6 Years of Breyer Adventures: Part 4
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6 Years of Breyer Adventures: Part 4

August 23, 2019

I filmed “Mischief In The Snow” as the
first episode in the new place, in the Midwest while I was trying to edit “Christmas Catastrophe” which lived up to its name! Mischief: I’m gonna go play in it! Snow
snow snow snow snow snow! Sean: the barns are gone! They’re all missing! And everybody who was inside! Gabrielle: Oh, no…not again Vera: I’m looking for Lola Langer Dawn: Then you should probably look for
her where the news is “Oh. I did. You are the news. Would you mind if I set up a news team on the front lawn?” “I have to try to teach four small children how to sit on a horse by myself! Doomed!” (laughing) “Christina, the children! They’re…they’re here!” Unfortunately, Season 5 stretched from one year into two as my chronic illness became more and more severe After only four months in the Midwest, I found that I had to move again in order to manage my illness I made a few shorter videos after the move but I didn’t make any more episodes until November.
In the intervening months, Mischief had a few more adventures And I started the very popular “This Is My Horse” series Lola: Welcome to This Is My Horse! I’m your host, Lola Langer. “This Is My Horse” consisted of 17 short
videos designed to give a more in depth look at some of the horses and riders in
the series I felt that it was important to establish their independent stories given that I was about to put them all together in the very next episode What I didn’t expect was for people to keep asking for more after I’d run out of horses to make videos for “this to be my horse of” but you may notice there is no
“This Is My Horse Rubicon” So, “This Is My Horse” may return! “This Is My Horse Blackjack” was the first collaboration between Redstone Manor and an outside
farm I don’t think it’ll be the last! “it’s one in the morning and I’m filming
action figures! because that’s what adults DO!” Ms. Harrington: I’m here for a job interview! Lola: Missus… “Miz! Harrington.” Greenbridge was probably the single most complicated episode that I have ever
attempted I’ve suddenly got three barns at the forefront and for every character, there’s a reason why this particular horse show is important to him or her On their own, horse show episodes are complicated but this one would set the stage for what I have planned for Season 6 and beyond it’s very important to me that I got the
details right And that each character’s personality shines through as much as they can Rubicon: Hello, everybody! “I’m here at Pioneer Days, and I’m doing a presentation on tackmaking!” In October and April, I had the opportunity to take some of my Breyers for leatherworking demos and share breyer horses with the people there many of whom had never seen one before It was a lot of fun getting to interact
with people! But I keep dreaming that someday I actually make it to Breyerfest! I’ve been doing this for nearly six
years! That’s a long time! I started with 5 Breyers, a camera, and my imagination I didn’t know that my show would ever be this successful If I’d just been doing it just to get attention and subscribers, it would have ended I would not have had a giant collection I wouldn’t have had these barns I wouldn’t have been toting them all across the US I thought, maybe, somewhere out there there will be a few people that will like my videos and that would be cool “my new house, isn’t it beautiful?” “with its pink walls” I have grown to accept the fact that Redstone Manor and my life
are just completely intertwined They have certainly seen their share of ups and downs in the last few years Season 6 certainly hasn’t gotten not to the
rip-roaring start that I had anticipated and planned but I’m confident that
despite all the setbacks and all the delays, the show will go on And it’ll be better, and crazier than I ever expected Redstone Manor has grown so far beyond just being a series about being one barn and one small group of riders as a series it now includes the scope of an entire town and it’s starting to grow beyond that Even I don’t know exactly what the future holds for these characters anymore than I know what it holds for myself But I do know that it’s going to
be quite the adventure!

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  1. Sooooooo hyped for Season 6! You were my biggest inspiration, I think it was actually you who introduced me to models horses actually! I'm so happy to see how you've come so far

  2. You inspire me so much! I hope to record some videos this summer thanks to your videos. Can't wait for season 6!

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