A Closer Look at the 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse
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A Closer Look at the 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse

October 21, 2019

Introducing the 2016 Indian chief Dark
Horse it’s raw, it’s edgy, it’s made to be ridden
hard and put away dirt. The new Dark Horse is black, unpolished and understated with only a
flash of chrome. It delivers the style quality and
power you’d expect from an Indian motorcycle
and starts at just 16,999. The Dark Horse conveys a bold attitude
that demands attention for all the right reasons. The Indian
Chief Dark Horse is the gritty brother of the Indian chief classic. Both share the same frame and suspension,
same great ride and handling same rider ergonomics and like all
Indian Chiefs features a powerful Thunderstroke 111 engine. That’s where
the similarities end. The Dark Horse covered in Thunder black
smoke pain comes equipped only with the essentials. It sheds the driving lights the oil cooler, analog fuel gauge, and
passenger seat and pegs. It’s truly a minimalist bike that leaves
the rider alone to tear up the road. At its core though, the Dark Horse is still very much an
Indian motorcycle. Along with its great ride and handling
and the Thunder stroke 111 the Dark Horse has classic Indian
styling, including: a distinct headlight housing, and fuel
tank and of course the iconic fenders and lighted war bonnet, in
black, naturally. Standard Indian motorcycle features
still made the cut such as ABS, cruise control and keyless ignition.
The Dark Horse also has outstanding performance. It’s the
lightest ride in the Chief lineup giving it the best power to weight ratio
of any model with the Thunder stroke 111. If
the stock Dark Horse isn’t dark enough, all of the chrome can
be replaced with black accessories such as apehangers, fender struts, slip on exhaust with black heat shield
and exhaust tips and even more to create the fully black
outlook. There’s also a black solo luggage rack and for 2-up riding a matching passenger
seat plus passenger pegs or floor boards. The 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse is a
blacked-out no frills solo cruiser that can be accessorized
to suit any rider style. It’s a raw honest and
powerful new Indian motorcycle built for tough riding.

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  1. I don't like that you took the analog fuel gauge & oil cooler out and light bar off.  I love the look of the dark horse and want to accessorize it for road trips.  I would want the oil cooler for road trips in the summer.  I live in Texas for pete sakes.  Any additional savings I have from not have the chrome I loose by the time I add all the accessories back on to bring it up to the classic level again.  That doesn't make much sense.  A bit disappointed on this one.  Powder coating something black is a lot cheaper than having it chromed.  There's no real saving here just de-contenting.  

  2. Looks great and will suit those after the minimalist style but, I would like the colour style to be available to the rest of the Indian range too.

  3. When Indian was stating they were doing a Dark Horse Challenge, I though they were going to allow the public to test ride the Dark Horse in Chicago. Did anyone test ride these bikes.

  4. Why do all american motorcycles have to be these big, fat, ponderous cruisers? I dream of a day I can walk into a Harley, Indian, or Victory dealer, and look at dual sport, sport – touring, off-road, naked standard, and sport bikes. You know, like I can in ANY Japanese, or European dealer.

  5. If it had the driving lamps, oil cooler and a back seat it would be worth it.
    Not fussy to ride an all black bike. Car drivers don't see my bright red Triumph as it is.

  6. Nice, but I hope this "flat" trend ends soon. This would be sharp in gloss.
    The flat paint process must be cheaper.

  7. Are there any plans to use the Chieftain steering angle in any iterations of the Chief ?
    A Vintage with the cast rims and Chieftain angle would be the perfection, IMNSHO. lol!

  8. Should make a larger scout engine (150 horses or better), wrap it around slightly larger bike with a 21" skinny tire up front, fatter rear (not too fat), drag bar on top, solo seated, pale grey bike (including frame) with a same engine detailing as the scout. Maybe make extra special with a single sided swing arm and tall not so fat tank. Call it the "Pale Horse".
    Put it against the Dievel, Vmax, M109 competition. Weighted it some where closer to the Dievel of course. With handling and breaking some where in between.

  9. "Conveys a bold attitude that demands attention for all the right reasons?"  What reasons?  Who writes this dumb shit?

  10. LOL, are you serious? They couldn't come up with a new design or creation? All this shit box is, is a Harley Softail Nighttrain mixed with a fatboy lo. You guys suck

  11. Very nice! But not equipped for a passenger? Sorry but not good in my opinion. No oil cooler either? Seriously? Starting to sound like Harley Davidson, a lot of nickels and dimes for extras. I own a HD and the extras really add up to many thousands of dollars really quick. I don't think this is the way to rejuvenate the Indian line. I do really like the appearance of the Dark Horse and hopefully the build quality is in the high end for the industry. At first look this looks like a winner over the Fat Boy and also the Victory. Thanks for posting.

  12. It looks beautiful, but the whole blacked out thing combined with blacked out attire that's so popular among bikers would make people riding this practically invisible at night. Definitely not for me.

  13. Just had a word with the Indian Motorcycle representative in Dubai.. The price in USD is approximately $23,000… 🤔 Isn't that uh too much?? 🤐

  14. first thing sorry my bad E ,,, im from The United Arab Emirates , the weather is hot , killer , sands , rocks, Any car any bike cant run after 10+ years You are talking about a temperature above 47+… Harley that I had after a one year Began to show faults Electrical, mechanical And lost my money , So I was looking for a new  bike , I chose Indiana, dark horse… this bike… This is what I call the pride of US industry.. This bike bears the hard work and extreme temperatures, I did not see any malfunction so far after 11 Month "Daily use" If you want a real bike Take a dark horse… thanks Indian Motorcycle you guys made a wonderful bicycle and save my money lol

  15. Quand tu vois cette superbe moto tu te dis !
    J aimerais être sponsorisé par indian motors 😁

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