey, Matt, I found you. Turn around and take a hundred steps in that opposite direction. – Right behind me, this whole time? Okay, a hundred steps this way. All right, thank you so much, Daniel. So Daniel said it’s a
hundred steps this way. But it looks camouflaged in there. Okay, let’s see if, oh, oh, oh, oh. Looks like somebody’s right over there. They’re not at the treehouse right now, but they’re looking for something. Hold on. They left, okay. Just in case, I need to keep it safe here. Okay, he said it’s a
hundred steps that way. I don’t see anything yet. Oh, oh, there it is, there it is. I found it, I found it, I found it. Whoa, look around, look it. Something here, what is that? Does it say E-3? No, I don’t think so. Oh, it looks like this
might be a sign right here. All right, guys, keep a eye out if you see any clues whatsoever. It looks like little drawings now. I don’t even remember
seeing this board before. So it looks like somebody’s been out here maybe building something. Here’s another one, 489. I don’t know what that
means, let’s go here. Whoa! Can you, can you see what this is? Guys, can you read what this is? Looks like something Game Master. And then there’s more stuff here. What is that? Oh, I’m gettin’ a call. Hey, Beck? – [Rebecca] Hey. – Hey, are you okay? – [Rebecca] Yeah, I
just wanted to tell you I think I found something. – What is it? – [Rebecca] It was a note
and it was written backwards, but it said I think E-3, game finished. – Really? – [Rebecca] A Quadrant dropped it. – Rebecca, there’s so many notes out here. – [Rebecca] Are you serious? – Yeah, it’s all in like a,
I wanna say like a crayon or somethin’ like that. Oh, hold on, hold on. Hold on, hold on. Beck, I just found somethin’. – [Rebecca] Is it the map? Is it a piece of the map? – No, it’s another note. – [Rebecca] Another note, okay. – This one says 10 steps from buried safe. 10 steps from buried safe. – [Rebecca] 10 steps from buried safe? – Yeah, does that make any sense? – [Rebecca] Does for me. We found a lot of safes. What is, where was the first safe we found to the Game Master? Because if he hid it. – Oh, Beck, Beck, Beck, shh, shh, shh,shh. Hold on, hold. – [Rebecca] Are you okay? – Yeah. – [Rebecca] Matt? – Yeah, a red truck just pulled up. – [Rebecca] Oh, okay, do
you want me to let you go? Call me back. – Okay, I’m gonna try to
get back to the house, okay? – [Rebecca] Okay. – Look at that, guys. A red truck just pulled
up right over here. Okay, I don’t know what’s
going on right now. Oh, you know what? Look at this. Look at. Oil pastels. I don’t know who did this,
but I don’t think the Quadrant or anybody did this. I think, honestly, this looks
like it might have been a kid. A kid found the treehouse. All right, I’m gonna
pick up their garbage. Guys, if you ever leave garbage somewhere, make sure to pick it up or if
you ever see it, pick it up. I’m gonna keep this just as evidence so I know exactly who wrote
all of this stuff out here. We’re gonna diagnose this
here in a little bit. Give me a thumbs up right now if you think that that safe clue is actually a clue for
the rest of the map. I think it has to be. All right, let’s head back to the house and make sure Rebecca’s okay. Hold on, more people, more people. Okay, I don’t know what’s
going on right now, but there’s a lot of people in the woods. Recycling. Maybe I can prank Rebecca right now. Shh. – [Rebecca] Whoa. Whoa, what was that? – So, Matt just pranked me and
I thought he was a Quadrant and not– – You have stay tuned
tomorrow to see the prank on Rebecca’s channel. Oh my gosh. – I was shaking, I had no idea what to do. I was like uhhh. – We need to get back to task. Okay, so the clue I found was
ten feet from the buried safe. – From the buried safe, so
I’m trying to think back to the beginning of the Game Master. If you guys have watched
since the beginning, that was like a year ago
when we bought this cabin and then we found clues
underneath the house and then we came, I
spent 24 hours in a pool. Didn’t you dig up a safe at some point? – The only one that I found
here was in the back yard. – The back yard, that would make sense. The Game Master hid the map all over here. That’s where we found this
first part in my closet. So, maybe the second part is over there in the back yard. – Maybe the Quadrant that’s the reason why that they’ve been digging
in the back yard, too. – Okay, Matt, well then
I need to stay in here. No more pranks, but please
go find the treasure map because we need to figure this out. Smash the thumb’s up button right now if you think Matt is gonna find it. We are running out of time
and we need to do this. – Hi guys, I have my GoPro here, just in case anything happens. If I remember correctly, the
safe was buried right here. So that means I need to find
something within 10 feet of this location or 10 steps. Let’s see where it goes. A little opening right there,
an opening right there, one right there, and
then one way down there. I think it has to be either
one, two, three, or four. Comment down below which
one you think it is. One, two, three, four, five, no. Maybe it’s this one over here. One, two, three, four, oh no. Yep, here’s the hole. You can still see the hole. I honestly think it might be
door number one over here. Let’s try going that way. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. This is it. It’s guarded. Been in here before. Oh, it’s really dark, but I think there’s a
light switch somewhere. Yep, okay, I think it’s in here. The rest of the map is under here. If you commented door number one, give your comment a thumb’s up right now. We’re goin’ in, we’re gonna
