9 Most Inspiring Animal Rescues

October 17, 2019

Hey guys what’s up it’s Charlie here and
today we’re going to be looking at the 9 most inspiring animal rescues sometimes
animals get into a spot of trouble they then need to be rescued
but these often happen in very very difficult ways well here are some of the
most inspiring and amazing animal rescue stories if you have pets then this video
is sure to make you look at them in a whole different light but before we get
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have iris the pitbull we often think of pitbulls is very dangerous breeds of
dogs but in some ways this is actually a myth pitbulls can be bred to be very
very dangerous however if they’re raised correctly they can be incredibly well
behaved well one day a few people realized there seemed to be a dog
crawling around in a bunch of bushes they didn’t want to go too near the dog
in case it was rabid or dangerous but the dog looked very weak is if it hadn’t
eaten in a long time and for whatever reason it would not leave the bushes the
dog would only come out at night for food and no one could get it to leave
the bushes that’s when one concerned bystander phoned up a group named hope
for paws this organization helps dogs in needs amazingly at night they came to
check out the scene they went to the bushes and realized why this pitbull
never left it’s because this pitbull all alone was looking after babies that’s
right this pitbull they later named iris had two babies with her the reason why
iris was so under feared was because she was giving all the food she gathered to
her kids this just goes to show mothers are not
only selfless when they’re humans dog mothers are just as loving amazingly the
Crick did get her to leave her habitat and come somewhere much much nicer now
she and her children are looked after by many humans she has given many meals and
people play an exercise with her every day
iris is now enjoying the life every dog deserves but it’s so sad she had to
starve herself looking after her kids before she was found
next up is Alaska the polar bear when we think of animals being rescued we often
pitch a cat up a tree well this is not one of those stories instead this
stories about the rescue of an animal many people see as a predator that is a
polar bear sadly Alaska was not floating on a glacier somewhere instead it was
performing with a zoo named suarez brothers this is a circus located in
Mexico one day a circus attendee realized Alaska was very very skinny and
lethargic not only that Alaska had not been cleaned and was filthy
polar bears usually have white coats but Alaska’s was more of a dark gray color
luckily an environmental activist did some research and found out more about
Alaska she found Alaska was 20 years old and was living in a cage which was never
cleaned not only that Alaska had to sit in this cage in a hundred and thirteen
degree temperature all day luckily the activists complained to the authorities
and Alaska was taken away from the circus some vets actually thought Alaska
may not make it and might pass away but thankfully she was able to be put in a
more suitable climate and was nursed back to health
luckily Alaska’s memory of being in a dirty boiling hot cage is now a thing of
the past today Alaska’s in their natural climate
but it sure is sad Alaska’s spent around ten years in such bad conditions next up
is parinita the donkey in India donkeys are a very popular animal to carry loads
they’re loaded up with things Andy used as a means of transportation many owners
take good care of their donkeys but sadly something arts one day a couple
found a donkey lying in the middle of the road they pulled over and realized
this donkey had a broken leg the donkey had been carrying such heavy loads its
legs are actually broken and instead of helping it the owners simply abandoned
it as they saw the donkey as useless not only that her nose had been cut with a
knife that’s because some people think that it makes animals able to take in
more air so their lungs can work harder but this is a total myth and only causes
the donkey a lot of pain luckily the couple alerted a group named
animal rahat this is a group which helps animals in India the staffers were able
to take the donkey to a retirement home and name it now parinita has an awesome
name and a great home she is fed very well and doesn’t have to carry anything
and amazingly vets were able to fix her leg as well
it is sad how animals are mistreated and used as some kind of vehicle in some
countries but thankfully there are always good people and groups out there
to help out these animals next up is thorn the squirrel one day some people
were walking down their street when they heard what they thought was an unusual
bird call they thought it was some rare bird so they looked up into the trees
that’s when they looked up into the tree that’s when they saw a baby squirrel
hanging from a branch that’s right this baby squirrel had been born and somehow
got away for some reason the mother must have made their nest up in a tree
this newly born baby squirrel was then hanging from a branch after nearly
falling obviously baby squirrels do not have the agility adult ones do so if
this one fell from the tree then it would be no more luckily the people were
able to contact a group of wildlife enthusiasts these people were able to
get to the tree and use a ladder to rescue this squirrel they named the baby
squirrel thorn before releasing it so next time you hear what he think may be
