8 Animal Hybrids You Never Knew Existed
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8 Animal Hybrids You Never Knew Existed

September 1, 2019

Here are 8 animal hybrids you never knew existed.
If you thought your Toyota hybrid was crazy, wait’ll you get a load of number one! Today’s video was requested by “Mind Over
Marvin.” If you have a topic you want us to talk about, subscribe and let us know in
the comments section below. Wow that is one pretty pussy! I’m talking
about the cat, not your mom! Here we have a Savannah cat: a cross between
a domestic house cat and a wild African cat known as a serval. These crazy cats became popular with breeders
at the end of the 20th century and understandably so. Why, you ask? Well they’ve often been
compared to dogs since they’re loyal AND you can train ’em, which is WAY better than most
pussy out there. One of the worst jobs in the world has got
to be that of an artificial animal inseminator. And one such guy from Dubai had the luck of
the draw when he put the bodily fluids of a camel inside a female llama! Thus, the cama
was born! The cama is a camel-llama hybrid known for
its ability to produce more wool than a llama but has the size, strength, and cooperative
temperament as that of a camel. This is a zonkey. Although it sounds like
one way to describe me after too many painkillers, it’s actually a cross between a zebra and
any other member of the horse family. Unlike its name suggests, the bloody parrot
isn’t actually a parrot but instead, a hybrid of the midas and the redhead cichlid. I know
what you’re thinking here and YES, this makes it a ginger…so NO, it has no soul. There IS some controversy over the ethics
of creating the blood parrot, however, since it’s born with obvious deformities in its
mouth, one of which is a narrow vertical opening that makes them difficult to feed and easier
for them to go malnourished. Kinda like how I wish Honey Boo Boo was born! As its name implies, the wholphin is the product
of a male killer whale and a female dolphin. The first recorded wholphin was procreated
in the Tokyo SeaWorld but died only 200 days after its birth…probably because the Japanese
were wondering what it would taste like as sushi. But ANOTHER wholphin was produced in the U.S.
in 1985 on my dad’s birthday, May 15th at Sea Life Park in Hawaii. She was named Kekaimalu,
meaning “from the peaceful ocean,” which is kinda ironic considering a place like Sea
Life Park where she’s forced to do stupid tricks for an audience of ignorant animal
cruelty lovers. Ever seen “The Cove”? If not, DO ME A FAVOR AND GET YOURSELF EDUCATED! Hungary: known for its goulash and pornography.
And HERE’S one of their porn stars! It’s called a Mangalitza, and it looks like a cross between
a sheep and a pig. They were created sometime in the mid-nineteenth century when two different
Hungarian breeds of pigs were cross-bred. The Mangalitza can grow a thick, wool coat
that’s similar to sheep. You know, something tells me I’ve seen this
weird, wooly creature before. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? Looks like the hybrid
product of a rabbit and a deer! Well upon further investigation, we found out that it’s
not a hybrid at all. It’s actually just a baby alpaca. Nevertheless, it was still too
cool not to include in this list. Our number one listing was requested by Sandra.
We’re always open to more suggestions so if you have any, subscribe and let us know in
the comments section below. This is a liger! It’s pretty much Napoleon
Dynamite’s favorite animal. It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed…bred for its skills in
magic. Well folks, I’m happy to say that the liger
is 100% real! Ligers are what pop out when you mix a male lion with a female tiger. They
generally only exist in captivity but DO grow bigger than either of their parent species. One notable liger is named Hercules, who holds
the Guinness World Record for the largest living pussy in the world—errrr I mean cat…largest
living CAT in the world. Be sure to check out our “11 Most Bizarre
World Records” by clicking here. Bored Badger

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  1. LIGERS! THEY ARE REAL! No shit dude. What about the cat-rabbit hybrid? Thats actually a thing and you missed it! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!

  2. The only good thing I can say about this video is that I'm glad I found out that camas exist. Other than that, I feel like puking after hearing all that verbal diarrhea

  3. You are a fucking asshole for making all of those fucked up jokes. Ik they are jokes but come on man, have some heart. You probably offended all 400,000 viewers out there.

  4. Jesus christ this guy is the nickleback of top 5 videos… i mean yeah he makes a few good chords but god is he too douchy to listen to…

  5. This video is insulting and annoying..you're the most annoying person ive ever heard…you should rethink your approach on these videos and your "jokes" they will only bring hate to you also i think you need to mature.

  6. I turned it off after the third "pussy" joke. It's a 3 strike rule. If you make 3 jokes that are more obnoxious than funny, I stop watching.

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