6 Things Your Cat is Saying to You
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6 Things Your Cat is Saying to You

October 18, 2019

Talking about a little
miscommunication, I want to go over some real
basic cat body language that you probably
said, oh he means this. And it is completely
in left field. The first one,
Halloween cat, right? You’ve seen it before. Cat with arched back, tail up in
the air, and making themselves totally puffed up. And we interpret
that as aggression. In reality what it is, is
pretty much the opposite. It’s fear. The cat will blow
up, sort of tough, in order to make themselves
appear bigger, because they’re afraid of something
that just happened. The second one, the old, cat
laying on his or her back, right? Now, when you see your dog
lay on his or her back, you go in for the tummy rub. Those of you who have reached
in to rub your cat’s belly, you get bit or scratched. I call this the cat hug,
because what they’re doing is exposing the most
vulnerable part of themselves, their midline. If you are facing a
potential predator, this is that place that you
do not want exposed, right? When a human hugs
another human, we are exposing our midline
to that other person. It is a mutual show of
risk-taking and emotional trust. Cats do the same thing
by showing you that. That does not mean, come
on in for a belly rub. Now let’s talk about the
big one, the wagging tail. Folks are looking at their cat
through dog-colored glasses and are saying, this
means my cat is happy. As a matter of fact, they are
usually saying the opposite. Now, cats will start
to get worked up, start to get a little agitated
to static in the environment by absorbing that energy. It’s almost like it
comes in this way, and then it gets
stuck in the tail. And then, how am I suppose to
get this energy out of my body, you know? And then, it starts
getting worse, right? And then by the time
they are ready to pounce on you or anybody, or
explode with their staticky frustration, it is like this. We talked in the past
about the miscommunication that is inherent with cat
overstimulation aggression. So that is, you’re sitting
there petting the cat– pet, pet, pet, pet, pet. Suddenly, chomp. You get bit. The other one we talked about a
little bit was play aggression. Your ankles get
attacked, but why? Because your cat wants to
play and is not getting that play attention. We’ve even talked about how
your cat can pee on the couch, for instance. You’re like, why do you hate me? An insecure cat will
pee on something to mingle their scent
with yours, as if to say, you and me, buddy,
we’re compadres, right? So whether it is Halloween
cat, whether it is the cat hug –the belly rub that
we go in for, which we shouldn’t– whether it is
the play aggression attack, the overstimulation
aggression attack, whether it is the wagging tail,
these are all ways that we can take off the
dog-colored glasses, take off the
human-colored glasses. Look at your cat through
cat-colored glasses, their motivations, what
their reality is, and you’ll spend a lot less time
misconstruing, getting angry, projecting, doing
all those dangerous things that we tend to do more
with cats than dogs for sure, but pretty
much anybody else. So that’s it for today, folks. You can find me where you
find anybody these days, whether it’s on Twitter,
Facebook, YouTube. The Animalist Network
has me in spades these days, so watch Animalist. And also, don’t forget, make
some comments down below, subscribe to my feed. You’ll find out what’s going on,
like for instance, the Google Hangout that is coming
up very soon now. We’re going to be talking,
more specifically than not, about litter box issues. But you know me, we’re going
to go all over the map. All right folks,
until the next time we speak, all light, all
love, all mojo to you. Love you. THEME SONG: You’re a bad cat. I’m not a bad cat. You’re a bad cat. I’m not a bad cat. You’re a bad cat. I’m just misunderstood. Meow.

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  1. My cat pees on the couch and she is insecure about her territory. She is 10 weeks old and just moved into my home 2 weeks ago. how do i fix it?

  2. These are the reasons why I do not have a cat. Quite frankly I don't trust them I really don't like them all that much! Give me a little bow wow any day!

  3. Hi just came across your channel. Great info. Many thanks.
    Please tell me what to do with my kitten biting my 11 year old pug.

  4. My cats don't get aggressive with me….never…why should we not belly rub when they don't reject the belly rub? I understand that it is my behavior that changes theirs…

  5. I have one Tank Man who will grab ahold of you, then your bleeding. And another Rose Bud who will look like a pancake with a head, trilling and saying momma give me some special lovins! So I guess it depends on the cat's personality ?. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us!
    Luv yah ?

  6. after my cat got castrated she litereally begged me to gently rub her belly. The purring… the melting (yes, she literally melted under my hand and fel asleep) xD sadly she doens't like it anymore 😀 now she lays next to me, paw on my arm, ready to get cheakrubbed <3 xD sigh, I love my bbys x)

  7. I beg to differ on the belly rub. My cat loves it. When I get from work my cat will rub up against me, then she rolls on to her back for it. As mentioned this is a form of submission and that the cat trusts you.

