A Closer Look: 150+ Horses Rescued
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A Closer Look: 150+ Horses Rescued

September 2, 2019

We’re expecting to see over a hundred
and fifty horses that are in dire need of rescue. Our team is going to be split
into two. We’re gonna send half of our folks to the intake and half of our
folks to the seizure. The property we’re gonna be responding to is right down the road and the sheriff is currently serving the search warrant and then
we’re going to be called in. I’m really excited that we’re here and that we’re gonna be able to to help these horses, They’re in dire need and I’m very thankful and excited that our team is here to help. Ready to go? A lot of the horses were standing in
manure and mud. We saw a lack of food, a lack of water. The horses were so hungry they were trying to survive by eating the bark off of the trees. You can see basically their their whole skeleton. A number of the horses were blind and I just can’t imagine living in that kind of
environment, especially being blind. We’re heading back here to the south southwest portion of the property where there was a pit that was filled with deceased
horses. They’re majestic and they’re gentle.
They’re also really fragile. Just seeing the level of suffering here, it’s
really hard. The future of these horses is bright.
Today was the last day that they were gonna wonder where their food is gonna
come from or if there’s gonna be a dry place for them to lay that night. You
don’t know when the last time they saw this much grass was so they’re pretty
happy campers right now. When the horses arrive, they are unloaded and go to our veterinary team. Horses to me are just everything. They’re beautiful, they’re trusting, and just a great friend. I’ve been riding
horses since I was in second grade so being a part of this new start for them
is just a really rewarding experience. Really means a lot. For those who don’t
know horses you can definitely have that same kind of connection and trust and
mutual bond just like you have with your dog or cat at home. Horses can give you that love and attention too. Amazed at how happy and friendly he is to be here with us given everything he’s been through. Given the companionship and the bond that you can have with these animals. Given
where they were, I’m grateful to see where they can get back on that path
to finding that partnership with somebody who’s gonna love and care for
them like they should be. From, you know, just the collaboration with Camp County Sheriff’s Office and Safe Haven Equine Rescue and our animal rescue folks I’m so proud of the operation that occurred today and the fact that we got to save so many beautiful creatures.

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  1. Amaizing rescue i pray and hope they all make a full recovery and find loving deserving homes thank you so much for helping them

  2. Beautiful creatures beautiful people. God bless each and every one of you. Much love to all that took part.Thank you.

  3. That is some skinny horses. I'm surprised that the brown one was still able to stand. Hope they can get back to health and find forever loving homes. Hope the "former owner " gets prosecuted to the full extent of the law so never happens again. Thank you for all you do. I'd be a wreck if I did what you do. I know it's all volunteer based but I'd be sobbing. Dont know how you do it with no tears.

  4. Так жалко. Но у нас в России ещё хуже с лошадями их вообще голодом морят чтоб умирали. Везде в е одинаково. Все люди виноваты в такой жестокости. Очень больно. Россия.

  5. Breaks my heart to see this. Our daughter, beginning at 10 y/o, will always rescue before buying her horses. She is now 16. These poor babies…I wish we were closer to this place.

  6. I absolutely love horses❤️🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴

    And it makes me sad just seeing all the horses skinned and bones😞😞😞😞

  7. I'm sad and I don't even like horses. I was bit severely by one when I was 13, but I'd never treat any animal like these poor creatures!

  8. I just cried when I started watching this video who does this it just broke my heart knowing how much pain and suffering they went through May God bless each and everyone of you for saving their lives

  9. thank God for you guys who really care and love to help all these beautiful innocent animals from evil doers or bad situations God bless you all and thank you so much 😙💖💞💘💘💚💚💜💜❣😗😗💚😍😍😍


  11. May you wonderful angels be blessed for all your hard work in saving all these wonderfully deserving beings!

  12. This is so heartbreaking horses or the most beautiful animals in the world and to be treated like this is awful if they couldn't take care of them or feed them all they had to do was ask for help and not let it come to this

  13. What a very deserved and amazing day for these beautifull horses, what a nightmare people can be! Im so glad and happy to see how they walked out of the truck into the green !! It took a breath out of me ! You are wonderfull people really really needed!!! Thank you for saving them!

  14. You people are idiots. You do not give a horse that is starving access to a pasture of green grass and lots of hay. That causes all sorts of health problems. You slowly work with them until there internal systems can handle that amount of food. Same goes with any species including humans.

  15. Awe I cried with sadness n with happy tears . God Bless you all ❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻 the blind horse just tore my heart 💔out .

  16. Thank you for saving these beautiful intelligent creatures! It broke my heart to see them in tht condition what on earth is wrong with people? So glad you got to them in time!!

  17. Grazie a voi tutti che vi siete uniti per salvare queste creature dal suo aguzzino… Spero abbia un nome e un volto e possa essere punito o puniti. E grazie al santuario che li ha accolto. Buona vita a tutti

  18. what took you so long to rescue them you must have been told they were there you give owners of these animals too many chances!!!!!!!!

  19. That right fight for all animals because they to have the right to leave a life without cruelty. 🐥🐄🦌🦇🐳🐓🐎🐖🐿🦉🐕

  20. So happy to see 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎+++ rescued
    We have lots bad owner's here starve them to dead many times it's to late that humane society is notified.owners receive slap on hand I think prison without food.
    Thx,ladies and gentlemen GOD will reward u.🙋‍♀️🙌🍫🍫☕☕💗❤💞💝

  21. Wow you guys are awesome…thank you for saving those beautiful animals…sending you all blessings and love from South Africa 🇿🇦

  22. I pray God has a special place in HELLfor the people who did this to these horses. Bless all of you for helping them.

  23. Was this a crazy form of HOARDING!!! so many horses being starved and abused unbelievable!!!💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔


  25. I will never understand why the people who own these beautiful animals and then forget about their needs,,,,,,humans are the most cruel of all to let this happen..Thank you for saving them bless you all

  26. There is a special place in Heaven for angels like you. There is also a special place in Hell for those who abuse the creatures God created as companions for us

  27. When you see incidents of outrageous neglect I always wonder how it can go on as long as it does. Press always say neighbors shocked. Oh BS! They all know this of this kind of thing. .

  28. Some people don’r deserve a rat for a pet its so sad how everyone thinks all these domestic animals are wild and can survive on there own the owners should be treated in the same manner no excuse call if you can’t take care of them poor defensless horses who just depend on people to care for them and they get let down soooooo sad!!!😢

  29. @TheHumaneSocietyOfTheU.S.: I never have saw horses in such deplorable, disgusting & sad conditions. I hope the owners were charged to the fullest extent of the law which in my humble opinion isnt harsh enough. Thank you for sharing.

  30. Good intentions but won't horses put out on unlimited fresh grass after starving for so long founder and/or colic?!?! There was a case in Maryland recently of a farm with similar situation but instead of pit, dead horses left where they dropped in the fields. Owner just got a slap on the wrist. Unfortunately punishment for abuse and cruelty to animals doesn't have same consequences as it does with humans. Unconscionable in my opinion.

  31. I work with C-L horse rescue of Oklahoma. We now have the blind palimeno in the viedo. His name is Oden and he's is amazing and doing incredible.

  32. I took one mare. She is at 1:04!! What a transformation she has made! HOPE they prosecute all involved to the full extent allowable.

  33. Horses are one of my favorite animals. How beautiful they be. But I feel so bad for these ones. How could someone do this? To do this, they are not a horse lover.

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