3 OUTDOOR Party Games for Kids (You Will Get Wet)
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3 OUTDOOR Party Games for Kids (You Will Get Wet)

October 20, 2019

in today’s video I’m going to give you
four summer backyard party games to play with kids or as a family that are gonna
be super fun ones that you’re gonna get a little bit wet for these games you are
going to need a colander like this one for every two players you are going to
need a hundred balloons yes I said 100 1 nerf gun per player you’re also gonna
need water guns and paper cups all right let’s get into today’s video here we go
for the first game there’s a target practice every player gets their nerf
gun you set up some plastic cones out in the yard and you put some cups on top of
them and see if you can knock the cups off of the cones Oh with the nerf gun
this is a lot harder than you think it was a little windy so this game I would
not recommend playing on a windy day because the cups will just fall over
alright moving on to game number two this game every player is going to need
a water gun and every player will need a paper cup now I found the ones you know
there’s a little Dixie paper cups that you get that’s for the bathroom that you
drink water of I found that those worked best and you see who can squirt their
paper gun off of their water gun the farther so the person who gets a cup of
the farthest out into the pack into your backyard is the winner of this game
before I move on to our final game I want to introduce myself for those who
are new and say thank you to those who are returning to my channel who continue
to watch my videos hi my name is Shawn and welcome to prayer lights on this
channel I do DIY party games to inspire you to have fun with your family alright
moving on to game number three we’re going to need a hundred water balloons
and we used here this little pack that simply screws onto your faucet and fills
all hundred of your water balloons up at the same time with the outside faucet
super easy super quick but your players up into teams of two one person will
have the water balloons the other person will have the colander from your kitchen
this is used for pasta but we are using it for water balloons today the goal of
this game is to see how many water balloons you can
catch in the colander on top of your head by throwing them yes you get a
little wet but that’s perfect for a hot summer day thank you guys so much for
watching today’s video and I will see you next one bye

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