an unusual bird call look up into the tree and see you never know you may get
the chance to save a baby squirrel next up is Benny the horse in 2014 a shocking
photo went viral online it showed a horse lying in the middle of
a field starving the image is incredibly shocking and it was released while well
fly through this group is called the last stop horse rescue amazingly they
came across this horse after somebody phoned in a person had been hiking and
saw this horse collapsed in the field sadly this horse had been abandoned in
this field with no food it was starving but at the great people
from last stop for able to come down and save this horse vet said that if they
hadn’t have intervened this horse would have passed away within a day but
thankfully this horse later named Benny was nursed back to health
it sure is sad how some people can discard animals so easily but at the
same time it shows that just a few good apples can really save the day because
the black horse was laying down the person who first saw it actually thought
they were seeing a trash bag at first luckily they investigated further and
found that was not the case but it just goes to show if you think something’s up
with an animal then call a wildlife guru you never know you could be saving an
animal’s life with just one phone call next up is toothless the sheepdog one
morning just seceded every day a man named Cody Leiter himer was working in
his factory that was when all of a sudden something wandered into the
factory it was a weak starving toothless dog covered in fleas the dog also had
cataracts in its eyes and ulcers and fistulas in its mouth the dog was very
elderly and an incredibly bad shape the factory worker Cody actually thought the
dog was coming in because it was passing away but thankfully Cody decided to step
up to the plate and save toothless that’s right he named the sheepdog
toothless as it had no teeth within a few months he was able to nurse
toothless back to hell Cody was also able to remove all of the
fleas from him and he was even taken to the vet and his cataracts and ulcers
were healed his fish chillers were also removed from
his mouth but she made an even more sad discovery and that’s that toothless was
deaf but despite fierce toothless now lives a
fantastic life he went from an abandoned sheep dog to luxury living he now spends
his days with Cody’s wife Cassie Cassie is a stay-at-home mom who looks after
toothless all day it’s so nice the toothless now gets to have naps play and
also eat tons of food and I have to give Cody and his wife a round of applause
for saving this poor dog’s life next up is teller the pigeon one day a
businessman was walking on a busy in New York Street that was when he noticed
something everyone else was just ignoring and walking past there was a
pigeon hopping around on the road unable to fly most people walking around we’re
just getting to work and did not care about this pigeon in fact some people in
cities see pigeons as Ben annoying but this man rushed over and
grabbed the pigeon he then took the pigeon he named teller to a wildlife
rehabilitation center it was there that teller was placed in a home with a
massive outdoor Avery sadly teller was not able to fly again
however teller was able to get off the ground and to walk around normally
that’s a lot better than what would have happened to tell her before as he was
walking around in the middle of the road around 50 pigeons are actually hit by
cars in New York every month but luckily this person saved teller from this fate
and was able to rescue him it’s likely that tell affluent ooh the window of a
skyscraper kind of like how you see in movies that’s the reason why his wing
was broken and he was unable to fly but luckily he now lives in an amazing
Wildlife Center and is cared for around the clock next up we have timber the
pitbull that’s right is one more inspiring pitbull story one day somebody
saw this dog on the side of a road so they decided to pull over that’s when
they made a stunning discovery they realized that this pitbull had a bullet
wound in its head now you may wonder how on earth would this pitbull survive well
it was taken to a bed and they found out the bullet thankfully just missed its
brain the vet was able to heal this dog and they named it timber despite having
such a tough life timber was nursed back to health
I was never aggressive despite the stereotypes around pitbulls
timber smiles all the time he never gets angry and never barks let alone bites
and now timbers head wound is completely mended and he lives a happy and normal
life and finally on the list of inspiring animal stories we have Larry
the lobster when we think of animal rescue stories we don’t often consider
lobsters well that changed one day when someone visited a restaurant in Virginia
Beach Virginia they realized the lobster had an arcade
cell crane game machine but instead of getting a stuffed toy you were able to
pick out a lobster this is very sad and actually broke a few rules the lobster
which was later named Larry had not been fed for three weeks
also as claws were bound very tightly with rubber bands a concerned customer
and employee contacted the authorities and luckily authorities came and cut the
rubber bands off the lobster the lobster named Larry after the spongebob
character was then released back into the ocean and seeing us lobsters can
live for around 55 years chances are Larry still out there somewhere in the
ocean check out the pool the top right corner and vote for the most inspiring
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