5 Best Beginner Cruiser Motorcycles For Tall Riders 2017!
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5 Best Beginner Cruiser Motorcycles For Tall Riders 2017!

August 14, 2019

I did a video recently on the five best beginner
cruiser motorcycles of 2017, and a lot of you have asked if those bikes would be good
for tall riders. Some are, some aren’t. So I decided to do some research and find
out what is the best beginner cruiser motorcycle for tall people. And that is what we are going to discuss today. If you like cruisers and seeing videos like
this, make sure you subscribe and hit that notification bell next to it. That way you are notified of all my new videos
and when I do live stream motovlogs. Before I start, I just want to mention that
this isn’t a list of worst to best. Everyone has their own bias. I picked the motorcycles that I believe were
different, and offered something unique to a tall rider. So, let’s start the video. The 2017 Suzuki Boulevard C50 and C50t variation. This 805cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, Single
Overhead Cam, 45-degree V-twin is the cheapest bike on this list. Sorry, thats a lot to say. So let’s get the price out of the way. It MSRPs at $9,399. The C50t comes with a windscreen, padded backrest,
white wall tires, and some more fancy things. So let us focus on the C50. It has a link type rear suspension that’s
shaped like a traditional cruiser. It has a single shock in the rear and allows
4.1 inches of suspension travel. It has a 33 degree rake and 65.2 inches of
wheelbase for a smooth traveling cruiser. The C50 has wide handlebars, forward controls
with floorboards, and a seat height of 27.6 inches. It does have smaller tires than most of the
cruisers on this list at a 15 inch rear, and 16 inch front. I do believe this is a great beginner cruiser
motorcycle for you tall giants out there. The wide handlebars, low seat height, and
forwards controls will prevent some of you from hitting your knees on the bars. The price point is great, and it has enough
power to get you where you need to go. The 2017 Vulcan 900 Custom. I mention this bikes little brother in my
last video about beginner cruiser motorcycles of 2017. The 2017 Vulcan S. This Vulcan has a 903cc
4-stroke, 55° V-twin, 4 valves per cylinder, Single overhead cam, liquid-cooled engine. It is belt driven and is a 5 speed transmission. Single hydraulic disk brakes in the front
and back. The wheelbase sits at 64.8 inches, slightly
less than the Suzuki Boulevard, but it has an overall length of 94.7 inches. It’s heavier than bikes I normally ride,
as it sits at 610 lbs with fuel. It does have a Big fuel capacity at 5.3 gallons
though. It also has a Seat height of 27 inches. Now that the specs are out of the way, this
bike does not come with the ERGO FIT feature that the Kawasaki Vulcan S comes with. So no adjusting the bike to fit your needs. That really shouldn’t matter as this bike
has Wide drag bars that enable plenty of leverage and forward-mounted footpegs. Its a bigger bike with the bigger ride in
mind. The 2017 Victory Highball. Now you really should snag this one at your
local dealer because you’ll find some deals. If you can find this bike. The 2017 should be the last year made. Polaris is shutting down Victory, as I explained
in a previous video. A link to that will be in the description. Long story short, Victory is shutting down,
but they will still honor the warranties for the next 10 years. With that said, check this bike out. It’s MSRP is $13,499, but like I said, you
might find some deals. It’s a 106 cubic inch, 1731cc bike. A Lot of power. Alot. Carbon fiber reinforced belt, 6 speed, and
a 6 valve vertical twin engine. Single mono tube, adjustable rear suspension
with A 16 inch rear and front wheel. The seat height sits low at 25 inches, and
it has a total length of 93.4 inches. 4.5 gallon fuel capacity for those longer
rides. Snag this bike before it’s gone. The 2017 Indian Chief Dark Horse. I like this variant of the 2017 Indian Chief
Classic, so I am going with this one. It looks amazing. The 2017 Indian Chief Dark Horse starts with
an MSRP of $17,499. It has a 111 cubic inch, or 1811cc engine. It is a closed loop fuel injection engine,
with a compression ratio of 9.5 by 1. Comes with a wet, multi-plate clutch and it
is a 6 speed transmission. Single shock in the back with a 3.7 inch rear
travel. It has a 16 inch front and rear tires, but
the rear is a fat 180 millimeters wide tire. To put that in perspective, my Harley Sportster
is 130 millimeters. The wheelbase is 68.1 inches, with a total
length of 103.5 inches. I’ve been spouting those numbers for these
bikes because that plays a huge role in overall comfort and how the turning will be. So it’s pretty important. The fuel capacity is at 5.5 gallons with a
total weight of 783 lbs wet. It’s a Bigger bike, but it’s for bigger
people. The 2017 Harley Davidson Low Rider S. I like
the way the Low Rider S variant looks compared to the Low Rider. Just my preference. This also comes in at an MSRP of $17,499. This does have ABS and Cruise control. So that is nice. It has an 110 cubic inch, 1801cc engine. 6 speed drivetrain and an Electronic Sequential
Port Fuel Injection fuel system. The Harley Low Rider S has a 19 inch front
wheel, and a 17 inch rear. Pretty big tires. The seat height is 26.6 inches and the Low
Rider S has an overall length of 89.9 inches. It has a 4.7 gallon fuel tank and the Low
Rider S weighs in at 672 lbs wet. There are a ton of different Harley Davidson
bikes out there for tall people, but this is my favorite beginner cruiser outside of
the Harley Roadster. Well that’s the 5 best beginner cruiser motorcycles
for tall people in 2017… Well, my opinion anyways. Like I said earlier. This list is my opinion and by no means an
absolute. If you have a cruiser that you recommend,
please leave a comment below and let me know. If you found any of this helpful. Please share this video with your friends
or family. That really does help me out so much. I hope to see you all around, and I hope you
all ride safe. See ya later.

