6 Tips For Guest Skating | Roller Derby
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6 Tips For Guest Skating | Roller Derby

October 16, 2019

Hey there derbyverse, it’s Nox, and today
let’s talk about some tips for guest skating, because guest skating is great for a million
reasons but especially if you’re a new skater or you haven’t done it before, you might have
some hesitations or some questions, so here are a few of my favorite tips for guest skating. Number one, contact the league ahead of time. AKA Don’t. Crash. Practices. That’s a bad look. Not only do many leagues have special practice
schedules with different practices for different skill levels or different focuses,
but they might even have private team practice. Contact the team first to see about schedules,
expectations, waivers, drop-in fees, if you need tennis shoes, stuff like that. Also this is when they’ll fill you in on
what wheels you’ll need, what kind of surface they skate on, expectations, if they have an off skates portion or a scrimmage portion, y’know, other important practice details. Number two,
bring one black and one white shirt. Not purple, not gray, not rainbow
– black and white. You should probably always have these in your
bag but it’s especially important when guest skating so that you’re prepared for anything
that they’re doing. Number three,
connect with the practice leader. When you get to practice, find out who the
practice leader is, and introduce yourself. Not only is it just good practice but this
is also when they can tell you about drills, any certain team strategies or terminologies,
and procedures for drills. Number four,
understand that this practice isn’t about you. And what I mean by this is, be ready to fill
whatever role they might need. If they’re prepping for a game or practicing
a certain strategy or trying to strengthen their team dynamics, you might not get that many reps. And that’s ok, you might just have to fill
in where they need you, they might need you to be a jammer when you’re a blocker or
vice versa, you might just have to sit on the sidelines, they might need you to NSO. Sometimes you’re gonna get a billion reps
because not a lot of people showed up to practice, you know, you never know how it goes, and just be ready to do it all in the name of derby love. Also it’s important to note that whether
or not we like it, we are representing our league when we go to other leagues Number six,
get ready to learn. That was super cheesy. Even if you’re not getting a bunch of reps,
you can learn a lot just by watching how they run a practice. How are the chitchat levels? Do they do any drills you do but do them differently? Do they do different drills entirely? Do they have an off skates portion? Do they run scrimmage scenarios? Just, how do they do practice? How do they do roller derby and teach it to
everyone else? Take notes and bring it back to your league, I’m sure there’s something great you can do with it. And lastly, get out of your comfort zone. This is a great time to do things you normally don’t do, and test your skills in a new environment. Try taking a leadership position in the pack
if you’re a newer skater, or jam if you’re a blocker or vice versa. Really guest skating is such a great opportunity
to learn new things, try new things and meet amazing people around the derbyverse. Check out my recent blog post with a few of
my favorite reasons to guest skate, and check out everything else on my site at NoxTalks.com, y’know, just, y’know, a little shameless promo. I want to give a shout out to three of my
amazing Patrons: Headrush, Fluxx and Harper. These amazing folks help me continue to make
content, help keep everything rolling, so if you know them in real life give them a
high five for me! If you wanna learn more about our little Patreon
club you can visit patreon.com/NoxTalks,
and if you want to catch me in the meantime before the next video, you can find me at @NoxTalks at any of these places. Let’s talk about roller derby!

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  1. When contacting the league ahead of time you should check what colours the team uses.
    none of my 4 teams use white. And it’s really frustrating when skaters only have black and you’re trying to balance scrimmage teams.

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