9 Winter Cycling Hacks | Your Tips To Beat The Cold On The Bike

October 5, 2019

– Here in Britain, the
brutally cold weather system dubbed “The Beast from the East” is upon us, bringing us some of the coldest weather
conditions in 30 years. As you can see. But that begs the question,
should we ride out on our bikes? Well I have today, and just wondered the best ways to keep warm. In fact, we asked you that very question. So here are your tips, your hacks, and your advice on how to keep warm when the weather simply isn’t. (relaxed urban chill) Firstly, thanks very much
for getting in contact. We’ve been pretty overwhelmed
with the sheer number of you who got in touch to give
us your winter tips. Many of you quite wisely
suggested we either stay at home and jump on the turbo
trainer or go on Zwift, or get a roaring fire and a hot
drink and stick our feet up. Now, as wise as that bit of advice is, these tips are for those of you brave enough to venture
out into the deep cold. First up is this from ChickenLegs63; now it’s an oldie, but it’s a goodie. It is this one (paper crackles): get yourself a bit of newspaper to protect yourself from the
cold, especially the wind, either early in a ride, or, if
you’re at the top of a climb and just about to descend
down the other side. So, get your newspaper;
a little bit of a tip: rather than actually sticking
it up your jersey like this, so actually scrunch it up slightly, then unravel it, and you’ll
find it sticks to the skin and moulds itself to your body far better. So, like so … (paper rustling) (zipper zips) Old school protection
against the chill wind. And when you dispose of it, make sure you put it in your pocket or in the bin. Now next up is this little
nugget from I_Palindrome: get yourself a couple of these
little handy handwarmers; put them in the pocket that’s nearest to the small of your back,
and the close proximity to your spinal fluid and major arteries will help circulate that warmth, keeping your core and your back
warm, as well as your head. Right, next up we have
this from MatsTheFirst: cycling shoes; at the
bottom of your cycling shoes you have those little air vents. Now to protect yourself
and the bottom of your feet from that cold icy air, and remember, even if you’re wearing overshoes, generally the cleat is exposed so those bits will be exposed as well, simply get yourself a
bit of electrical tape and seal up those little holes, thus keeping the soles of
your feet toasty and warm. Next up is this from ViseGripMikeyis; he’s suggesting you repurpose an old sock, I’ve got one of mine here,
quite a natty stripey number, cut a hole in the bottom for the cleat … Okay, so a little neat hole there. Then once your shoe’s on, with
your other sock underneath, simply place this over the top like so. Needn’t be rushed; get
it all nice and neat so it’s not wrapped up … Over the top, cleats
nice and unobstructed. And then, the over-bootie
over the top, and that. Now that is toasty and warm,
and actually quite stylish too. Well next up is this from Geewoodaklake; it’s actually a double suggestion. The first of which is simply,
get some handwarmer pads … Stick them, oh they are
nice and toasty really, stick them inside your
gloves and away you go. Five or six hours of warm hands. And as a backup, get spare gloves, just in case they get a bit
damp, put them inside your bibs, keeping the gloves nice and toasty, and also your nipples too. Now all the way from
Canada, which, as we know, can get very, very cold indeed are these two tips from Dillon.Petrie. Now firstly, he’s suggesting that the second bidon on your
bike should be one like this, a thermal styled one so you can fill it with a hot drink of your choice to keep you warm on the
first part of your ride. And secondly, which is
another great, but simple tip, is to put your base layers,
your shoes, and your gloves on the radiator to get them nice and warm before you venture out
into the arctic cold. Going rather old school
again is this little tip from Shrodwrah, who simply
said, “Wear a balaclava.” So we’ve got one. Just don’t, whatever you
do, ride too near any banks. “Double up,” says Seb76402, by wearing a very thin pair of gloves
like silk-style gloves underneath your normal winter gloves, just trapping that extra layer of warm air without restricting the bloodflow. Cracking idea. (gloves rustling). Whew, toasty. Eat and wear? Check this from ClarkoPolo:
(packet crackling) (munches chip) (packet rustles) Remember this bag of crisps? Well they’ve already
provided you with some fuel, and next up, they’re
going to keep you warm. (bag crackles) (gear clicking) It’s a thin, like a ready-made tinfoil toast bag for your toes. Fwah, I’m absolutely freezing, so before I get back in the car and put the heater on full blast, I just want to thank all
of you who took the time for getting in contact with us; they were absolutely cracking tips. And I must admit, I’ve take a few onboard and now I’m a little bit
warmer than I was before. Now, for some more winter riding tips, how about clicking just down here for our “Seven Mistakes
for Riding in the Winter.” And don’t forget, if you haven’t already, to subscribe to GCN; it’s absolutely free, and you can do that by clicking on one of those icicles probably. It’s freezing. (waterfall rustles)

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