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  1. Hey Dan , have you actually ridden some of these bikes? I wouldn't recommend a beginner to drop $18k on a bike. I'm 6' 1 230 lbs and would not not take a lo rider S or any of the S models. These were actually produced for shorter people. Put your feet down at a stop light and they're half bent. In any case the S models sport the 110 engine, way to much HP for a beginner. Just my 2 cents.

  2. i would recommend definitely skipping the Sportster or Scout if your anywhere around 6 Feet. You'll outgrow them fast. But if your just learning & pinching pennies then ride a bike equipped with forward controls at the very least.

  3. The chief dyna and victory are just too heavy and powerful for any beginner rider. Lighter more nimble bikes are better for beginners however finding cruisers that are light and nimble yet fit taller riders is more difficult. And no beginner should buy a new bike. I would look for a used bike that a tall rider owned and modified to suit them. A tall rider can always learn on a bike that's too small but no one can learn on a bike that's too big or too heavy. I'm 6'4 and I learned on an old Yamaha XJ650. Very tiny bike. Then I got a VStrom 650 and also bought a dyna street bob. I find that I can modify any bike to fit to an extent.

  4. the lowrider s is starting to grow on me, not going thru those payments again! nope! like your review on these machines. way to go dan! ? thumb's up for ya bro!

  5. Hi Dan
    Very informative videos, thanks for posting them. I'm 6ft3in and I really like the Triumph America, or Thunderbird, and, although I appreciate it's more of a bagger than a cruiser, the Moto Guzzi MGX-21 'Flying Fortress'. I know Moto Guzzi are a rare machine in the US, but if you get a chance have a look.
    Keep up the good work!!

  6. I think the Yamaha Vstar should be on this list. Either the 1300 or the 950. Both are great bikes. I prefer them over the C50 or the Vulcan. I have ridden all three for a while. Buddy bought the C50, My Dad bought a Vstar and My buddies wife bought the Vulcan Custom.

  7. I've been riding for a couple of months now and I've got a Victory Vegas 8 Ball. I'm so in love with it, an amazing bike

  8. I'd suggest tall riders look at the Indian Scouts. The Scout is a better beginner bike that the full size v-twins you mention here. 1700-1800cc bikes weighing over 700lbs don't seem like the best choice for a beginner. The mid-size Scout offers some tall guy accessories that make the bike comfortable. I'm 6'6", set mine up with the ext reach seat, ext reach front peg adapters, and some aftermarket floorboards that lower the foot position about a half inch and give more room to stretch out.

  9. Are any of the low rider models good or only the low rider s? I'm 6'8" and bikes like the road king are far out of my price range.

  10. Thanks for this video Dan. just a question for anyone out there. I'm a beginner and a bit scared of going too high in CC (over 900 CC) and too much in weight. I'm 6'2, 105kg. I prefer the Japanese bikes because I plan to buy 2ND hand as my first bike and better value. Can anyone suggest any other ideal cruisers??

    Thanks in advance!!!

