4H Horses | Iowa State Fair 2013
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4H Horses | Iowa State Fair 2013

August 15, 2019

>>The Iowa State Fair means a
lot, it’s a lot work to be here.>>I just want to go out there
and work hard. It’s a lot of fun.
>>There’s a lot of ponies here, there’s some good competition.
I’m ready, I’m excited.>>A lot of long days come down
to this. It’s time for the 4H horse show
right now. Tell me how to calm down.
>>Shake every show to fake it to.
The more they work together the better team they are.
>>What makes this show unique?>>I think it’s because the
4Hers are required to claim this animal as a project, that they
are required to work with it. It’s probably the largest show
for most of these 4Hers that they will attend this year.
We have 66 towns represented. We have 218 4Hers here.
When we are done we will have had over 8 00 some entries.
>>That’s events that go on before the Fair and doesn’t make
them less important.>>No.
This is showcasing their project.
I feel fortunate we’re able to come to the fair, it’s a great
facility. We run into the arena and it’s
special to them.>>We have two very busy places
at the Fair and one of them is the Jacobson center as we begin
the ranch horse western pleasure class.
>>In our ranch horse western pleasure class we’re looking for
a freer moving horse something to be used on the ranch.
>>Classes are also held at the pioneer livestock where the
first time pea have experienced halter class.
>>It’s important for 4Hers to look for in a halter horse or
any horse they would hope to use.
>>We stay at the livestock pavilion for the miniature horse
showmanship class. They might be small horses but
they still are a lot of work.>>This is our second year of
having miniature horses at Iowa State Fair.
They’ve gained in popularity and this particular class is judged
on the exhibiter. The horse is used as a prop.
They are to perform certain maneuvers.
They need to work together as a team to showcase what they’ve
learned through the year.>>As the judge makes her final
decisions as the competitors go through their final paces a lot
of work comes down to this event here at the Iowa State Fair.
Here is your champion in the miniature horse showmanship
class and the reserve champion. Moving on now to the pony
pleasure, this is English western tact and these
exhibiters are in grades 5-8. They talk about the hard work
these exhibiters are going through.
>>These kids get up at 5:00 in the morning working on their
horse, cleaning their horse getting themselves going and the
patterns. If you make it through this
you’ve won already.>>Each of our class winners
will move on to the championship round to compete for the grand
and reserve champion.>>We stay with pony pleasure in
the English or western tact and these are the exhibiters in
grades 9-12.>>In this class the judge is
looking for how the pony movers, mannerism, consistency of gait
and eye appeal.>>The championship here of pony
pleasure the follow two riders have advanced.
This is the final four.>>This is the class where they
compete for that championship — buckle.
Here is our champion receiving that buckle and the reserve
with a halter.>>Let’s find out with our judge
what she’s looking for in this competition.
>>The hunter in the saddle class is a preclass for jumping.
What we look for there is a rider that’s an English tact and
a horse that can cover the ground and a stride that would
be suitable for a jump pattern.>>As we finish up here with the
exhibiters in grades 7-9 quickly transition into our riders in
grades 10-12. And the top two riders from all
hunter under saddle age groups advance to the characterize.
>>We had some great 4Hers bring quality horses to the Iowa State
Fair this year. It was a great show and I want
to thank each and every one of them for coming.
>>Here is your reserve champion for today’s competition.
Congratulations to our grand champion and all of our
exhibiters in the 4H horse show.

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