36 Hours to Hell
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36 Hours to Hell

September 5, 2019

His name is Royal with Speed, he is a grandson
of Secretariat. In January 2012, PETA undercover investigators
rescued him just hours before he was due to be trucked to a slaughterhouse. At this livestock auction in Kalona, Iowa
having a famous pedigree doesn’t matter. Horses here are valued only for their body
weight. They will be transported into foreign slaughterhouses
to be killed and cut up into meat primarily for human consumption in France, Russia, Canada,
and Japan. At the Kalona auction frightened horses of
all breeds from thorough breads to Belgium draft horses are packed into waiting pens. The terrified horses are prodded through a
hydraulic gate that often slams shut on their heads and necks as they enter the auction
ring. Royal with Speed will own his owners $127,000
on the racetrack was bought by a kill buyer for just $350. PETA investigators were able to rescue him
just hours before he was scheduled to be hauled to Canada for slaughter. They later identified him by researching the
number tattooed on his lip. He is not only the grandson of Secretariat
on his maternal side but also the son of breeder’s cup classic champion Skip Away. Like many horses at this action Royal with
Speed had contracted some of the illnesses that run rapid at the crowded and filthy conditions. He was diagnosed with Strangles, a highly
infectious disease of the lymph nodes. After weeks of care and rest he is now recovered
and lives in a safe and permanent new home. Most of the other horses at the auction were
not as fortunate. The 33 horses aboard this truck, mostly standard
breads, were made to endure an eleven-hundred mile ride to the slaughterhouse. An investigator rode on the truck and others
followed the truck from Iowa to the slaughterhouse in Quebec, Canada. The horses suffered through sub-freezing temperatures
and were never unloaded or given food or water throughout the entire 36 hour ordeal. Because the trucks are sealed shut at customs
by Canadian officials the drivers are not permitted to help the horses for any reason
even if they are seriously ill or injured or they have fallen for the remaining 500
miles to the slaughterhouse. America’s dirty little secret is that since
horse slaughter houses were closed in the US several years ago. More than 133,000 horses are still being killed
each year. The same numbers before the US closures but
now the horses are also subjected to these additional grueling cross over trips to Canada
and Mexico. Instead of exporting horse meat, America now
exports live horses exacerbating their suffering. At this slaughterhouse in Quebec the horses
face a terrifying and excruciating death. Undercover footage taken at this same facility
in 2011 showed cruel treatment and ineffective methods. This slaughterhouse worker needlessly slams
the captive bolt pistol into the horses head then sarcastically waves goodbye to the dying
horse. This incompetent worker who is required to
administer instant death inflicted 11 captive bolt shots to this horse’s head before the
horse finally collapse. And this slaughterer mockingly tells a horse
“I love you too” when the horse withies after being shot.

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  2. Why has humanity come to this and why is this society thinking that if we punch more bullets in their head they will die faster leaving a bigger laugh! This is horrible this is ?

  3. Everyone's so upset because they're pet animals. Horses are about as intelligent as cows, and barely anyone gives a shit. Cows are sweet, loving animals with personalities, just like horses. Pigs are as intelligent as a three year old, with scientific studies to back all of this up, but Noooo. People need to realize that animals should have the same place in our hearts and the same morals. Thank you Peta

  4. I love horses so this hurts me the most. Thank you PETA for this video it really opened my mind! ??

  5. I don't see why cannibalism is so bad. We are overpopulating the fucking earth. Eat humans. The real issue here lolol

  6. I really want to be vegan/vegetarian but it’s hard when your grandmas main plate is meat and you go there every Saturday.

  7. This is absolutely horrible. Horses are amazing animals and don't deserve this! I am ashamed of my species and the way these horses are treated. The way some people treat horses, and other animals, is absolutely abominable and should be downright illegal.

    I remember once when I was 8-9 that our school was in the field and someone came with a cow and showed us how they milked it with a machine. And our school's drink choices mainly consisted of dairy, and you had to BUY water, which is healthier and in my opinion, completely better than milk.

