360 Video: New Foals at the UC Davis Horse Barn
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360 Video: New Foals at the UC Davis Horse Barn

August 15, 2019

Hi, my name is Dr, Amy Mclean. I’m here at the University of California Davis
animal science horse barn. Our program features a teaching a research
herd of about 40 horses. We display 5 different breeds that students
interact with.During this time of the year in the spring, it’s really exciting around
the horse barn. We have mare and foals. The whole program is sponsored or run by students. they’re part of an internship program. This opportunity working with the horses,
working with the program here at the UC Davis animal science horse barn allows they to gain
that experience and practical experience to be prepared later on for a career in either
veterinary medicine or maybe as a horse owner. They can also go back into the industry and
serve in the equine reproduction services. So they get a really well rounded practical
background interacting on a daily basis. The foals we have on the ground right now,
we’ve got four different breeds. There’s an Andalusian foal, there’s actually
a new mule foal that was born. The mom is a mare horse and the sire is a
donkey or a jack. We’ve also had a quarter horse foal this spring
along with a Thoroughbred and then also another unique breed that is have at UC Davis is the
Azteca. The Azteca foal was born the first part of
march. All of the foals created here are part of
the stallion management internship. So all the foals created are created by students
that are learning like I said the ins and the outs of the equine reproduction. We’re especially thankful for our donors donating
such unique horses as well as from different backgrounds.

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