  8. One of my cats LOVES the belly rubs!!! He can't get enough!!! The other cat, not so much…usually. Sometimes he also enjoys a very light belly caress

  9. heres a question why does my 13 week old kitten meow when she is playing with her toys. my other cat dont do that.

  10. Okay the part about the cat hug made me cry Bc that’s so cute that they trust u enough to show u their belly. ?? love my cat so much

  11. I guess I’m lucky because my cat’s never attacked when I belly-rub her. But to be fair, I’m gentle and she’s very bonded with me. I should take that as a compliment 😉

  12. My cat wags her tail when she's deep in thought trying to decide where & when she's going to pounce on her BFF (our yorkie dog)…. she's usually hiding around the corner from her friend or up above on her cat tower, looking down at her subjects…

  13. I'm sorry but my little boy loves showing us his tummy and getting touched in this area. I would even say it's his favourite, he's always done this since he was a kitten and still does to this day.

  14. Hey Jackson! Well you just explained another issue for me. My one cat (that the other two wont hang out with) wags his tail all the time. Not as hard of a wag as it use to be, but still constant. Thanks for explaining in easy to understand ways. Next is litter box? I have a question for that too. I must have the only cat around who doesn't know how to cover his "deposit". Love you Jackson! ???????

  15. @1:33 That does not necessarily mean, they don't enjoy belly rubs in this position.
    @3:09 Those are attacks. No need to downplay this just because you are cat lover.
    @3:26 Projecting? You mean that thing that you do right now. What is dangerous about that?

  16. Belly rubs depend on the cat. I have 2 cats one at each extreme drive.
    1 just wants food doesnt care what it is she just wants food needs LITTLE affection dont touch me…. im happy
    1 the food bowls empty… eh it can wait rub my belly, and my face, my head, my back…JUST TOUCH ME

  17. Stopped his video at #9. Cats put there back up where afraid? It's called fight or flight. They try to intimidate the other. Humans do the same in similar ways.

  18. My cat's tail is always flicking even when she looks extremely calm and is slow blinking at me. What do I do? I want her to be happy!

  19. How do I make my kitten not playing around my feet or run between them while walking? Ive been trying to spray water on him but still doesn't work. hes 14 week s

  20. my neighbours' cat is neutered but he constantly backing up and urinating on my walls and my gazebo curtains why is he doing this all iof a sudden ????? Does anyone know ???????

  21. We adopted what we call a cat/dog. Meows and purrs like a cat, but loves attention, bellyrubs, plays fetch, and follows us everywhere. He even likes to lay in the shower. He's an odd duck.

  22. CAT DADDY? ? please help❣️..,,do cats growl at each other when they are playing??? I need to see if I should be worried about a cat that I rescued a few months ago. She’s a senior. And have tried your techniques to help her adapt to our home and other cat. I’m worried a lot about the cats fighting…. I’m not sure what to do or if I should be worried. They never seem to hurt each other. Neither of them have front claws. Both have been spay/neutered. It’s been about three months now… I’m a big fan of yours study your techniques. Not sure what to do. The Humane Society said she had been at their facility three times. I really want her to have her forever home. She’s 10 years old and I think she still has a lot of love to give. I know I have tons of love to give her. I’m just not so sure my other kitty feels the same. I don’t want either kitty to get hurt or feel afraid to live in their own home. I just want to make it work. ❤️❤️??❤️❤️

  23. One of my cats doesn't really attack hands if you rub his belly, but he does bat them away as if to say "no, thank you." He's surprisingly gentle about it.

    My other cat absolutely loves her belly rubs, but it took a long time to help her trust people enough to allow it — but interestingly enough, it was the belly rubs that helped me earn her trust. If she ever exposed her stomach to me, I'd gently run my fingers alone her stomach with my nails and she'd rumble like a motorboat. It got to the point where she'd throw herself on the floor in front of us to expose her stomach and absolutely demand the pets. It was very interesting, considering she was rescued from a hoarding situation. She's still very shy, but she absolutely loves pets and attention.

  24. Imma say this is wrong.. all of it it depends on your Queen. My cat does basically the complete opposite of everything he said. She loves belly rubs she wags and curls her tail around my hand as I per her. If she likes it do it all cats are different like humans. Each with their own personality.

  25. Regarding cats peeing outside of the litterbox, what do you do? Mine do that even though they have scent soakers (cat trees and litter boxes) right next to my bed and couch.

