5 Outdoor Kids Party Games EVERYONE will PLAY
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5 Outdoor Kids Party Games EVERYONE will PLAY

October 18, 2019

here are another three outdoor group
game ideas and if you like this video come back next week I’ll have some more
for you alright let’s get into today’s video
frisbee tic-tac-toe is my first game suggestion for you and you can make this
simply out of a shower curtain and some duct tape you’re going to need nine
that’s not nine that’s eight nine frisbees make a tic-tac-toe board with
your duct tape and your shower curtain toss the frisbees play regular old
tic-tac using frisbees outdoors grip game number two is a human ring toss
give everybody a pool noodle that you have taped together in a ring with some
duct tape have a child like this hold their arms up in the air and then everybody
takes turns throwing the ring on to their team member to see if they can get
the ring over their team their team member it’s as simple as that all right
being bad ladder toss so you’re just gonna need to set up a ladder like this
one here and buy yourself some beanbags like these here assign a point value to
each rung of your ladder and have your kids toss beanbags through the rungs of
the ladder I mean it’s as simple as that whoever earns the most points is the
winner Pool noodle toss now you might have seen this one all over the Internet
it went viral I’ll post a little clip of it right over here it went viral yes it
did and you just have your kids everybody gets a pool noodle and you
just stand in a circle and you pass it off to one another you kind of toss it
to each other the kid is not fast enough I’m sorry but that kid is out of here
keep tossing until you’re down to one kid and that kid is the winner javelin
throw with pole noodles of course and if you want some more pull noodle videos I
will link a pool noodle video that you might want to check out I will put it in
a card you don’t either be here or here all right so pool noodle javelin is
exactly what it sounds like who can toss the pool noodle the
farthest across the yard so give that pool noodle a toss have kids line up in
a straight line or behind each other and practice throw it the farthest and
whoever throws it the farthest is the winner alright guys thanks so much for
watching today’s video don’t forget to give me a big thumbs up
if you liked this video or found it useful for game idea
I will see you in my next video thanks for watching

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