69. Oxford Canal to Banbury – Cakes, Coffee, and Lady on a Horse
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69. Oxford Canal to Banbury – Cakes, Coffee, and Lady on a Horse

October 22, 2019

It seemed like spring had sprung early with
a long sunny outlook ahead. After a few days I left Fenny Compton and
headed south down the Oxford Canal. Travelling through some nice open countryside,
I passed under the M40 motorway down into the market town of Banbury. I moored up just south of bridge 166 as you
leave the town but unfortunately due to some roadworks causing lots of noisy traffic over
night I only stayed here for one night. Instead I continued south again,
down to Twyford Bridge. Between bridges 138 and 139 there’s
Fenny Compton Tunnel. Although it doesn’t look like a tunnel now,
back in 1777 this entire stretch was within a small hill. The three quarter of a mile tunnel created
a serious bottleneck for boats as it was so narrow. In 1838 the canal company purchased the land
above it and initially de-roofed and widened a central section so craft could pass. In 1840, adjacent to the tunnel a 35-foot
long brick kiln was built reusing the clay spoil from the canal here. The kiln could produce up to 30,000 bricks
in a three-week period. A week to load the kiln, a week to fire the
bricks, and a week to allow them to cool and unload. There were sixteen fire holes along its length
and the kiln used 12 tonnes of coal per firing. Just to the east of the village of Claydon
there are five locks that took me down from the canals summit. The weather had started to turn with frequent
strong gusts of wind. As you enter the town of Banbury, that wind
carried a certain smell. That’s because Banbury is home to the world’s
largest coffee-processing factory – Jacobs Douwe Egberts. The canal winds its way right through the
centre of the town and there are plenty of places to moor up and shop. Located next to the canal here is
Tooley’s Boatyard. It’s the oldest continuous working dry dock
in Britain and has been here since 1790, long before any of these shops. Bridge 164 is a lift bridge which is just
before Banbury Lock. {Music} The town is also famous for an ancient cross
and the Banbury Cross nursery rhyme. Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross,
To see a fine lady upon a white horse. Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,
and she shall have music wherever she goes. The current Banbury Cross is a stone, spire-shaped
monument decorated in Gothic form. It was built in 1859 at the centre of the
town to commemorate the marriage of Victoria, Princess Royal to Prince Frederick of Prussia. The town is also famous for the Banbury cake. It’s a spiced currant filled flat pastry
cake – similar to an Eccles cake but more oval. Once made and sold exclusively in Banbury
the cake has been made following a secret receipt since 1586. My dad reliably informs me they are very tasty
but unfortunately as I am on the Keto diet, I am unable to eat them. Molly seemed to enjoy them though! I moored just north of Twyford Bridge as Storm
Gareth swept across the country causing some strong winds and a range of weather patterns. In the next episode I continue down the Oxford
Canal towards Kidlington and I have the inserts for my side hatch and rear doors manufactured. Until next time, see ya later.

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  1. Hi Jono hope Alice is okay after eating the Banbury cake. Dogs aren’t suppose to have raisins or currants they can make them very ill and some have died. Glad to see you back 😊

  2. A lovely vlog, not simply tranquil and calming but informative too. The coffee and cake made me hungry though. Thanks again Jono.

  3. Hey Jono, loved the vid. Have you ever considered going to Europe and doing the canals there? I think that would be a great series.

  4. Hi Jono, Molly. nice short one.Glad Molly has a cast iron stomach, but you know they will eat anything we do. Glad you're back.

  5. I always find your vlogs very relaxing to watch and yet inspiring too. I really do need to travel around my own country so much more than I do!

  6. Careful about that cake. Grapes and raisins are known to be highly toxic to dogs, though research has yet to pinpoint exactly which substance in the fruit causes this reaction. … Unfortunately, grape/raisin toxicity can even be fatal. Ingesting the fruit could potentially lead to acute (sudden) kidney failure in dogs.

  7. Jono, i think a rethink on the channel name might be in order, not so much a journey these days, more a snap shot !
    "Three minutes with Jono" (plus some local knowledge to pad the video out).
    I only jest but i do miss the older more journey focused videos.

  8. Jono
    Ingredients for Banbury Cakes include currents.
    Currants, like raisins and grapes, are very toxic to dogs. The main risk to the dog that has ingested currants is acute renal failure. Currants poisoning in dogs occurs when dogs eat currants, or related fruits, including grapes and raisins.

  9. Yeah man …. hope the woofer is ok !!! Some dogs are ok with it but some dogs react badly to raisins …. my mates puppy died after eating grapes !!

  10. I drove through Banbury the other day on the way up to Whilton Marina, had no idea where I was until I saw the statue!

  11. Another great vlog Jono, … i always like ur wee Google Earth journey simulation thing! Thnx again, Davie x

  12. The more i watch your videos the more i enjoy your content and always with decent sound and video quality which means no subtitles needed for me.

    Whats this music called and were can i get it https://youtu.be/DoypPA5imb4?t=240 ?

  13. I tell you that I sure do not miss brown and grey winters. Here in Chile it is green all year long but very cool. We get several freezes a winter and that is too much.
    Very interesting about the history of the kiln and bricks. If you ever get to Pennsylvania you will find Hershey PA that smells like chocolate. I sure would love some of those cakes. And more white stuff! Just wondering do they have a service to clean up the canals? To pull out the trash? I have also been watching Minimal List's Channel and their videos show a lot of rubbish in the water. Thanks for the video.