find the rest of this map right now and then we can actually end what Rebecca’s doing right now. I can’t tell you what she’s doing, but we’re gonna figure this out. We’re gonna transition over right now to this GoPro that’s right up here. That way you guys can
see exactly what I see. Goin’ in. Whoa, it’s like there’s like a, you see that? There’s like a up there. Look around. Keep your eyes opened, guys. This goes way back in here. There used to be a ton of
other clues in here though. Okay. Oh, hold on. Here it is. Here it is! Here’s the rest of the map. I can’t believe this is it. I think Rebecca’s
putting together the map. Let’s go. – You reading me? Okay, great, this will make
a lot more sense later, but Matt needs to go back under the cabin in that crawlspace. Zam fam, you just need
to trust me on this. Matt’s headed back under the cabin. – Looks like there’s three more pieces. I need to go find them all right now. Okay, back in you go. Okay, I think we’re really
gonna have to go in here pretty far on this one. ‘Cause I don’t see
anywhere up here at all. Comment down below if you
see anything whatsoever. There’s also space down here. Maybe it’s under there. So far back there. It’s gettin’ pretty dirty down here. Thank goodness there’s a heater over here. See anything at all. Nothing here. Let me try to get under back here. Do you see anything at all? Oh, here we go, here we go. It’s the only one. Hello, Beck? – [Rebecca] Matt, RZ twin
is back here right now. You need to distract her,
she can’t see the map. – [Matt] The RZ twin? – [Rebecca] Yeah, whatever
you’re doing, please. – [Matt] Okay, okay. I got this, I got this. You gotta save the location,
all right, call me. – [Rebecca] Okay. – Hey, hey. Over here, over here, over here, come on. Yep, yep, yep. Put the light here, won’t turn on. Wait, wait, it’s not working. It’s not working, it’s not working. RZ twin, wait, come on,
keep on comin’ this way. Okay, what do I do? What do I do? Gotta go under. Okay, the only spot. Okay, I’m in, I’m in. Okay, no, no, no, no, no! No, come on. Let me out, let me out, let me out. How’d this thing not work? Now it worked. Are you kidding me? Okay, we gotta figure out
how to get outta here. It’s looks like the RZ twin just locked this door right here. I have to figure out a different way. I need to warn Rebecca,
let me try callin’ her. Pick up, pick up, pick up. I didn’t hypnotize her. Rebecca, pick up the phone. – [Operator] Your call has been
forwarded to an automatic– – I need to call Daniel right now. He’ll know what to do. Daniel, come on. – [Operator] Your call has been– – I have to figure out another way to get outta here. Has to be another way. When Rebecca was down here the Game Master took her out
a separate tunnel possibly? Maybe that’s still open. Oh, Daniel’s calling, Daniel’s calling. – Hey, Matt. – Daniel, I’m trapped
underneath the house right now. The RZ twin just trapped me in here. I think she’s going back over to Rebecca. You need to help her out. – I know, I’m on it. I got a plan. – Okay. – The Quadrant has full , and they’ve shut down all the doors. There is a switch-over in
the system at three a.m. I think I can hack in and
override it at that point. – Well, that gives me
a little bit more time to find the other piece
of the map under here. I’ll find it before three a.m. – Sounds good. – Right, just make sure Rebecca’s okay. – I will. – Oh, looks like Rebecca’s calling. Rebecca, you okay? – [Rebecca] Matt, yeah, but the RZ twin, she came back. – I know. My red light wouldn’t work. – [Rebecca] It wouldn’t work? Okay, where are you right now? – I’m under the house. – [Rebecca] You’re under the house? Okay, well come back. – I can’t, Rebecca, I got locked in. – [Rebecca] Why don’t I just come get you? – No! – [Rebecca] You’re right over
there, I’ll just come get you. – No, no, Beck, you can’t, it’s locked. It’s secured by their system. There’s no way of getting in. The Quadrant has fully locked
it with their technology. Daniel said the only time that
he might be able to get in is right around like three o’clock when they have an opening. – [Rebecca] Wait, like three a.m.? – Three a.m. – [Rebecca] So, I’m
just supposed to be here by myself until then? – Yeah, just try to stay warm just in case it starts snowin’ tonight. – [Rebecca] Okay, well what
about the other two maps. Did you find them yet? – I’ll make sure to find ’em by three a.m. – [Rebecca] Stay warm in there, okay? – Okay, it actually isn’t that bad. – [Rebecca] I’ll fall asleep by myself. – Okay, all right, be safe. – [Rebecca] You, too. Bye. – I need to search for
these maps right now. I just think it’s a little
bit cold, but not too bad. Because of insulation and everything. I have this little light
here, if I need to, it’s pretty warm. I just need to find these
maps before it’s three a.m., so I just have a few hours. Where do you think it is, guys? Think it might be back there? The place I haven’t checked yet. No way. There’s one. And there’s one right there. Okay, I now have both pieces of the map. I just need to kinda
stay safe and stay warm. I could stay right here and
everything’s gonna be okay right at three a.m. Give this video a thumbs up right now if you think I can make it ’til three a.m. Right now it’s about, say
close to midnight here. I’m gonna take a quick, little nap Oh, it’s three. Okay, okay. I’ve got two pieces of the map. I’ve just got out of this. Make sure to give this
video a thumbs up right now. Don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications right here so you know when the next
Game Master clue comes out. Also, shout out to these
two people right here. You guys scored 100% on
the last Game Master quiz. I need to find Rebecca, so make sure to check
out this video right now. All right.

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