  11. This video is pointless. You say you did research to find the best beginner bikes for tall riders, but you didn't even tell us why you chose the bikes. Are you tall, and have you driven each of the bikes on your list for at least more than an hour to find out? It isn't just about seat height or handlebar position, it's the combination of many factors that create a pleasing riding experience for a tall rider on a motorcycle. I'm 6'4" and I just bought a Suzuki Gladius and it cramps my right leg and left hand, and the seat is uncomfortable. I watched this video thinking I'm going to come away with a useful list of bikes to check out, but I'm coming away empty handed.
    On top of that, you ask us to subscribe within 15 seconds, and I click "show more" a gigantic list appears where you're begging people to follow your social media and links to more of your videos. I recommend you focus on delivering actual good quality, well researched content, where you've personally tested the motorcycles, then I'll actually subscribe. Good content makes people subscribe, not asking people to subscribe within 15 seconds and creating clickbait videos where you haven't even tested any of the bikes.

  12. the suzuki boulevard c50 is a great bike it was actually my first bike that i owned im 6 feet tall and its very comfortable mine was a 2006 but i dont know what all they have changed in the newer models but i know that older models like mine, the engine has more power for a 6th gear mainly to be able to ride on the interstate easier and more comfortable, after about 65 the engine is screaming probably around 4500rpm to 5k i dont know what the redline is because it doesnt have a rpm gauge but the engine revs high for such a slow speed and since they have a straight drive shaft and drum brakes in the rear all in one housing its a con because its not as simple as just changing a sprocket to help with the gearing problem, other than that its a great bike even for a beginner its very forgiving and walnt spin out of controll or pop off the ground at all and ive riden mine prity hard trying to see what it can do

  13. Is there some unwritten code to wear 3/4 helmets in motorcycle add video's? Seems like every cruiser company is trying to sell to hipsters lol

  14. The Chief Dark horse is so sexy, I'm a big guy I'm over 6'0 would it be possible to start on one? I've talked to a few people that own one and opinions differ.

  15. Sounds like you are not a tall person. You have no clue what it's like to be tall in a world where nothing fits. Being tall is a major handicap.
    I've tried them all. None fit my 6'4" frame. Everything is made to fit the midgets while tall people are being neglected.
    I ended up buying a Kawasaki KLR-650 and could not be happier. I did raise the seat about 1.5 ". Great, very comfortable bike and rides wonderful.
    The only other cruiser bike that was close to being ok, with small set modifications, was a 2006 Vulcan Nomad. Nothing else fits a tall person. KLR-650 is the king of them all though.

  16. I have a 08 Vulcan 900 Custom, I am about 6' 4", and it is real comfortable. Only drawback, that skinny front tire don't like going over about 60mph. Over that it don't like.

  17. dan. you're a smart man. smart enough to know better than saying a Vic Highball is for greenhorns. quit that shit bruh

  18. I have just turned 60 and im 6*8. I weigh 240lbs. I just bought my first bike! A 2008 Suzuki C109r with 13,000 kilometers for 5.500 Canadian dollars.  People told me the weight @ 783lbs be to much for me. Had it out all summer and had a lot of fun with it. Ride it with respect and it will make ya happy! Dave from Canada…

  19. I can vouch for the low rider S suiting my needs as a beginner bike. It has alot of power, but only above 3500RPM, so it doesnt take me off my seat if i accidentally slip on the throttle. My only complaint so far is that the stock handlebars are a bit low and i wind up having to lean over a bit to reach them (6'5").

  20. I am 6`3" and tried the HD Low Rider S as you had suggested at the end of your video and found it a bit cramped. I ended up with a 2017 Victory Judge (European model) and nearly ended up with a Gunner as it was equally as roomy albeit a little less attractive . The Judge I found not only better all round but a far better fit than the Low Rider S as well as a Fat Boy. Just saying.

  21. Great review mate but unfortunately for those of us in Australia, 660cc is the max for the first 2 years on a restricted license. I am currently looking at a few cruisers such as the Harley Street 500, the Honda CMX (Rebel) 500, Yamaha XVS650 V Star, Suzuki S40 Boulevard and of course the Kawasaki Vulcan S 650. I have ridden the Street 500 and an older Vulcan S but am yet to jump on board any of the others. As someone who has pretty much only ridden sport bikes it would be good to find out some information about such things as wind buffeting etc on these cruisers. Keep up the good work.

  22. I'm 6'1, and 270lbs. I ride a 2016 Victory Cross Country Tour and love it. Harleys are just too small for any tall rider. The instrument cluster in a Harley seems to be right up on you, almost claustrophobic like. I have not found a Harley that gives me the legroom I need stock.