  14. FYI, you mentioned a Keto diet. I'm on it and it's working. I'm a type II diabetic and my blood has dropped an average of 35 points in a month and my A1C is down to 7.2 from 7.6 in that month, too. Check this Doctor out in Camden, Tennessee, USA. Might be useful for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5Oi1W3KtIk&t=153s

  15. Hi Jono…I assume you're not aware that any grape products (sultana's, raisins etc) are toxic to dogs……just a heads up to you.

  16. Always used to look forward to your vlogs but they seem to have lost there way a little. A few canal shots and some local history. I’m sure you are busy but would be great to have the old format back.

  17. Nice to see you vlogging – you always tell a good story and your factual stuff is outstanding but please do one thing for me, give us vlogs that make you happy, because if you're happy then so are we and for those that aren't then there's always that cruising the vandermonium chappie

  18. The brickworks was of particular interest to me, as l worked 18yrs as man and boy handmaking those bricks, here at Swanage, it still continues to this day. My contribution was about 3,000,000 bricks and all of them went into bespoke civic projects, l used to think in that time that someday in the future an historian will look up the origins of these landmarks , and there will be my name!

  19. Such pleasant video that I like before I watch these days… I as well would like to see more of you and your boat occasionally as well. Keeps it personal..

  20. Great video but I was concerned to see that you had given Banbury Cakes to Molly. Currants, raisins and sultanas are very toxic to dogs and can lead to acute renal failure.

  21. Your episodes are always a joy to watch. We owned a 57' Liverpool Boat (PIFFER) for 15 years. Your channel is a great way to reminisce about our own lengthy journeys around the canal network in the UK. Thank you and see you later

  22. In a few minutes, we follow you on your journey, pick up a bit of history, and admire those picture postcard views of England.

  23. Congratulations on finding the keto diet. I have been doing it going on a year and a half. Thanks for showing us some of Banbury. When you feed Banbury cakes to the dogs, scrape the guts out of them and feed them to the ducks, they could appreciate them

  24. Ahoi, Jono und Molly, Deine Kanalfahrten und die kleinen Stadtbesichtigungen sind mir eine große Freude. Den Geruch von Kaffeeröstereien kenn ich zur Genüge, aus der Stadt Hamburg, in der ich viele Jahre lebte. Habe gleich mir auch eine Tasse gemacht. Liebe Grüße an das Leckermäulchen (to have a sweet tooth or to be a gourmand) Molly. Gruß Leo

  25. I used to live in Banbury and walk along the river and watch the boats. And that's why I'm on a boat now. Lovely place.

  26. Apparently the centre of Banbury isn't where that cross is. It's where the three pigeons pub is at the traffic lights on the corner. Great vlog ✌

  27. Jono, lovely to see Molly but I was worried by her eating the cakes with all the currents, vets advise against this as they are poisonous to dogs.

  28. Top Marks for the map/graphic where I am. Fantastic view for us expats to the the Dart. Well done. Short and sweet too. Melb.

  29. Image result for are raisins bad for dogs

    Grapes and raisins are known to be highly toxic to dogs, though research has yet to pinpoint exactly which substance in the fruit causes this reaction. … Unfortunately, grape/raisin toxicity can even be fatal. Ingesting the fruit could potentially lead to acute (sudden) kidney failure in dogs.17 May 2018

  30. Hi Jono, Great Vid as usual, not sure if you have addressed this already, but does the weather/wind have a terrible adverse effect on navigating a narrowboat?

  31. Great video as usual! I have to wonder about the fine folks who comment here. What's the point in being the 17th person to warn you about the dangers of toxic things to dogs? Why do people insist on retelling the same thing over and over? I always read most if not all posts before making a comment, otherwise one comes across sounding like a nag.
    Peace my friend.

  32. My mother taught me the poem about Banbury cross in the late 1930s in Texas. I wondered what it meant. Thanks.

  33. Nice to meet you and Molly today Hopefully we will both find our perfect mooring spot tomorrow.
    Until next time👍
    Mark & Debbie

  34. Another great video Jono, thanks very much.

    Can I ask a big favour? I'm planning to move onto a narrowboat and continuously cruise in about 2 years and I think I'm going to need to use a car every few weeks- at least for the first couple of years after I move aboard.

    I remember ages ago you mentioning that you usually kept your car within reasonable range of the boat, but I'm very curious about how much hassle it is to do that. Would you consider doing a video about how you manage this, the logistics of getting to and from the car, where you can park safely for days at a time, what are the biggest hassles, and any problem issues to look out for etc?

    I'm sure there'd be lots of folk who would it interesting, and plenty like myself who have a direct need for more information about it.

  35. Fantastic vlog again Jono, bought back many happy memories of my annual hire trip which last year took me, my offspring and dog down from Calcutt to the Pig Place and back and my pooch also enjoyed one of those cakes 😃 Btw when’s the next video, I’ve just binged watched all and am now up to date

  36. OMG dude dont ever give a dog raisins, mince meat (xmas mince pies etc) grapes or currants as they're toxic af to dogs and can cause serious liver and kidney failure!

  37. Every boater who sales down the Oxford, past Cropredy, and doesn't stop to talk to Ian, who sells fenders and other rope work and misc. chandlery, along with a CD of original canal-inspired music, from his yard next to (Broadmoor? Varney's?) Lock, is doing themselves a great disservice! He has quite an interesting background, and is very much involved with the canals, and their history and preservation.

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