  26. I think you are doing a great job. Thanks for your lovely comments on my cat few years ago on "America's cutest Pets" show….

  27. I love it when Panther will look over his shoulder at me and wobble his head while maintaining eye contact. He's saying, "I love you please love me back." I always do. 🙂

  28. And on the belly rubs, I've found it depends on the cat. Most don't like it, but Panther was born such a trusting soul, he doesn't mind where you pet him so long as you pay him attention. He has so much love to give.

  29. My cat actually likes having his tummy rubbed… I didn’t do it for the longest time and then I did it by mistake and he just loved it. Is there a reason why he would let me?

  30. my cats can't be handled, they are feral and terrified of humans. They are starting to trust me after a few years, have had their preliminary shots, but I just don't know how to get them to the vet without traumatizing them. If someone came here, he or she would not be able to handle them either.

  31. 1: No shit… Really who thinks this is aggression?
    2: Kind of showing that you don't know as much as you think. In my experience it depends on the cat. Yes, a lot of cats actually like belly rubs while doing this. not all however. Don't generalize so much. Also don't assume that everyone but you is stupid. No most of what people think it not "left field"
    3: This IS actually good on, because ya a lot of people don't understand tail whipping.

  32. I knew most of these. My cat rarely gets agitated to the point of pouncing, but still. She also loves belly rubs. She stretches and spreads her legs out and purrs. Currently she is sleeping curled up against my side and on my arm. This is a common place for her.

  33. ~ if you ever run across a bear – DONT RUN! But put your arms up and out, even picking your bike up over your head, if possible, or waving a stick, making lots of noise. They have very little eyes, fortunately. QUESTION, PLEASE: stray came in our (me and 6 cats) Home, peeing and pooping everywhere. Finally got him a home after having to Make him stay outside, now youngster (both male) is peeing. Help, please? BEST deoderizer? THANQ FOR EVERYTHING!!!

  34. My cat loves a belly rub. I always hug him and he hugs me back. When I come back from school he always licks my face and tries to climb me. I love him so much❤️

  35. Think my cat can send my sadness…cause whenever I'm stress or sad he'll come and pee on me but when things go smooth he's no where to be found around me

  36. So my kitty does the Halloween cat to stretch his back. He doesn’t puff up and his tail isn’t up. He just arches his back and yawns and then keeps moving

  37. “Your ankles get attacked” this is me whenever i pass by the kittens, they dont do it to my orher housemates tho just me

  38. Silas likes to be pet anywhere, belly included, he just wants to be loved on. I can irritate him by holding and kissing on him and he still comes back for more loving. He also comes when he's called so he may not know that he isn't a dog :/ lol

  39. What does it mean when my cat grabs a tophat and cane, and sings "Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal!" like the dancing frog from Looney Tunes?

  40. Dude, my cat loves his belly rubbed for a few seconds after exposing to me. Then hes done, and I go to behind ears and under chin.

  41. Swishing tail does not mean static electricity. It means "Back off, or you're gonna get it!"

    And a cat peeing on furniture is marking their territory, doesn't like their litter or location of their box, or is MAD at you.

  42. I prefer Desmond Morris' explanation of a cat's basic tail movement; the tail is fundamentally a counter balance and cats subconsciously move their tails from side to side when they are undecided on a course of action. A physical signifier of a mental state via an appendage designed to maintain balance.

  43. I found the video interesting, but inaccurate with regard to my past and current feline companions. Kind of like how you "can't" walk a cat on a leash….

  44. Why does my kitten meow and purr while I'm giving it attention carries on moewing even if give the kitten what she wants is a kitten thing that grows out off

  45. Thanks for this info on cat body language, I always wondered about the tail wag thing and the belly rub aggression.????

  46. I CLICKED ON THIS VIDEO WITHOUT KNOWING IT'S JG. MY CHILDHOOD HERO. INSPIRED ME TO START WORKING TO BE A VET TECH. I'm still in grade 12 but I have wanted to work with animals all my life, it's cliche but it's true. I have this innate ability to connect with animals. I have rehabbed birds. I can somehow calm nearly any animal. It's my life. Cat from hell was my life. Cats are my life

  47. Cats are very complex creatures, every cat has their own specific personalities, I've had 6 cats in my entire life and I'm 28 yo, literally every one of them acted different, but ther are different reasons for different actions, so different, but my cat loves me to death, cuddles at night, belly rubs and only bites when playing, my brand new totally white kitten is only cuddly at night going to bed, there all different, crazy, some hate strangers but love you, or some love everyone they meet or completely hide when someone comes over n only a normal kitty when were alone, so again they r complex creatures but I love them♡

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