  8. This is a sad vid but I like how a peta worker(s) try to get in there, get the truth from them and lie that they won’t say a thing
    Then the peephole,e get exposed

  9. My uncle always makes fun of me cos I'm always saying I want to be a wet or help save animals but this is the reason why!

  10. I am trying to be vegetarian. I am doing ok, I get disgusted by meat but some meat like duck, especially, I just can't get myself to leave. I get really ashamed of it.

  11. Horses how can people do this to animals? Is it money? Food? Fame? Horses and animal have feelings to they wouldn’t like this to happen to this would they? Monsters they are. MONSTERS

  12. Im 12 and want to go at least vegetarian (then transition to vegan) but I can’t. I try to and then I just fail and eat something from an animal. I don’t have much money since I’m 12 so I can’t really buy my own vegetarian diet

  13. I do not know where they get the people they do that act like this much less do what they do…sickening and disgusting…I would like to administer their fate in the same manner…humans this sick aren't good for society…they should be exterminated!


  15. Why humans dont understand horse is animal Like a dog … how About u give a Bridle on dog and then someone starts pushing and kicking him???why is humans so stupid its JUST Animal !????

  16. that truck driver seemed to have compassion for the suffering of those horses, he would not accept such a job that required him to be cruel if it weren't for the money. This is exactly why we need to advocate for greater economic security so that people don't have to do jobs like these just to feed their families.

  17. I wanted to move to Canada, though now I think I'll stay where I am, I'd end up doing something drastic if I saw a wagon load of horses whilst driving.

  18. First of all they don’t need to be rude for an oction second if they r gonna sell the meat they should put them down with one of those shots but they should not be doing any of this either way I mean we need to live they need to live animals need to live what happen when they all r gone bc cruel ppl kill them to eat or kill just for fun what r we gonna do kill humans what do U guys think comment on this

  19. Me: Mom i'm vegan I can't eat this soup it has meat
    Mom: But you'r sick and need the soup!
    Me: Guess i'll die then lol

  20. I used to work with horses, we would abuse them and they would run but we would stab them I would jack off to the bodies secretly

  21. This is so sick and frightening for the horses. You know I now see that man will do anything to a living animal for money. This is humane and cruel to look at. This is so unacceptable that we have to truck these horses for many miles in inhumane conditions just to be slaughtered and eaten.

  22. i think they should have american slaughterhouses. if there are the same numbers as before, then there will be no disadvantages, and it'll reduce the journey times.

  23. This is so wrong we should have not allow this ! Our slaughter laws are wrong we should allow slaughter houses near by. This is a result of closing our American slaughter horses . We need to give instant death and nearby slaughter houses. The people that work at these houses should be trained and learn how to kill instantly ! Horses are beautiful creatures that deserve a dignified quick death. We cannot rescue all but they should be killed humanely.
    The do good people who closed the nearby Slaughter houses cause longer suffering. How about having a in farm method that is certified and quick for unwanted horses. Horses are big animals and when they are in pain it is fair to humanely euthanize or slaughter them.

  24. It’s disgusting, I can’t believe that someone would have the gut to kill the poor thing, what really made me sick was the way that the man said goodbye to the dying horse, I mean just because they lose a few races or lose a competition doesn’t mean they need to die !!! It’s like a human stuck in a truck with thousands others in freezing cold temperatures no food or water no warmth for 36 hours !!! That’s how the horses feel or any other animal. This needs to stop in every country just slaughter in general !!!

  25. this video traumatized me…so much…i love horses and didn't know this was happening to them until i watched this video! i wish i could help stop this animal cruelty but i can't effect what the world is like…but one day i'm gonna make big businesses see that what they're doing is wrong! this channel has inspired me even more to help animals and i thank them for that. i hope you have a great day!

  26. Wow PETA, this is something to worry about. Cows, pigs, and chickens are food, but not horses…

  27. The scary part is I live in Quebec and I have seen those trucks filled with horses, but I always thought that they were going to be living in a « centre équestre » and not for what this video as shown me… I personally work at a ranch as a part time job and I have to take care of 11 horses, each and every one of them have different personality’s and I love them all

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