  23. very nice bikes but who said these are for beginners?! that's how you people push young riders to get themselves killed!! Beginners my advise is begin 250cc that's it and once you feel comfortable move to bigger engine. cheers

  24. learn the difference about a kawasaki vulcan s 600cc and the vulcan custom 900cc . you showed the wrong bike and the vulcan s is to small and got an racing engine

  25. LRS for a beginner, seriously? That is a LOT of power for a new rider, yes it is probably one of the easiest big harleys to ride because of its upright ergos and mid mounts, but it will break the back tire loose in 1st gear if you aren't careful, that 110 inch motor is a beast and the power comes on instantly. For an experienced rider, it is a blast to ride (I've ridden one, definitely my favorite Harley). The Chief is in the same boat, that 111 inch motor is an absolute torque monster and the chief will break the back tire loose if you aren't careful, it is also a big and heavy bike, though it is well balanced and the weight is down low.

  26. Also, definitely suggest new riders get a used bike, most new riders will drop their first bike a time or two and it is a lot less heartache if you scratch up a used bike that you paid a few thousand for rather than scratching up a 17k new Harley or Indian.

  27. Well let me tell ya! I'm 6*8 and 240 lbs and my first bike I have ever owned which I bought this year is a 2008 Suzuki C109r. The only bike that the handle bars don't knock on my knees. To big you might say? Maybe for some. But I have enjoyed it totally this year and have put on 20 thousand kilometers so far. Not bad for a first year I guess. I had more trouble riding the 250 they gave me at the riding course. Size 14 shoes can be hard to shift with conventional shifters and brakes. As for the to much power thing, 1783cc and 117 hp, yes it does need respect. And I have given it such. Should have bought one years ago! Great video, keep em coming and oh I forgot to tell ya I just turned 61!!!! TC

  28. I'm 6'3 and looking at the Iron 883. Anybody have experience with that? I know you can make tons of mods with it so maybe adjust the pegs and seat heights?

  29. Is 6'3 considered tall in this context, im a newbie to all of this . Im 6"3 220 pounds which the majority of is my frame . What is my best option in your opion im looking to get a cruiser in the next year or so . I will likely have to buy a used bike as i am a college student with limited budget.any help would be greatly appreciated

  30. Delete your account. You have zero ZERO real info and your gonna cause harm to someone. A fucking victory with high bars. Have u ever been on one. They are a fucking bitch to handle at high speeds let alone. A FUCKING CROSS WIND. It will damn near send a new rider to his grave. U are the exact reason the motorcycle market is failing. Passing down shitty info. Like wtf dude.

  31. Now there'a a Sportster that will fit a tall rider. It's the 48 Special and has mini ape handlebars and forward controls. With the H-D Tallboy seat it should fit very well. I'm 6'5" and this bike fits me better than the new Street Bob with mid controls, for example. H-D is very versatile because of the parts availability and the aftermarket.

  32. It's not actually how tall you are it's the inseam … I'm 5'10" but have a 34" inseam which means I am all leg :P… so feel cramped up more than most men my height and even some men taller than me who have a long torso … 0.2

  33. It is crazy you have such high powered bikes on your "beginner" list of bikes. Rename the list to "bikes to get killed on for beginners".

  34. At 6'4 I would put in a plug for the c-50 Suzuki. I've had mine for 10 years now and decided that for the amount and type of riding I do that it is just fine for me.

  35. To go along with what the other posts said.. this video was fairly useless. If you’re not tall then you don’t get it. How tall are you? What bikes did you ride? What actual information do you have to contribute that is useful? Vids like this are such a waste of time.

    I’m 6’5” and I had a 2005 Suzuki C50. I loved that bike, but it was always a wee bit cramped for me, took effort to sit up straight, the knee angle was a bit tight and put a bit of strain on my back with the stock seat after 200 miles. Do you know what I’m talking about, or have you even ever ridden one?

    Not to be a straight hater, but come on man. Either make a video that is helpful or don’t make a video at all. You got the name of the Suzuki wrong and had the wrong bike playing during that part of the video.

    And as someone else mentioned, Harley’s are made for short or average sized people in their stock configurations. You’d have to be tall to know that.

  36. When the first bike was the cheapest one at 9000 I was like wait isn't this for beginners…. Then when I heard the other bikes are over 1500 CC and stuff… Didn't finish.

  37. should probably define "tall" I'm 6'1 is that "tall" it is to short ppl but for ppl taller than me that's short haha

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